LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

The information helped me a lot it explained more on my strengths that could be very useful for me.

Thanks that help a lot but I don’t think people can be judge on what they say only you must meet the person face to face there is also the body language some people express with talk and body language at the same time . I specific situation make someone react accordingly to this particular situations .Who determines who you really are ??? Not a situation but your personality. In any case in a job employer seek for person hard working good attitude and interpersonal skills talents hand on person can do attitudes. Employees Work for his salary that the main aim the next is to please and make the boss see he is a good worker for promotion. That the real fact how the working industry turn. Thanks for your assessment But however people never change its What they face in life That make them the one they presently are .its all depends what they have been or is going through at the very moment of their present life that make them who they are Whether they are going fire 🔥 or Water 💦 . Life is great Thanks

I'm very happy that you describe me the way .I'm

I found this useful because it shows that you know my aims and you know how I think and what I’m after. Thankyou

Great positive feedback

Some brilliant insights, it has made me find myself a bit more thank you very much , I will definitely take into consideration about having some time for myself

Definitely found this useful as you can never stop learning about how you can better yourself as a person & as a team player no matter how old or experienced you are. You never stop learning.

I found the feedback very useful and insightful. It was detailed and dare I say a very accurate description of my personality and traits, some of which i did not even know i had.

Good evening I find the tips extremely useful as this will help me grow and be more confident in expressing my views and opinions without feeling I have said something out of line or negative

Great interview experience!

I thought the insights were very close to the way i am and the way i feel. The tips are good as i am always keen to improve and look forward to putting them into practice.

The personality results appeared to be accurate to my personality. I found it useful because it revealed I have good work ethics and take pride in where I work. It’s great feedback to have as it identified areas for improvement to continue to achieve great results within my work place.

I think this feedback was quite accurate and I think the coaching tip will be helpful :)

It is very useful it gives me more confidence.

I found it useful as it will help me better the person I ought to be in future. Thanks alot

i found this useful as its giving me the feedback on what someone else thinks on the way i work and it’s giving me tips on how to improve.

I found this very useful because it’s my first interview in some years and it gives me a guide line into interviews and what people expect from me .

This is very useful but I there are one or two points that are not exactly my character. I am very detailed oriented and can perform jobs that are traditional in thinking as well as creative in thinking.

Really really good feedback. I identified very closely with the insights. I think it was an accurate analysis of my personality/character.

I was a great to have someone else's perspective on me, and it's very correct , I shall take on your advice.

it was very useful and insightful to me because it described me to the T.

I found it useful and in future, I will use these tips to make me and my decisions best.

This made me feel good about myself and more aware of my strengths and personality traits

Its very useful to see how people see you in what type away thank u

This is useful because I can learn how to work with a team and be able learn new things and explore my knowledge and be able to raise my point of view and achieve our goal as a team.

Thank you for the insightful feedback.

It made me feel more confident in applying for the role

The description is pretty accurate on my approach to work as well as an area of improvement which I am aware of.

This clearly described who I'm

I love the useful information. It really makes me feel good hearing about the attributes that make me special. I thank you for this opportunity and to share my love and passion of customer service. I strive to be better and expect to make better decisions and choices.

I found the Coaching tip useful as well as the action because it suggests both a problem potential solution.

This is very useful feedback to make some important changes in my endeavour for future interviews and employment and personal traits to move forward more confident and adapt more to change . Thank you

This is the first time I have received some detailed feedback. This information could help me work on building my strengths and identify my weaknesses, so I can work on them. Thank you so much 😊

Its a great way to see how others might perceive my behaviour and gives me clues as to how I can better myself

Great to see this type of communication with applicants, and I agree with all of the insights.

The majority of your assessment was correct. Regarding the coaching tip, speaking up, verbalising my views, values and beliefs is something I am very confident with. Also my management role requires me to be extremely confident dealing with staff, key speaker at work events etc.. Aside from the latter you are pretty close to the mark. Regards Nathan

I found this useful, due to it telling me my qualities and my overall personality. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thank you

This briefing helps me know myself better. It describes my strengths and potential weaknesses. Through knowing better of my personality, may assist me achieve more in the career.

Found it very good way to have an interview feel you may havemore ofa chance to demonstrate through writing without being fired questions put on spot.

Thanks for the answer. I truly believe it’s a perfect answer for me and I am taking it as a guideline so that in future I can utilise it. I will definitely follow your recommendation so that I can be a perfect fit for any position. Thanks, Regards, Sharmin Akter

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