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LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I thought it was extremely helpful in looking at myself in good and difficult situation

It’s always helpful to know what your strengths and weaknesses are so I appreciate knowing

I am very pleased with the feedback thank you, most of it spot on however one point regarding work social events was slightly incorrect as I am always a starter for work social events and have been known to even organise them 😀. I have always worked within a fast paced productivity environment with my co workers and enjoyed successful outcomes. The tips at the end were great and thank you

i found it very useful in the way someone else see my answers

This feedback is helpful, and will allow me to improve myself for future work/decisions, especially the ones I gave examples for in the last quiz.

I found this very useful thank you

This was amazing and super accurate!! I have never had a response like this from an interview. It gave an amazing insight into how we as hopeful employees can be perceived!! As well as giving us tips as to how to approach the workplace! Really amazing!

Thank you the reflection.

Hi while reading the insights in my email, I found myself exactly the way you describes about me. thanks

I find this useful because it teaches one to be open at all times and also to have confidence.

Yes I did and helps people to work and do the task

I found this very helpful because it will help me with interviews. And to be better at my job . I understand what the employer is looking for and how to be my best in my job .

Majority of it was right, really helps.

It’s good to see how I might come across to other people. Cheers

Amazing how always searching for the correct way to define ourselves about our personal reflections and hit the nail on the head

It was helpful and it is always nice to receive feedback. Although it is not 100% accurate still made some good points and I will take 2-3 advices. Thank you

Thank you You mead my day

This is very useful to me, Guys! I really appreciate this feedback.

I found this useful as it shows me what other people think about me as a person

the results are extremely accurate reading it, i felt like i wrote it. Helped me focus on certain personality traits, Very happy.

It was useful because it just summarised my personality basically and made me notice certain behaviours I never noticed I had😅

Thank you, it’s always great to hear about your strengths and weaknesses, I’m always one to take on feed back, improve and grow. I’d always give Bunnings my very best.

Yes helped my grow

Yes, that was me in a nutshell. Thanks for the insight and how I can improve.

wow! this is me! Am a little shocked how accurate this is. Will take the tip on board, Thank you

thank you for the reply, appreciate the feedback, and gives me some things to think about reshaping and honing

This has been very useful as it has shown me psychological reasons behind my behavior and explains why I act the way that I do. It also shows me areas that I can focus on and improve

I found this helpful because it gave me an unbiased opinion of my character

Accurate as I see my personality file. the tips are very interesting .

WOW!! This is amazing, it almost had me down to perfection, only I’m not afraid to speak my mind, I just like to hear the other persons reasoning to make sure I see things in all prospectives.

This is actually a good account of me and what I experience when at work or going to work for the first time in a while. It might help me to learn from this and be more positive.

This was helpful and very consistent with what I am like - thank you for the feedback and I will take on board your tips.

It was very helpful indeed. It helped me knowing my self Where I am so I can achieve my job in future.

On a personal level it made me feel more confident. On a professional level I feel I may have a good chance for employment with yourselves

Yes I found it very useful. And it helps working with companies that encourage and listen to others.

It shows my strengths and weaknesses, which can help me grow with confidence

Everything that you say is correct 😊

I wass o happy to get the feed back. I agree to the evaluation and for the suggestions. I would say that they are spot on. It is always good to have a independent evaluation so that you can improve on your weakness. At the end of the day you want to be a better person.

I found this source useful because this feedback helps me to review and work on what my weaknesses are which now makes me a lot more confident as I know what to improve on.

I found this very useful and I believe it was a very true summary of my personality traits & areas I could work on as I do aspire to be a leader

It clearly stated my personal strengths and weaknesses.

The personality results along with the coaching tips were both enlightening, refreshing and I have taken this onboard. Thank you Evelyn Maltby

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