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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

This is me and I know I know that can successfully this role, I did enjoy the questions . Thank you

It's interesting to know how others feel about me and their attitudes towards me.

Great positive feedback

It’s always good to get an insight into your traits, both good and bad. There is always room for improvement so I like to know my developmental areas to work on.

t was v cry accurate and helped me understand myself better

Very very interesting & helpful thank you

Yes, because it will help me grow to a better future

I found the insights and coaching tip useful as I can relate to the findings and also found it quite accurate. The constructive feedback is something that I will take with me moving forward. Greatly appreciated

I found this really useful as you are give me more self aware of my strength and my areas to improve.

It tells me more of my strength and what I can do and how to handle some issues

It’s pretty accurate. Amazing!

told me about myself and what i can improve on

I found this useful because it shows what I could potentially do and how I'm going to put up with the job and the insights

Such good Feedback really helped and described me we'll thank you for the help!

Gave me ideas on ways to better myself

This is pretty much me. I have been in a management role most of my senior working years. I do like team environment. In saying that I am prepared to be guided into my next career chose.

Thank you this was quite helpful as it was quite accurate.

I really do think this sums me up. I do have strong desire to lead and coach, but can sometimes find myself doing a million things as it’s easier. I try not to be the people pleaser all the time, but don’t like conflict and find it unnecessary .

All feedback is good feedback. It is an opportunity to remain motivated as you work on new strengths you can gain. I love the feedback, Thank You.

Very interesting!

You have highlighted my strengths and weaknesses and how I could improve which I'm grateful for.

I gain more knowledge to put into action.

Thank you for the feedback. I do agree that sometimes over share especially when I get excited about a topic.

I found this insightful and interesting and quite spot on.

I'm impressed.

It is great to know who I come across as a person from somebody else's point of view. It also shows where my strengths are and what I can work on. Always scope to learn more in life.

This is very useful for future interviews I could put the tips to good use in the future

Yes. That's me, I'll go extra miles to help people even when they do not deserve it but would people do the same for me. When it gets to my turn to be helped, nope, I do not get the same back. It doesn't worry me anyway and doesn't stop me being who I am

This not not reflect real life with 11 years experience in customer service. However Thanks for the insight.

I found this useful because it informs me of my strengths and any weaknesses I can improve upon.

It was interesting to see that 6 questions were able to describe who I am, my personality and how others see me.

I found it useful because the insights were 100% accurate.

Was very insightful and interesting that you got that out of my answers! Good to know for myself and I can improve too

It's nice because that's very much what I'm like

Thank you for the feedback. It was interesting to read an external perspective.

it is a very helpful tool in knowing what others think and how you can perhaps adapt going forward

I have found this useful as it has describes who am I. I will start practicing the tips.

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