LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

hi thanks for reply.i do speakup my mind however it is a good idea to get the work work done first. i am a born leader but it does not mean i force my ideas to others instead communication and patient is best policy in my experience. good listening and courtsy works. live and let live thanks for your input thanks for your help

I like to learn regardless of the sourse, bits and pieces of information gives a handful of knowledge. That assessment has taught me another way of expressing myself and the answers show me the other side of the fact. Extremely helpful criteria.

It’s good to get reminded on what you need to improve ,

It's a great insight to note how we all interact with othe

Yes, it is very useful for me in very ways. I always put my point of view in front of others and through this, I get to know more ideas from others as a learner. Innovation is always a key to success.

I did find this helpful because it affirmed to me what I have been offered by others who are the top of their fields in cognitive thinking and alternative thought styles.

Getting other people's perspective is always a learning curve even if it differs from your own. We learn and grow because we have different opinions. This is what shapes the world. Thanks for the feedback!

I really love this as supports me with my growth and development and I will be build this in to my goals Keep all ticked

I found this useful as this gave me an outsiders point of view on my personality. Which gives me an insight on what I think I could work on.

Very interesting insights into my personality, I connected with each.

About 75% was spot on there were some insights that I hadn't realised or thought of before that were interesting but there were also a couple of points that were a complete contradiction of how i do/approach things. Overall I was impressed

Thank you. I had not thought of myself in these ways. I just like to get in and do the job especially if I'm enjoying the task.

I can 'see' myself in many of the comments and find this process really interesting! It is always useful to see yourself as others see you and constructive criticism is helpful. I love it!

I found this useful for myself however it shows me how amazing the company is and the work enviroment will be the best for me.

Your feedback is very fair and accurate. The job position is Team Member so I would be following set protocol and safety standards being paramount to the position.

its a pretty accurate result I think it highlights things you are best at and your personality traits you forget about. thank you

Very interesting and essentially correct. I don't consider myself a perfectionist, but I do like to be good at what I do.

This is so uniquely different. I loved to read about the concluded insights. I agreed with most of them

Helps me know your view about me and how I can maintain my character for building a career

Gave me more confidents to engage more in challenging conversation,feel very proud that Iceland has taken the time to profile me ,which is spot on

Thank you for the feedback of my interview it has helped me see how my personality is and what is good and bad about it so I can take into consideration and work on it. Regards Pedro

I think it will be helpful for me in my future (at workplace, daily life).

I think you basically nailed me there. The only thing I'd argue is that I am certainly not interested in personal material gain. I am a socialist at heart, and my political viewpoint has always been of socialist left. However, I feel every other point made was accurate and I am quite proud that that is how I presented myself. Suggests to me that my work persona is somewhere close to what I'd like it to be.

I am an introvert if i must say but i like when you said it is important to speak my mind i am working on that. Thank you so much for the coaching tips.

I like the response I had back. I can assure you I have a lot of confidence and I’m happy to say that I agree with the information you have gathered on me. Thankyou.

It left the experience with a feelgood factor. It made me think about the points covered and ask whether I think the information was a true reflection of myself.

I found it useful because it is stating facts and also making me feel comfortable in terms of becoming a leader. In other words it is motivating.

Really strong results, I can relate to all of it.

This is useful as it tells you a great deal of what your employer expects of you for your role. These personality results are extremely accurate and represent myself as a person.

Very interesting and accurate

I Found this feedback very useful and I greatly appreciate this feed back because I now have more insight on how I can be better and what my quality’s are. I also found this feedback very good also because other people notice my quality’s, goals and things I can improve on.

Thank you, I did find this useful as it’s always useful to reflect on feedback.

Iceland sounds like its all about working together to make its employees and customers happy and that’s just what you want in a company .

due to only working for 1 company for 25yrs I only see things the same way this is why I left after so many years I feel like I have come compliancy I wanted to leave a while ago but never have,I always wanted to work at bunnings but never felt it was the right time for me to do so

It gave me a good insight to what someone else thinks of me. It will give me now a good indication on what I have to focus on and improve on now for the future. Thank you for the insight and information.

I found this helpful as some times it's nice for someone to point out good things about someone eles.

Very useful, can definitely see myself in the review

Pretty much on the money I reckon! Now if only you could bottle me :)

This was incredibly eye opening and insightful.It perfectly understood most of my personality but as it was based on very few examples it didn’t fully encompass my personality and had a few things I didn’t agree with.

Love it, felt that the feedback was accurate and informative, with good insight

It was good to see how l was perceived personality wise etc from my online interview, and getting tips afterwards that can help me improve different traits

I'm pleased that my interview went well, the feedback that i have received gives me hope that i might get the job i applied for. Thank you for your time hope to hear from you soon.

The 50-150 word count made me think what I want to say.

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