Solve your biggest hiring problems
with smart, simple
human-centred solutions.

In a talent drought, candidate experience is king.

For consumer businesses, candidates are customers. Delivering a humanised, personalised and engaging experience will be the difference in creating brand advocates and winning talent.

But how do you scale a great experience while managing costs? With Phai, you can have both.

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To truly remove bias from your hiring process, you need human-centred Ai. 

By using Ai to interview for you, eliminate bias at the top of the funnel and give every candidate the opportunity for a fair go.

Everyone is interviewed with a completely blind text chat, and our Ai chooses a shortlist based only on behavioural traits, personality and communication skills. Then we move that bias-free shortlist to the second stage and conduct a video interview with your candidates for your recruiters to rate and review.

Additionally, tracking diversity metrics through the funnel helps you manage bias across the business.


Reaching top talent quickly is impossible without automation.

Our customers slash time to hire by eliminating time consuming processes and enabling recruiters and hiring managers to make informed hiring decisions quickly.

Through simple automated workflows, deliver an end to end interview process that not only engages with your candidates on a human level but does it at speed – so you can post a job and have a ranked shortlist ready to review within hours.

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The added benefits of PredictiveHire Solutions

All candidate interviewed by our AI

All candidates
interviewed by our AI

Saves you time.
No one misses out.

Automatedcandidate feedback

candidate feedback

We feedback for you.
Applicants feel valued.

No bias screening


No CVs or personal data is used.
Everyone gets a fair go.

Real timerecommendations


Instant scoring so you know
who to contact first.



Insights on every applicant.
Helpful questions for follow up.

Quality and biastracking

Quality and bias

See where the bias
is occurring and manage
quality of hiring real-time.

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