LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

The interview made me understand my self strengths and made me memories my past thoughts that’s useful to me in lot of ways.

I was kinda amazed on the feedback it was definitely an eye opener

I found the profile useful to understand how I come across to people. I would like to say, in regards actions suggested, I am an excellent at listening to people and gauging their position or intentions etc. People, family and friends and friends of friends come to me for advice and guidance and sometimes just to be heard. People respect my opinions as I am honest and dependable.

Very interesting. Spot on in most cases.

I found it useful.I learnt things about myself that i was not aware of. I learnt a lot about how other people see me.

Some of the insights surprised me, but that's why they are called insights I guess. I am surprised so much data can come from relatively few questions. Good information - never too old to learn.

The points addressed are somewhat accurate in terms of the part where it said that I like to challenge peoples opinions. However all in all I thought that the online interview and feedback given was well received. Thank you for the opportunity and hope that I pass on to the second stage.

i found it useful as it helps me know what others think of me and makes me feel more comfortable

Thank you for this positive feedback. I am hoping this information gives you the confidence your company needs in recommending me as a potential employee at Bunnings.

I would like to make a complaint about Oracle CMS Gold Coast. The guy who trained me swore constantly during training, and on my first day I was harangued until I resigned after just 15 minutes. Good luck, my tip would be to fire those Managers and hire some new ones. It’s obvious they are incompetent anyway, the one lady I spoke to on the phone said she had already been incorrectly transferred by the team.

I found it useful as it pointed out my traits and ways to improve my career prospects

The feedback was very useful it described me the best way and it makes me happy and a reflation to when I stood my ground in a situation and how it made me feel was when I had to drive a long distance it was late cause people where late as we were supposed to leave during the day and I had informed my siblings that since it late at night we can not drive the long distance as it not safe to drive at night going to visit our grandparent late at night I had called them and told them we would make it tomorrow and will driver rather early in the morning that made me happy that they understood my point as it was for the safety of everyone as there was no rush it better to think safe and act safe

Yes was very useful not to hard to understand

Because it gives me positives on myself and what would help me in later life and what will help me if I potentially get the job and this could help me work

Feedback is always a good thing wether is positive or negatice

I found it useful as it showed a more in-depth awareness of my strengths and areas I need to work on.

Give me things to improve on

This is definitely who u am and what am all about, I couldn't of said it any better than that

Yes, I found it useful to hear all of those insights. It also made me feel more confident in myself and aware of my strengths and weaknesses.

It shows me what the company wants from it staff 👍

Helped so now I can improve certain skills better with a better arproch

Great insight to one self, I will use it to look for work and use the feedback to improve my behaviour especially in a work environment.

As I already work for Iceland I would. Highly recommend it

i found it useful because it reflected truely on who i am and where i really need to improve and pick up where i dropped.i appreciate.

Allowed me to find out what I need to focus on improving.

Yes it was useful it helped me get a insight to working for iceland and team players

It helped me to know my self much better

It was interesting to read my personality profile. I could agree with most things.

I found this useful because it shows me the areas in which i need to improve my abilities and belive more in myself .

I can't say I agree with the insites and are very far from how I would describe myself

Describe me very well. I am impressed

Not so much that I found it useful but I am more amazed that your could gather that information from my information, well actually now I think about it I can get a good judge off of the way somebody speaks but wow I’m extremely impressed that not one of the insights were wrong.

My goodness...that is so accurate, it's scary. Thank you

I appreciate feedback as it’s important for us to know how to improve as well as seeing other positives that you may not have been aware of about yourself. I appreciate great communication

Dear Predictive Hire Team, Thank you for the feedback and I found the AI assessment of me to be interesting and quite accurate. I'll take on board what you have written and the issues I should think about in terms of assertiveness and personality. Thank you. Don Nardella

This was perfect way to answer some basic questions!

useful for personal development

actually I dont understand ur view.i applied job for cleaning but ur interview regarding my personality. everybody work in Iceland through this same process I dont think so .its new way a ten year ago people straight way give c.v and apply job straight way but today its process is totally different.

I enjoyed the process but I found the Personality Results to not accurately reflect my answers

I was surprised how very accurate the results really were. Amazing!! And I have taken onboard the recommendations. Thank you.

I this useful because it gives me insight into my strengths and weaknesses. The information was quite accurate and the tips are priceless on how to find balance in the work place relationships

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