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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It was very interesting. I'm definitely going to try the reflective exercises.

Thankyou on the feedback and the pointers I need to focus on. It was very helpful and a great insight on how you come up with so much detail.

This is so much more accurate insights than I expected! Fab job and thank you for next targets, very useful😁

You push for the people positively.

I thought it was fairy close to the type of person I am and definitely the type off person I would like to think I am

This is very useful to me as it helps me develop myself for future roles within the company. I appreciate the feedback given to me.

I found this useful as it made me realise my weakness and gave me a clear direction on how to work on them.

A lot of this is very true of how I am and how I deal with situations.

Made me have more beliefs in myself and confidence within myself

Gave great feedback and insights to which no other companies are doing at the moment

I tend to spare others from my thoughts and feelings as it sometimes feels like they can't handle, I take a back seat when it comes to certain things that involve self care so this is very useful for me.

Interesting...quite true actually.

Everything is good and I really want to join this organization.

It has hit the nail on the head on how I genuinely am in saying that I am always Keen for change if it makes my surroundings alot easier in everyday lifestyles and social liability. Thank you for defining myself within the courier lifestyle. ☺️

Because it was quite accurate and will help me in future job applications to know my strengths and weaknesses.

It can be difficult to put my skills and qualities into words. This really helped with that.

It was absolutely spot on, congrats

I just think it’s great that a company is giving out lots of advice and helpful tips for employees and applicants this is a great way to run your business and learn and get to know everyone. Very helpful and a really important factor!

I found this useful because it let's me know what I do right and also gives me goals to work towards .

I feel your assessment is good I pride myself on always giving my best

This was a good read and my partner said you have most things spot on.

Thank you so much for your feedback. it's very useful and I can improve and give me ideas to make myself more great.thank you

I can now improve and better myself

I found that the feedback was very true

Great , tips . I wll use them moving forward.

Amazing insight I’m very impressed and yes the tips are very useful

wow! that was very interesting to read


Thanks for the insights, they were insightful

This was useful but I didn't get the answer if I am selected for the second round or not?

I love that it has given me criticism and shown me my positive and negative aspects, it definitely helps when assessing what I did right and wrong and what I can improve on

Because it is always good to voice your opinion, especially in a group chat , has it can always help you has a person and the team your working with

I found this useful because it was interesting, but it couldn't have been more wrong regarding certain points! Specifically the part about confidence! I am incredibly confident! There were at least 2 more inaccurate points, but I won't go into them at this time. Thank you!

Pretty insightful.. I think you've nailed me to a 'T'

I find this feedback very helpful as there's always room for change within anyone , this has made me have more of an open mind to maybe adjust in certain aspects. I always like good or bad criticism as it'll help me build myself to be more skillfull and successful. I recognize my strengths and weaknesses.

Feedback has helped me feel feel like I will be more successful in finding a job very soon

it was an interesting and illuminating resume

When having doubt even though for me personally, all that's ever wanted is that tiny bit of push for the extra in adding confidence. Needed to hear this. Thumbs up from me

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