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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

A really accurate perception of me with great development opportunities.

Intuitive very much liked the service thank you keep up the good work.

While a lot of my predictive profile was fairly true, Insight 3 was almost the opposite of me. I find this a little concerning as Bunnings will make their decision about me, based on this.

I found self compassion because i has gave me opportunity to talk my mind.

You do stuff and don't always get the acknowledgement you'd appreciate. Very re confirming and shows changes I have made are the correct ones.

It was really interesting to see how the results of the personality test have been able to recognise my strengths and weaknesses and seem to have given a really clear description of my personality.

Thank you for all the helpful insight information relating to Bunnings. it’s given me a much more open and broader scope understanding how Bunnings preforms as a business.

It was generally accurate for the most part, it gives me an idea on how to improve myself.

I did find this useful because it shows me what I can improve on for next time.

WOW!! I found this incredible. So accurate and give me a great insight into myself. Thank you x

Great insight into my personality, giving me more confidence in myself.

Hi, thank You for the feedback, it will help me to improve & learn from life.

Well I didn’t realise I sounded methodical and not one to stand my ground.. but over the years I have learnt to speak up and more likely to stand up for my rights .

I enjoy Personal development and growth. How others perceive me and what I do are important to me and help me to build further relationships with others.

Great to know about my self.

It is very important to get the feed back on interviews as it gives a great insight to the organisation in which we apply for that they know a little part about each person.

This made me aware of how i carry myself and i think to me brings warmth to get feedback that i aswell can relate to

It has help me discover my strengths and abilities.

I found this interesting and pretty spot on apart from the routine bit,I actually do enjoy routine and knowing what I'm doing other than that I'm impressed

There are very clear points for me to learn from, it helps me more professional.

I know where to improve. And I am more self aware of my strengths.

I appreciate what you have said and im very happy with it.

Currently studying for a Customer Service qualification helps to know what I need to improve

I enjoyed reading this feedback based on my answers and have never read anything like this based on my answers before

I came to know new things about me and really appreciate on this and will implement your tips in future.

I have never received such a personality result email - I am shocked how correct and on point these insights are. I was pleasantly surprised and I would like to thank Iceland for this additional feature, attached to their application process.

I will be more wise when taking important decisions.

It's useful because it is relevant to my personality and most of things mentioned above are true to my personality and character

I found it very useful for all the good tips about things

It’ll direct me to being the best me I can be for both me and my colleagues

This was lovely feedback I like to know if there is any constructive criticism so this was brilliant

I found the points very useful and can see where my strengths are when in a working environment, it has certainly made me realise that as a company you have gotten to know me through, questions you asked me & I answered as honestly as I could, you gave me a clear insight to my strengths & weaknesses & have showed me where I need to adjust to improve myself to be a good colleague in the work environment.

Wow, that was a really good description of who I am, and I guess I do hold back sometimes my opinion/ feelings if I feel I’m not smart enough or good enough in the moment. But this reminded me my opinion is valid and I feel with the right guidance and knowledge I can achieve my goals in life. My biggest goal is to be a good role model for my daughters and for them to believe that they can achieve anything they desire. I would be so proud to be a part of the Bunnings team.

It is useful and also helpful to enhance my inner ability and strength. Please let me know the furthur process for job

Thanks for the insight, always good to reflect. I enjoyed something to do in lockdown! I am always at Bunnings with my wife, buying for the next project. Thank you.

Hi insight 3 last paragraph I think not mixing work with my home life should be classed as a super power. My partner and I take our dog for a walk after work we discuss the day when we return home we draw a line over the day and start our evening this means I can start the new day with a clear head witch in turn allows me to work well as part of a team or on my own if turning up for work on time and being well presented and being polite and helpful to those around me are not qualities that Iceland are are looking for then so be it. I will take onboard you coaching tips they seem very helpful thanks Roy

I liked the insights it provided.

Brings to light my good and not so good points.

I found this useful as I felt it was very accurate to my personality and it provided me with the tools to continue to improve.

I really found this useful as it brings to the fore all I stand for, and my character has been portrayed in the open.

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