Make us your
first interview

for all customer facing roles.

Candidate reach beyond what any human can ever achieve.

The solution

For the first time you can interview every candidate, without using any of ‘your’ time. All applicants receive a link to a behavioural based interview. They have an automatic conversation in text. Our AI screening technology reviews the responses, prioritising the best applicants for you to consider first.


  • ~ 15 mins for candidates
  • 85%completion rate

Get your time back.

Calculate the time you will save using PredictiveHire,then
dream about what you will do with all your freed-up time.

* Based on 300 hires and 45,000 applicants TIME CALCULATOR >

The first interview for all customer facing roles.

Hire for values, then train for skills.


Recruiters deliver results

Let technology do your interviewing.
Spend time winning talent. HIRE BETTER.


Business performs better

Speed and efficiency means the
business get to the best talent fast. HIRE FASTER.


Candidates feel great

Look beyond the CV.
Assess everyone fairly and equally. HIRE FAIRER.

We know what success looks like.

Stop the second guess and hire for success.

For recruiters

What if your best recruiter had 300,000 interviews under their belt … and could pick precisely the profile of the best in 15 minutes? Meet your best recruiter.

  • > 300,000 interviews
  • 3 continents
  • 5 languages
  • 15 million words
  • 60 selection
  • 15 algorithms

Getting to quality 90% quicker.

“Liberate your recruiting team from tedious work– moving from
process worker to knowledge worker”.

Candidate experience is good for business.

Create a connection.
right up front.


Go from form-filling to an engaging and quick experience. Candidates feel empowered, it’s convenient and because it’s in text format (which is how we communicate every day) trust comes easily.

PLUS every candidate gets something back – personalised feedback for each.

87% satisfaction

  • Thank you for the online interview, I found the questions and process easy to follow and well presented.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • This has been one of the most interesting interviews I have completed. Thank you!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • This interview format is clear, concise and easy to follow which I found positive.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • This is a very creative interview strategy.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • This is my first online interview and I really think it’s great!

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • This is super simple and helps to know ones ability. Thank you !

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • This is the first application of this conversation format that I have done and I personally enjoyed it!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • This option was a lot better than a video interview!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • A fresh and interesting approach to an online application.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • A variety of difficult and fun questions!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • Easy and fun to complete!

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • Felt like I was talking to a person and not a computer, which was exactly the vibe all applicants want in these interview stages. Thumbs up!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • Great Experience!

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • Honestly, this sort of system makes everything so much easier!

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I am very happy and enjoyed the answering the PredictiveHire questionnaire.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • I believe it’s a good tool to find out a little more about the candidate applying.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • I enjoyed the text message format of this questionnaire‚ I haven’t seen this before for a job application (which was very nice).

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I felt engaged with this questionnaire and enjoyed having my mind stimulated. Thank you!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • I found the questionnaire to be fun and discovered a lot about myself!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • I found this part of the process user friendly which contributed to a seamless experience with my application process.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • I like that this process is simple and smooth!

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I like this a lot, it was a good way to get to know someone!

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I liked the interactive experience more than any other surveys that I have completed in the past. The questions were straightforward and it was nice to know exactly what was being asked of me.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I liked this way of answering questions as it feels more personal and makes you think about your answers in greater depth.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I loved the questions given as they weren’t the traditional standard interview questions, they had more insight and made me think more deeply and honestly.

    Retail, Retail
  • I loved this and how it is constructed, it does not need any improvements.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • I loved this idea, it’s the first time I’ve done an interview like this! I loved how easy it was! Thank you!

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I really liked this format! It was interesting and thoughtful. I can’t think how it could be any better.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • I think it is best way to check a person’s ability.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I think it’s a very unique way for an interview, it can make people answer honestly and not under pressure.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I think the interview is really user friendly!

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I think this is a great idea! Thank-you.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • I thought this was the best interview experience I have ever had. I thought it was quick, easy and exciting.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • It was a whole new experience, I really liked it!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • It was great! It was simple and easy to use, yet interactive at the same time.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • It was straight forward, I wouldn’t change anything about it!

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • Modern and innovative.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • No bad feedback! This is a great way to get to know a potential employee.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • Over-all a good way to allow us to answer these questions in a stress free way and a good way to structure it as people text” others often and it feels very normal. Thank you, kindly!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • Thanks for such an insightful questionnaire.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • Thanks! Really felt that I was involved in having a conversation! Appreciate it!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • This process is good, quick and easy.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • This questionnaire was very pleasant.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • This was a fast and efficient way to cover questions that are necessary to ask potential employees. Thank you 🙂

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • This was a great questionnaire and a very good way for employers to get a sense of applicant’s values and personalities. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • This was a mind blowing experience for me!

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • This was an extremely user friendly and painless experience, enjoyable even.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • Very easy and simple to use, would recommend for other job opportunities.

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • Very good and easy to operate!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • Very good way of doing it!

    Airline, Cabin Crew
  • Very relevant and informative survey 🙂

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • Very unique and easy way of having an interview at the comfort of your home.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • The range of questions was really interesting.

    Retail, Retail Assistant
  • “One of the best employment screening tools I have used. It felt a lot like a face to face interview.”

    Cabin Crew 2019, Australia
  • “I found the questions interesting and thought provoking. It was good to be able to think about different examples from my personal and professional experiences.”

    Retail 2019, London
  • “It was a good way to answer questions, gave the illusion of a casual chat and made it easier for my answers to just flow naturally.”

    Supermarket 2019, Australia

In a snapshot, here’s what you get.

Snapshot Box

Mobile 1st

Candidates can have their
1st interview
any time, anyplace.

Snapshot Box1

is fast

1st interview is
10 – 30 minutes
depending on role.

Snapshot Box2

Real time

Candidates are scored
in real-time for you to
action fast.

Snapshot Box3

No bias

No CV data is used.
Everyone gets a fair go.

Snapshot Box4

Unlimited users

So recruiters and
hiring managers can see the
same information.

Snapshot Box5

Unlimited interviews*

Why only interview a few applicants
when you can interview them all?

*For selected packages only.
Snapshot Box6

Real-time tracking
of decisions

Identify and manage ethnic
and gender bias plus
track efficiency real-time.

Snapshot Box7


Every candidate gets
something back
– a personalised feedback report.

Sign-up and start
using the tool today.

Integrates with your favourite software.

Integrate PredictiveHire with your ATS or current recruitment system
and fully automate your hiring process from end-to-end.

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