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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I'm not sure I found this to useful. Some of the insights were spot on, but then some couldn't be more further from the truth of my character!!!

Learning how others perceive you can only make you better provide you are open to change and new ways of thinking

I like to learn about myself. I'm always looking to improve.

Your insights are exactly that, very insightful. You described me very well and I am looking to express my opinion more as this has been pointed out to me before. Thank you

I do agree that I am the person who doesn’t like to be centre of attention and I don’t like to be the one who talks when I’m in a group I tend to sit back but I agree these are things I need to work on and try and come out my comfort zone and push myself more.

Yes, I think it’s all good, constructive, informative feedback full of positive words.

Great to have these insights. This confirmed that I am somebody who accepts and welcomes change. A repetitive job can also be enjoyable and I find I can relax and enjoy these in amongst those more challenging jobs.

Getting a feedback of my personality will help me understand how are other people experiencing me from their perspective and get more insight of what is expected from me in terms of behaviour and attitude. and how can I better my input in team.

Constructive is always a blessing, but it's important to also know things about yourself which you may not be aware of. I appreciated the insight because it allows me to consider how I may be in work situations especially balance between private life and how I socialise at work as part of a big team and reflect on my previous experiences and how I can improve.

thank you for this information now I know how I can improve for future jobs and general communication

It made me aware of my strengths and personality.

Ur reply about my answer that's summary hope u like that.

I have found this useful as it has gave me insight into my personality. Iceland is the only company so far that has provided this feedback.

The assessment was really almost spot-on. I appreciate the coaching tip as it advises on a point I sometimes forget to keep in mind. Thank you for the very helpful advise and fair assessment.

It gives an insight into how other people view me from my own words, very useful and interesting to see where I could improve upon my skills.

Mindblowing. Thank you for your insight. That hits me right there. hahaha really helpful

Great getting another perspective on myself, like it was mentioned earlier, its good to know these things about yourself so you can work towards bettering yourself in areas needed

100% on point. Totally speechless how these insights were so accurate. Congratulations to whomever formed them.

This describes be perfectly

I think it useful because you don’t always see yourself as others see you? By going through the process it reinforces what you have learned about yourself and how you have moved forward.

I am not usually a fan of this type of analysis - because it isn't usually accurate. However, your analysis was absolutely spot on and summed me up entirely, so well done to whoever came up with this!

so far so good

Thanks for the feedback. I recognised some of my identified characteristics in your summaries. They will be helpful reminders for me in adapting to my new work environment at Bunnings

when i read the insights it clear theses are me as im always happy to help and dont need praise to achieve

It is useful because it makes me understand my areas of development.

Its great to get feed back, to help with development and moving forward.

I would love to work full Iceland

I was surprised how very accurate the results really were. Amazing!! And I have taken onboard the recommendations. Thank you.

It helps me understand more of what I am and what I say May sometimes be not what others wants to hear but also what I think. It allows me to speak my mind and letting me understand it's not a bad thing to speak your mind sometimes. It also helps me that honesty is the key at all times.

I found that useful because it gave me more tips on how to answer questions and to realise on how to type it all out. Even coaching tips are helpful in interviews and just allowing us to answer questions.

Hi, It is useful to one, as the information given sums up some of the critical soft skills I want to tackle out. Having a manager who can allow growth and experiment will be a good chance to pick this soft skill make it worthy. Thank you.

It was interesting to read and I found I agreed with the results.

Wow..its exactly me! Shocked by the accuracy of the results.

I found the insights and coaching tip useful as I can relate to the findings and also found it quite accurate. The constructive feedback is something that I will take with me moving forward. Greatly appreciated

This was useful and insightful and also pretty accurate!

I found the insights were, upon reflection, close to the mark. The coaching tips were equally insightful. Having been through (and survived) two major business restructures, I found the coaching tips to be accurate. Definitely the tip re work of a competitive nature is valid and worthy of consideration.

I found it very interesting how other people think of me

I love working with people who’s a good person and a role model for me and everyone else, Bunnings place to grow, as a place to work. 😁

It will help me know what I’m good and bad at. It will help me improve and do better next time.

yes i found this useful, it's good to read good things about yourself and things you can change so yes helpful

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