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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It was all my life in 6 points! I am speechless. Thank you for this kind feedback.

I have done a number of these personality tests, but I found this one in particular very helpful with me understanding my personality type. This will definitely help me moving forward in the work place. Thank you,

I found this very useful as I not only got to see more of an insight into myself and my strengths as well as what i could work on improving

I think this advice would be useful to all mothers taking time to recharge your self can be a challenge to find with kids

I found it really useful. Thanks for such a sweet and overwhelming feedback. It made me really happy and also I learnt something.

It provides insight into how my personality will be viewed by others and how it may affect progress and outcomes in work and life

This feedback has given me more of a reward thank you I feel its supported me and will do in the present and future.

As it helps in my career

Good to know

It’s good to see how others can tell so much about someone good and bad by a few words

It’s great to reflect and be self aware

This is a very useful tool and very helpful and interesting to read. I think it is a very good idea.

Very helpful advice. Thank you!

Pretty spot on I’d say. I think at times my generous nature can be taken advantage of and this hurts as it would never occur to me to take advantage of someone, but I believe experience has made me wiser, but not harsher. This can be a disadvantage, but being wiser I see it as an advantage because it also brings likeminded people to you or those that need a hand and that far outweighs any negatives I think I allow everyone to have an input and think (as everyone does about themselves) I’m a good judge of character, I am always drawn to an ‘underdog’ or someone in the background that might have something important to say, but for whatever reason doesn’t, hopefully I would let them feel comfortable enough to come forward. I have definitely been over keen, but have learnt even if in hindsight to keep myself in check and take a step back if needed. Thanks for the feedback, it’s been like a therapy session. Makes you feel like you are a decent person x

It gave great insight into my personality and gave answers I was both expecting and not expecting.

This was actually very useful as now i know how im from inside. I came to know a lot of things about myself which can be my strengths in my future works. Thankyou alot.

Helpful to build my interview part

It’s explained a lot more that I would of liked to know

It was Very Helpful and Gave me Insight into me and what I can do to improve my answers For Interviews.

I find it useful cause there is a room to grow. Thank you so much for this.

Wow it’s very confronting reading about yourself 😬 interesting though. Yes I definitely don’t like being the centre of attention, like to have a plan or guidelines to follow and take pride in my work. Love the coaching tips 👍

The feedback was nice to hear and the improvement section was very insightful

it gives u great opportunitie to think about life and where to shop and to build new career.it gives u mulitple ideas where to shop and iceland is one of the stores to shop for.

It was a little of a let down as I am a leader n I aim to please please give me an opportunity

Wow thank you so much for this! I loved the feedback and I will definitely work on this, I really appreciate you getting back to me so fast. I am always looking for ways to get better as a person and I’m always working on myself so this was really helpful and great thanks again.

Great describtion of my personality, defenitelly agree and tip is precious to me;)

It was really interesting because I feel all of the points made were correct. I also understand what I need to do to help myself as well. Thanks

It has given me an insight into how I behave/react around people, haven't had any feedback like this for years !

After reading your feedback my first reaction was wow , This made me really think about how to make minor changes So i can make myself more self confident. When I sit back and think about it you couldn’t have been more accurate. Thank you

To clearly show how I am as a employee and know what tine improve on

Thanks I found it to be very accurate except for I can speak my mind if needed

I didn’t. None of them sounded anything like me and what I’m like.

It gives me insight on what others can read about me and had appreciate the constructive tip i got at the end

Yes I found it useful it shows me my weakness and strengths and where u can improve for the further

It help me understand what are the good qualities in me and some that I could work on or try and have an open mind about

Thanks for your feed back this will help me improve my skills

Interesting to read although not all is in the ballpark. I have always listened to others as this can have useful information for myself and also empowers others. But you cannot fit everyone into set profiles as there will always be grey areas.

I found the insights very interesting, pointing out my strengths and areas that I can improve. Although I feel the personality profile was not 100% accurate, probably about 85%. Very well done, I will be doing some self-reflection, thank you.

Well with what I've just read it is all true and I would like to be given a chance to show you what I can do with you're company and more if you need it as well.

It was interesting to get the feed back and it has made me refect, and realise that if I want to succeed I must remember my strengths.

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