About Us

It used to be impossible to accurately predict how a candidate would perform in a business. Not any more.

It started with an obstacle

Before founding PredictiveHire, Paul and Jonathan ran their own respective companies and were frustrated by the difficulty in identifying quality candidates who would perform well in their unique business environments. After trying multiple assessment tools, they felt they could further improve performance and reduce staff turnover. They searched for a product that could scientifically predict the success of new hires.

There wasn’t one. So, PredictiveHire was born.

Who are we?

PredictiveHire is a team of data scientists, organisational psychologists and recruitment experts who’ve joined together on a mission to change the way recruitment is done, by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. We believe all people decisions should be based on data and analytics – not gut feeling. With the help of technology, we want to level the candidate playing field and help reduce unconscious biases in the hiring process.


Paul Burley
Since completing an economics degree, Paul has put 20 years of HR experience under his belt, and since 2004 has founded and exited two successful HR Tech platforms. He has worn every hat in the industry, gaining a true understanding of what the HR technology user needs. Combining his passion for disruption, AI and algorithmic hiring in PredictiveHire, Paul is excited about creating an equitable candidate playing field.
Jonathan Nicholson
Jonathan’s industry-wide reputation of business acumen and excellence in building great client relationships has been earned through his talent developing high-performing teams. Jonathan never did follow through with his plan of joining the Royal Navy after his honours degree in psychology. Instead he found his true passion in recruitment and HR technology – first as Managing Director for recruitment firm Astbury Marsden, and now in disrupting the old recruitment model with PredictiveHire.
Simon Wilkinson
Simon’s remarkable capability to creatively solve complex problems with technology has been evident throughout his career. After completing an MSc, Simon mastered the task of developing globally scalable content management platforms as Product Director at Pearson. Combining his love for innovation and technology he found his true dream job at PredictiveHire, where he combines his passion for pushing technological boundaries with his deep technical skills. He is hoping to finish his Phd when he has some spare time.
Elliot Wood
Chief Organisational Psychologist
As a registered organisational psychologist with a bachelor’s degree, various master’s degrees and a PhD in the field, Elliot is undeniably an expert. He spent 12 years in academia, teaching master’s-level organisational psychology; supervising post-graduate research and working on research grants and consulting projects. Elliot then moved into organisational development–focused consulting in Australia and Asia, before continuing his career in talent and performance management in a multinational brewer.. At PredictiveHire, he is excited to push the boundaries of his field by advancing the intersection between organisational psychology and data science.
Angela Doyle
Marketing Director
Since she started in advertising 30 years ago, Angela has worked in brand positioning strategy and communications in the US, the UK, Europe and Australia for a number of large agency networks, including JWT and Saatchi & Saatchi. Her desire to understand more about human behaviour led her to complete a Bachelor of Science Psychology (Hons) while living in the UK and France, before she returned to Australia in 2011. Since coming home, she has built skills in qualitative market research and has developed positioning and communications strategies for tech companies.
Sean Curry
Sean’s career started after completing a mathematics degree at Oxford University and qualifying as a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. Since then, Sean has 20 years of experience in a variety of industries and has excelled in both startups and multinationals (most recently Sensis, Coles and ANZ). He is inspired by setting precedence and influencing change, and his commitment to ensuring finance enables business success is at the heart of everything he does.
Gary Rubinstein
Global Director, Customer Success
Gary learnt the true importance of a ‘customer first’ philosophy as a restaurant manager at McDonald’s. After delivering outstanding results in the hospitality industry, Gary moved into leading global SaaS customer success teams, while completing an MBA in leadership and strategy. His thorough understanding of business operations and team leadership, combined with his deep knowledge of technology, enables Gary to approach and implement complex projects with ease.


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  • Xing Zhao
    Senior Data Scientist
  • Anne-Margot Van Der Wal
    Account Executive
  • Felice Forsstrom
    Marketing Coordinator
  • Emil Mittag
    Data Scientist
  • Kristina Dorniak-Wall
    Workforce Scientist
  • Jia jia (Nate)
    Data Scientist
  • Kwin Phan
  • Katie Beech
    Sales Manager – UK & EMEA
  • Steven John
    Customer Success Manager – UK & EMEA
  • Huw Williams
    Internal Sales Executive – UK & EMEA