Use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase efficiency and speed in your hiring process

To AI or not to AI

A recent CNN story quoted only 12% of companies used AI last year to deliver not just a faster status quo, but a complete reinvention of the way they work....

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Recruiting Metrics That Matter - CAC & LTV
31 March 2020

The 2 metrics that should matter the most to any recruiter

Any leader with P&L accountability knows that tracking margin (ie the difference between your revenue and what it...

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24 March 2020

Join the Conversation …because the merging of minds is really powerful!

‘Join the conversation’ is curated by the PredictiveHire team, a team of pioneers working at the frontier of...

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11 March 2020

What is one big job HR is hired to do?  Manage Risk

Two recent events have brought HR back to their core role – managing risk. In Australia, we have...

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