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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I seriously found this surprising, I'm definitely a confident person thank you. Hungry for new challenges.

This is so useful to me because it strength my strength make more confident at what I'm doing reminds me what I'm I capable of

I would agree on what the insights told me , and the view of myself you could understand and see. And I would definitely take the coaching tip in consideration. Thanks.

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It's always a good thing to be aware how you are as a person.

It shows you understand me and its just very easy to read

Well in part accurate but some questionable and I am certainly not reserved and am very much a team player. I have a great sense of humour and get on well with everyone I work with.

This was surprisingly accurate and made me really think about how to improve, so thank you :)

This was extremely useful to reflect on my answers and will be helpful for future interviews

I am happy as it teaches me more about myself.

An eye opener with some comments. But I shall go over your comments and if need to adjust I will only be stronger.

It was very help because it’s telling my strengths and what I’m good at which helps a lot cause then I can start working on my weaknesses

predicted insights were not entirely correct and useful

This is her useful information to me as it tells me the areas of improvement and my strengths. This allows me to improve my weakness. Thank You!

This was extremely accurate, almost a bit scary haha

This helped me understand myself and my self confidence and to hear someone else’s views on me will definitely help me understand more about how to act around others

It was a rather mindful response, it has put a clear point of view that is easy to understand.

I think this is useful tool to have and receiving the feedback you give is a bonus. I wasn't expecting that. I also appreciated the Coaching Tips. Thank you.

It was generally accurate for the most part, it gives me an idea on how to improve myself.

I find it very useful. Thank you

I found the results thought provoking. I think I can relate to most of your findings and appreciate the tips on how I can improve on myself in work and in life.

I really love this! It’s great to get feedback on the tests and it’s great to also get constructed advice as well!

Find it useful cause it will help me find me job with my DLD

The feedback was interesting many of the points were spot on. We all need to be challenged and open to learn more about ourselves.

Wow that is great, I have never done something like that, and interesting what feedback you garnered out of my responses.

I enjoyed the process but I found the Personality Results to not accurately reflect my answers

It made me feel good about myself.

Opens my eyes up to what I may not be seeing about myself so I can now be or try to be the best version of myself

Thank you for the insight into my personality. I especially appreciate the coaching tip.

Thank you for your email. I did find it useful as it has made me really think about my workplace and personal life by self reflecting. I feel since reading this, I have stepped up in a few different situations including at work where I had stepped up in a temporary lead role. Personally, I have been practicing speaking my mind and let go of toxic friendships and make decisions more easily. Thank you.

Give me more understanding and confidence on what I said on application and interview.

I found this useful because it has showed me a few things I did not know about my self and has gave me abit more confidence on my self showing me am a good person for what I have done and accomplished so thank u


It has made me feel a lot more confident , it is completely honest and honesty is always the best way to go about things.

I found this useful because it gives me an insight into what a company knows about my personality and how I can improve myself for future opportunities

Being a rookie in this way of doing interviews, i found it really good. Probably don't quite agree about your perception of myself not liking new ways of doing things because this is just incorrect. i prefer to change. prefer a little more variety in my day and I always look for a better way to do something where possible. Depending of course on restrictions due to store processes, procedures. etc. That being said a person can feel comfortable in a routine a and get interested in taking on new challenges. Keeps the blood flowing so to speak. That being said I think every person is a work in progress and each workplace has a chance to improve the experience for their people. Thank you for your time. :)

I’m surprised to see how accurate this really was. Fantastic, thanks.

I did not find this usefull, I feel it is a waste of time, the best way to know if someone is suitable for the job is an in person interview and trial period, this type of online interview is tedious.

I need to be more assertive and take on jobs that are in the front room more than in the backroom and not be afraid of accepting credit that is mine and speak up when it is given to others respectfully. Selfcare is important because I am a valuable team member too and personal professional development is important to stay productive and that requires good mental emotional and physical health. I can be empathic but must always be professional first!

I found the assessment of me very helpful but I feel it doesn’t really reflect who I am or who I aspire to be. I believe I would be a valuable asset to Bunnings. I have a great work ethic having worked since the age of 15 only having time off for the birth of my children

I found it very positive and interesting

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