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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I think it’s quite cool that you generate this personality assessment. It definitely helps narrow down key traits about myself and gives personal insight.

Made me more confident and happy, it got me a bit wrong about "not being a social butterfly" but thats not too bad, other than that, perfect.

self aware and confident

It's good to get feedback from people who don't know you, nearly right in your comments.

It's helps me know my strengths

Thanks for the analysis, it is always interesting to read how people interpret the written word and use it to formulate opinions on complete strangers. Do i agree with how i have been perceived? Well i think certain aspects show a degree of truth but you missed perhaps the reasoning behind why i strive to walk away from a job site knowing that everything is as good as it can be. The world is highly competitive and there are always others who want what you have especially if they see they there is money to be made. After 37 years of working in the same Trade i no longer have to push myself at a million miles an hour, i can afford to ease up and spend a little more time in the planning. When i am contracted for a job, i complete the job but when i’m finished if i notice something that perhaps they’ve missed and would provide a better result, then i will also do that as well. i do take pride in what i do and can count on one hand the times that i have any negative feedback, providing the hand had no fingers! Thank you for the report, it is something i will print off and keep.

Yes very useful made me constructively look at my personality.

This feedback helps me know my inner world and give me insight on how I can strengthen my weaker attributes.

I found this really insightful and reassuring of the ways I see myself and also gave me some direction as to what I can work in the future to better myself and those around me.

Good ideas given

I found the insights and coaching tip useful as I can relate to the findings and also found it quite accurate. The constructive feedback is something that I will take with me moving forward. Greatly appreciated

It was helpful to know how i can take action on things that i constantly do to help myself improve!

This helps in better understanding of self and you can focus on your positive in terms of what you bring on the table while you have a view where you need to work upon to be a better version of self.

Very interesting and accurate

This personality profile is really motivating and highlights strengths which is good for career progression.

Absolutely love the idea of the feedback, I felt like everything related to me and Iceland know me very well just from answering a few questions. I also really like the coaching tip and is something I definitely will use in the future

Wow! Thank you for your feedback and I`ll strive to be and do better.

Repetition, routine and following a defined process, are traits of work in general, personally in my line of work these are the principles that make everyone happier and the job easier. Thanks for the tips.

The feedback was really useful, I like to work in a team and find myself supportive of others. I can adapt to different and sometimes difficult situations and enjoy a challenge.

Because this tells me in the ways that I can’t see from myself and I can strengthen my weak point and become a better person.

It is Good to see tge feed back about my personality and I will make sure that I apply the Couching tips and I would like to agree to disagree that I am close minded as I see myself as an open minded person. I Thank you.

I found it quite interesting some of the things were right about me and some was not but interesting to read

This feedback has g iven me insights on what I can do to better myself as well as ensure I apply it. I am completely taken aback on how a few tweaks here and there can make you stand out and achieve the best outcome in future. I will definitely be using this as I am coachable and will be forever grateful for the feedback

Very useful

Feedback is always welcome to me, you can’t learn from others if you do not have an open mind.

I found this made me feel very confident I thought the results were mostly accurate.

This was helpful I am always looking for ways to improve either personally or in a work situation .

this is useful because i never know of my self until this feedback gives me idea of who i am. thanks so much for the feedback.

It helped me lean more about myself and my strong points, I found this very useful


Because feedback of other people opinion are always important to understand how others may see you

This was useful to know to give me a insight of how my approach to things comes across

The opinion and view of others is very important as it gives you a birdseye view of your personality, enabling you to grow into what you aim to be.

Really interesting to read.

It's always good to get feedback and I will always look at it in a positive way in what is said back to me.

Is there any chance that I get the job?

Both my wife and I were amazed at the accuracy. We have been together for over 20 years and I asked her to read and comment. She reckons it is spot on, 100%.

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