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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Feedback is always useful, it’s a great tool to improve yourself

You've pretty much said everything that people say about me to me and also you said things that I already know about myself,honestly I don't think you missed a single one,it's interesting and thank you.

Great way to learn new things

As per the questions of the reflection part, I just remember my past... Yes, I resigned my previous job, because I had a medical issues (in my Liver) on that moment. At the same time, my marriage also planned by my parents, so I didn't having any idea about 'what I do next'. Therefore, I was facing multiple problems mentally, physically, financially, and also lost my happiness. But, after marriage my wife, she supported me to overcome those situations. Yes, because we lost our 1st fetuous by mistake, but my wife was encouraged me to do some small job(s) for overcome, so I did some small income jobs and also supports to my parents as well. After few months, I got this opportunity via my friend, and I'm applying the same now. Actually, this opportunity is something special for my career page, because it helps me to understand myself in detail, and also helpful to reboot my energy to represent myself. This method was more helpful to boost my confidence and capacity. Thanks to WebHelp, thank you so much for giving this opportunity.

I already shop at Iceland and find the staff helpful and I'd fit in nicely I'm a little older now do I'm confident of all situations I am a peoples person

Incredibly impressed with this aspect of your recruitment process. It certainly backs up your people focused values. You do as you say. There's also some food for thought for me on some of this feedback - I shall think carefully on it. Many thanks.

It is always good to hear feedback good or bad so you no your strengths and where to improve your weaknesses .good feed back always help

Because it will help me to not only see things from my perspective but to also take into account other people's point of views.

The description is spot on, I could not describe it better. Thank you very much for the coaching tips, I needed to be reminded that you can speak your mind or give an opinion. This is by far the best profile app. Thank you.

Good feedback Made me more selfaware

As it is very easy process and easy to understand

It s validate what I thought

I thought this was a very good profile of myself and how I approach situations and goals.

I found it useful , as I am one to play to my strengths but also enjoy trying out other things and being able to adapt to different situations.

I dont agree on my personality type being reserved and private. I am very social and have a bright bubbly personality. If you ask my boyfriend he would say I'm an over sharer when it comes to work life, but this comes with being locked in a metal can in the sky with 3 other crew for 10hrs a day. I found some of the questions did not allow you to express your personality openly and show humour.

In so many ways your 6 items are so very close to my existence. Wish I had a crystal ball like yours.

The insights were more than statements. They came with guidance to best use my strong traits and also tips to extend areas that are holding me back. Thank you.

It's useful because it shows me the other side that I.need to work on so that I can work well in a team and working environment as a whole

it helps me realized where am I lacking and what areas that I need to work on in order for me to become more successful and productive.

Thanks for your feedback and am really happy to hear from you.

Thank you for the positive feedback, definitely room for improvement. Life is learning.

The insights provided from the interview were quite accurate. I enjoyed reading the coaching tip.

It gave me a good insight to my strong points in terms of social affairs and has proven to help me develop a more confident attitude towards to these affairs and how I might treat them differently.

Because I like to learn new things in life including about Myself

This gives me a greater insight and understanding on my strengths and the feedback was valuable

It is very up skilling and builds a persons personality, Thank you so much

It is helpful because is very motivational at the same time it encourages me to express my views

Your overview of me was fairly accurate, however I can speak up for myself when I need to I just prefer to resolve situations in a claim manner

I really like that profile, it has got me almost to a T.😃😃😃

Very descriptive, gives clarity and direction. Constructive feedback n action for improvement

I have had experience with DISC profiling in the past. While I am focused and methodical, I am also a people person. These are reflected in high I and S profile, while my D (Dominant) and C (Cautious) profiles are quite low. I have also been exposed to Situational Leadership training meaning I am able to recognise staff needs regarding how to approach their training and support needs. My natural leadership style is to seek willing buy in and offer support. Having been a leader I am fully aware of the benefits of Benevolent Leadership as opposed to Autocratic Leadership.

I found it extremely helpful because it was almost spot on!

interesting things that I need to work on

Feedback is always good

Yes I totally found feedback very helpful. I don’t get praised on when I should of and will challenge that area more with senior management.

This was very informative and helped me identify which aspects of work would be best for me.

I actually found this useful and also really sweet as how you was describing me and telling me how I am as a person through what I've said. Thankyou x)

This was a great method and understanding of your attended online interviews , the feed back is positive and gives you a confidence boost ! Thankyou so much , Iceland is 100% a recommended work place . The customer service is brilliant !

It's slightly strange to get an insight to how people perceive you from an on line application, rather than face to face interview as it's obviously more instantaneous and to the point. I think we all have strengths and weaknesses that we can improve on, whether I'm successful or not with my application it has been a good insight to how I'm perceived and what I can improve on, so thank you for the opportunity to take this interview, it has been very enlightenin.

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