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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

First of all thankyou for your valuable feedback. It was really helpful as to what I have is good about me and what I would have to improve for a better future. Hope to work with you soon and also will let people know how great webhelp is in terms of understanding one another. Thank you .

Found this extremely useful x gave me a good insight to my abilities- look forward to hearing from you in relation to a placement within your company.

I found the feedback very useful because I have discovered a lot of things about myself like where my strengths and weaknesses are and also the coaching tips are useful so that I can better myself and express my inner thoughts.

It is import to take care of yourself before you can take care of others and that self-fulfillment is very important when doing your job.

its always useful hearing how you are percieved and opportunites to improve

it enables me to have the chance to improve myself and the qualities that will help me fulfill in my career.

yes i found this useful because it basically described me well and close enough i can agree with a lot of stuff that has been said about my personality,

I found this very useful as I learned a lot of new things about myself.

It discussed qualities I already felt I had showing the way in which they got these results is accurate an correct.

It is useful to hear an external analyses of yourself as it can contribute to your assertiveness.

I found it nice to see them actually take consideration into how I work with others. Rather then just going into the workplace with them knowing nothing about me I know now that they will take time to improve upon areas I struggle with.

It's my best experience for me to watch someone interested field ofwork.

That was excellent. I never expected such a detailed feedback. This would help me improve my weak part. Thank you.

All positive feed back helps you to gain experience of how to make sure you more confident in bringing your personality across to employers.

Some are truths others not so much but it’s good to know this

I appreciated this advice and feedback, I will use these points in the future.

I found that useful because it gave me more tips on how to answer questions and to realise on how to type it all out.

It’s always helpful, to have others insight on how you are perceived, with an op for improvement.!

I found this extremely useful.It allowed me to reflect thoroughly on my strengths and weaknesses.It helped me to acknowledge what I need to do to improve myself as a person.

thank you it lets me know how i come across as a person and is great feed back

I am amazed at how accurate this assessment was

we all want more feedback (or at least, the results of a second set of eyes alerting us of our shortcomings so we can do better). We want to be the best we can be at the things we do and crave instruction on how to get there

This was very useful for the reason I can see where a balance needs to be taken and a perspective as to how others could view me and how I need to look at other peoples point of view to understand their strong strengths

I found this information very useful and now I know what to to better my self when it comes to these types of things.

I find the interview results as a good way of letting applicants know about their strengths and weaknesses

The feedback for someone so young and still at school , gives me confidence on what I need to improve on and can help achieve my goals

Yes I found this very beneficial the response I heard back was amazing and described me perfectly.

Very interesting having that feedback I think a lot of that is true as well

I think this is a fair assessment of my personality. The feedback has made me think about areas which I can improve on.

Helpful for me

Because this system is easy to use. The questions are very friendly and easy to understand. It allowed me to show who I am as a person and my character as a individual.

It has given me more confidence

I found this useful, to help me grow, and become a better person.

great information from the questions asked will take all this information into my everyday living very helpful

It's really great to see our the results and feedback of our submission as it helps to motivate us for the next steps.

It was very useful to know how I did

I found this useful as I didn’t have this feedback from my last job

The insights about me were very accurate and i m fairly impressed to see the way people and their characteristics are analysed. Thank you

SPOT ON!! amazing

I found the information very useful because it helped me see my strengths and weaknesses and how I can improve on the way I do and react to situations. Thank you very much.

This is useful because no the job application has gave me insights on my personality.

It’s always good to know a professional opinion about your personality. I think this time you are pretty close to 90%-match. Thank you for your help!

Very interesting to be interviewed on line , to be honest I prefer face to face method your reply’s to my application are some what correct

I found it interesting to get this kind of insight about myself. It not something you'd usually understand about yourself otherwise. It also gave me information on what areas I can improve on.

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