LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Allowed me to find out what I need to focus on improving.

I didn't imagine that my first interview on line answers was great and I got a fabulous feed back from you guys. Thanks

I found it just about 100% spot on take my hat of to who works this out. The only thing is I wished I could have had this a few years ago as I am coming to an end of my working career as such and am only looking for a job which I can enjoy as I feel far to young to retire at present.

It's nice to hear other people's opinions that are not involved in your life and don't know you

It helped me to get to know myself even better and also helped in ways of how I could handle some situation

This helped me understand what I need to work on to be the best I can be.

Very interesting. Basically I feel that I would be a wonderful candidate for this position.

It was very insightful and it was like reading about myself .

Wow this way amazing. I loved your feedback. It really made me think more on me. How to reflect myself in society. Thank you:)

This is useful as it tells you a great deal of what your employer expects of you for your role. These personality results are extremely accurate and represent myself as a person.

The personality profile feedback was really good. The coaching tip was even better. I did realise it was necessary to speak my opinion more often and had actually begun to do this more. It was good to be reminded.

I found this very useful because it shows the skills I need to work on

It helps me to improve myself about expressing my skill and knowledge in an interview

I love the idea of feed back I think this was brilliant giving and eye on to what I'm like it is a very positive thing to do I'm really grateful for it.

Very helpful

I found this helpful because it gave me an unbiased opinion of my character

It was nice to read things about myself that I didn't realise.

This was significant in showing me where my strengths are at and also where I will need to improve for the future.

wow that was now spot on and feel that i will enjoy working with you guys. I can see that i will grow more and be more aware of myself

i feel this is really who i am i love to take a back stand watch and then engage,i am a happy person who loves interacting with other,i am a loyal and love working with people and i love giving back a lot and going an extra mile to challenge me and others as well.

Great feedback given and well detailed.

I don't know that I agree with my profile in it's entirety. For the most it is accurate but implies I lack working in a team and slow to be productive. For many years I was a sole trader as well as having worked for many small businesses that do not have a corporate structure, therefore did not have the opportunity to work in teams. The last business I worked in for ~four years consisted of four departments, we did have weekly team meetings to assists each other in progressing with services to our customer base.

The experience of this first parts of interview was very helpful with your strengths and weaknesses and ability of yourself.

I find it very useful and I appreciate feedback, I received your call but I was in a noisy place I couldn’t hear properly . I look forward to work with you

it was fantastic and helpful

I found it extremely useful to understand how an interviewer may percieve my answers, and I felt that it was mostly accurate other than a little contradictory part at the end. Overall it is a fantastic system, but also worries me that employers may use it in place of getting to know someone personally.

Interesting information I didn't know about myself but can definitely agree with

Well that’s good to know about my self, noted the things which I need to rethink , thank you

thanks for your insights.I could listen more in some situations. I always listen to a clients needs, many of my jobs are for Asian Australians or professional women and they look to me for ideas and solutions. they have the final say. i often use pictures or diagrams to get across ideas and they do the same for me.They appreciate my humor and easy going nature.and like to see their ideas come to life from my work. I am a patient man restoring antiques and keeping a classic car on the road for 25 yrs so the big picture has many small details to achieve..As well caring for my teenage daughter for 3months every year till she finished school last year,.a wonderful.time.

Wow, I am amazed at the accuracy of the feedback. I have grown to learn the skill of listening & as a Life Coach listen attentively to the unspoken words as well as the spoken.

The insight provided a set of points looking at myself and which I can use to predict or review some of my actions and how I could or had addressed different situations. The coaching tips are suggestions that I can address to be able to find the joy and satisfaction in interacting with others, family, friends and work colleges.

Most parts of the other five Insights were fairly accurate, yes. But not the first part of Insight 6. No, that is definitely not my personality. I don't believe I display an obvious sense of "entitlement" - no. Not my style, I don't believe. "INSIGHT 6: You feel that your position and achievements give you a right to certain rewards or privileges and you are not shy to say so."

I found this useful as not only does it give me a better understanding of myself but allows me to use this a constructive criticism and improve myself further. It allows me to have a better desire in my work and be even more persistent in what I want to achieve.

Wow! This is so me. Thank you for your honest feedback and suggestions. Will take them on board.

😅 This was indeed useful. Explained so analytically, I can say its spot on!

This was a very accurate description of myself and like how it was written.

I thought this was a true reflection of my thoughts and answers

I have found this useful because it’s self explanatory of the person that I am,picks out my weak points and how I can change..Also that being a loner is not bad as I thought, it’s useful because it’s give me a positive mind,energy and good self esteem about myself,

I did find this useful, sometimes a fresh look at yourself can be just what you need!

I am always open to hear other peoples opinions and how I can improve my approach to work or private life. Your feedback on my recent application responses is useful to me as I can take them on board to improve my being. Thank you so much for this information and feedback.

I find its not me at all to be honest and im a good team player and a very friendly person whom is very chatty but works hard and gets on with all my collegues

my name is Elizabeth Buckley, I recently completed your online interview and received your insightful feedback. I really appreciate the breakdown of my strengths and pointing out my areas of improvement in your eyes. there area few things about my personality I would probably question but at the same time its easy to overlook my own flaws. As much as I appreciate this feedback I am completely bewildered as to hether or not I have an interview for the sales position in Keighley or if I will be considered for anything else in the future. I would really appreciate some clarification on this matter, please feel free to contact me on me E-mail Thanks again for your time Beth

Sounds like me! Accurate

Thank you, it feels like a mirror speaking to me.

It was a little of a let down as I am a leader n I aim to please please give me an opportunity

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