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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Very smart way of an application and very straight forward

Not far off the mark but some aspects of the AI appear to still require tweaking and nuance. Thanks for the evaluation.

It makes me feel that there I need to work on to better myself

This feedback was so spot on it scared me Lol.Everything that was said is very true and it was interesting reading how people might perceive me.This is honestly very helpful ,thank you.

It is interesting to hear someone ekses opinion of myself. I think it is pretty spot on.

Easy to understand and answer. Nicely explained, I’d really like to work with this team. Great experience ever. Thanks

Was a interesting read thankyou

I found this useful because you helped enough to know everything about myself. This means a lot to me I've never get a review about myself like this.

The main thing I truly agree with in improvement of myself that was pointed out is the need to express my opinion more often I appreciate it being worded in the way it was in that my opinion is valid also

Its always great to hear what others see that we don't always see..thank you

I found coaching tips really useful, it will help me to improve significantly at workplace... even in my daily life.

It is useful because you make me understand more about myself, and my capabilities. So proud.

The points you made were very clear and spot on!!

I really like the set of questions I was required to complete. I openly expressed about my past education and employment experiences through answering the questions. I believe this type of interview process rather than just scanning through a CV is much better as it gives the employer a better insight of the potential employee they are looking for. I am also able to reflect back and identify on what my strengths are and how I can benefit your company. Thank you for the interview process, I hope to hear from you soon.

Thankyou for the feed back , doe,s this mean I wasn't successful

That gives me another view of what i need to improve. Thank you

Not many interviews give you personal feedback, this is helpful to know for the future.

There are some insights I did not know about me. Thank you

I feel like you understand the type of person I am and I hope I can get hired so I can so you person

It was an unexpected bonus of completing the online application. You have highlighted what others possibly see but one rarely gets such an opportunity. I now have a few key pointers to go away and work with. Overall I found the process extremely worthwhile and an enjoyable experience.

This is useful in helping me know what else can I improve on my understanding of being a learder and how other people will learn from who I'm striving to become.Thank you

It was good getting feed back from someone else, can help me to unstand and grow.

This was very helpful to understand where I am as a individual and how I need to improve myself.

It provided a range of insightful and helpful question I was able to reflect on.

Thanks. Its was useful to have feedback. A bit unsettling but has made me think that I have to examine aspects of myself to self improve. I believe that no change means staying in the same spot. Any sort of move/change can only eventuate after self change. Lots to consider.

Really helpful and interesting to read. Thank you

I found this useful because I am now aware of what I do well.

It was really nice to read this feed back.. you most definitely put into words how I really am. Thank You 😊 Oh always shop at Bunnings our whole family love it 😊

It helped me alot in identifying the kind of person I actually am.

So just so true and It just decided me 💫

That was quick! Thank you

I have found this actually very touching as well as true, I am told so by people in charge of myself and whom supplies me with my task and when moderated and verified then i would always get feedback from them of the same qualities predictivehire.com has recognized me with.

You never stop learning and it’s good to sit back and look at where traits can be improved

Yes was very useful not to hard to understand

Made me understand what I was good at

This is great to get an insight!

Thank you for the feedback. I do agree that sometimes over share especially when I get excited about a topic.

It was useful to be informed that the way I approach life in general also has a mostly positive effect of my work ethic.

I found your feedback rather touching.. i found it helpful to know what to work on. Thank you

Because it was able to help me understand more on what I can do better and what is positive about it

Loved the feedback

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