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Organisations work with us to:

  • Reduce staff turnover
  • Reduce exposure to ‘bad hires’
  • Reduce bias in the hiring process
  • Improve new hire performance
  • Increase speed of hiring
  • Deliver outstanding candidate experience
PredictiveHire was the first business tool we’ve seen that attacks the problem [of bias and judgement in recruitment] in a scientific way and solves it. It's a breakthrough on that front.
David Summers, COO
Simply Business.
UK’s largest online business insurance broker.

How it works

PredictiveHire takes your company’s workforce data and uses data and behavioural science to create a unique model for your organisation. Candidates complete a short survey which generates an accurate prediction about their potential performance against your specific KPIs. With more data and more time the model self-learns and becomes even more accurate.
PredictiveHire takes RED’s frame of reference and does everything within our context. It learns and develops as RED grows and develops. That’s a magic opportunity.
Matt Edmonds, HR Director
Europe’s largest SAP recruitment provider

How you use it

Candidate predictions are instantly delivered via our SaaS platform, Prediction Edge. Access your prediction information on any web-enabled device, from any browser.

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Customers are building their unique predictive accuracy every day

Exceptional Candidate Experience

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