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It helped me to know my personality type and what to be focused on.

Hi all. Really appreciate the feed back from the questionnaire. NO one is perfect but that shouldn't stop you for trying being the best you can. Will take on your advice / actions. Thank you. Have a great day. Paul.

Insightful and amazing

it has shown me how iceland really works, i think being this prepared is the only way you can move forward really, i think its great.

It was useful as I could explain my strengths

It tells a person where their strength and weeknesses are.

It will help me being comfortable with asking for help and to be open to new things

I found it useful as it reflects on my interview

First i would like to share, you gave my some facts about my working life style, this is really understandable. I would like to share with you this, whenever i read this type of description, this is goose bumps for me and filling me more energy, trust to believe in your strong points and work on your weak points

I found this very useful, I’m always looking to improve on myself and this is a great way to give me the push in the right direction.

I found this useful because it made me realise areas that I need to improve on and has shown me characteristics that I didn’t know I had.

This really opened my eyes on myself and how I can further improve to be a better person and employee

Thank you for your help and this will help me improve as a person and in the workplace. I will take this information on board and I hope to join the Iceland/family!

Because it’s always a good thing to learn new things about yourself

This experience is great as it has highlighted my areas of growth some of which I am conscious about.

Thank you for a quick response back your your feedback has really helped me to look at work roles differently and help me to put more perspectives and deal with matters a lot more different and a better way

It highlights certain Information about my personality

Yes because it gave me an insight of what I could be and also guidance that I could use to improve in the future

Wow. Useful it certainly was. Your analysis of me was mostly spot on. I am fascinated by what my honest answers could tell about me. I am old fashioned with my work ethics, I am loyal, passionate, hardworking, punctual, honest, reliable and confident. I have drive and initiative. I am positive, I am selfless, I love the success of the team, not really fussed about standing out, but a little bit of appreciation and acknowledgement of my hard work goes a long way. Everybody likes to feel valued, it just encourages me to keep going.

I found this very useful and thought it gave me a good insight of myself.

Thank you for your imput. I will use it to beter myself.

It's showing my strength and confidence.

Thank you firstly, this is quite am insight and mostly true id have to say...

Just lovely feedback.

Great full concept to the assessment.

It brought out my experience and my capabilities of doing the job safely and efficiently

It was great to know my personality showed a clear view of who I am and what I value

That explained exactly the sort of person I am, I couldn't believe how u got all that out of an interview lol

This was smartly accurate and wish more jobs gave this kind of feedback!

It’s always good to get some outside feedback on yourself as it can be easy not to see the real you

Yes from here my strength and weaknesses was identified

Great way to reflect on one's strength and power, thank you

This made me see myself in a new light and made me realise what I can work on to better myself.

This was just 80% accurate and i am impressed

Feedback is always good, becouse without it you will never know where you have gone wrong. It also gives courage.

yes very helpful

I found this very useful in a way that it gives a person an opportunity to express themselves in form of writing their experiences and it also prepares a person of a current vacant they applied for

I found this very useful cause as I was reading all the insight, I totally agreed with all that has been given. It really gives me a feedback to what I am good at and what needs to improve. I would talk to somebody such as my peers, friends or parents if I have any concerns like helping me stop thinking negative thoughts cause I do that sometimes. And also not letting other people drag me down with their complaints. So this feedback really helped me see who I really am.

Similar to a 360 degree feedback model - always useful to receive feedback..

It is good to reflect on my personality from an objective position. As well, the advice received seems very applicable to my personaltiy. I really enjoyed the thought experiment of trusting the gague and advice to my personality.

Yes and thank you. Though it does not reflect me, it has made me see how others perceive me. In regards to your reply - About me Foremost, I do not need credit. It is not who I am. The one thing that kills the spirit is the EGO. I have learnt to let go of the need for approval/recognition. Please don't regard that as a weakness. I see it as strength. There is immense peace in letting go of the 'self'. I take care and respect myself, but that comes from knowing who I am. Being authentic. Loving myself in a compassionate way. Knowing I am loved. I have also come to understand people's reactions are a reflection of themselves. For me it's about understanding what the team/person is experiencing to create that reaction and am I able support them. My energy comes from seeing others grow to become the best version of themselves. I believe a genuine leader walks alongside the team. When answering your question, (next time I sit in the leader's chair), I will once more observe. If required, I will guide the team. This positions me in the 'frontroom' at all times. I am able to be truly present without having to control anything. I am able to lean in if needed. It empowers, develops confidence and most of all it motivates the team. How does it make me feel you ask. This is not about me. It doesn't need to be. I don't need to 'feel' anything. It's about a conversation/topic and what is the agenda (be it direction/information etc.) The great thing for me is knowing I have a choice. I can walk away, reflect, learn and move forward. So to conclude, perhaps I need to rethink the way I reply to these questionnaires. I would really like to know how this sort of profiling is done and how they come up with these insights?

I found it really helpful recieving feedback on what I can improve on.

Yeah i love getting feedback about myself its gives me confidence to do better.

It helps me reflect on my thoughts and can give me a better perspective

Wow, that seems pretty scarcely accurate for what seems like an automated response. I found the tips helpful and will be sure to use it in future relative situations

Thank you

I just want to know if i got the job

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