LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

The different insights I have recieved from my personality results, and the coaching tip 'actions' are very useful for me to be aware of my personality strengths in various workplace situations, and how to act effectively upon the downsides of my personality strengths

I find this useful as I am one who is always open for constructive criticism and open to new things or experiences as that also help in my growth in personal and professional level

Thank you for the positive feedback it's a little unnerving that you picked up that I am sometimes short of confidence, which I am at times in expressing my views even when common sense and the facts prove what the outcome will be.I definitely need to believe in myself and Express myself vocally in the future.

The 50-150 word count made me think what I want to say.

I found this very helpful as it helped me realise my strengths and weaknesses and now I can work on these things to become a better all rounded person. I even discovered some strengths and weaknesses that I never knew I had. Thank you for this.

It was useful because it was great experience doing interview online.

It is important to be reminded of your strengths and weaknesses.

Yes I did and it makes me feel better and more motivated but I still am not sure about my confidence

It's interesting to see how you come across to other people.

I found it useful because I like to know how others perceive me although I figure this might be computer generated it is still good to know and makes me feel appreciated. Thanks for your time and most of it is very accurate to how I see myself

Very interesting, and all suprisingly very accurate. Ots nice to hear it pit so well.

Wow! My result was really about me😊. I has given me a better insight of what I am really. Very helpful and enlightening me on my strength and some areas I neee to work on.

I found this useful as it told me my strengths but also tips to work on my weaknesses

Useful to hear how others interpret my personality in writing. All of the insights read true though. Amazing.

It is very useful as i can see myself in your feedback

wow. very useful. the only way to get better is to know more about yourself each day. Thank you so much. I will take cognizance.

Allowed me to find out what I need to focus on improving.

Wow just reading my personality results it’s amazing how accurate all the results were. I found that everything you said was 100% me and felt very humbled. Thank you for that !!

In my opinion it is always helpful to get feedback on how to become a better team member and also just in general. I hope I can become part of the Iceland team and show my skills!

I found this useful broken down. Seeing how my traits, strengths and styles are interpreted.

It’s actually quite an interesting process you have in place, maybe one day I can learn more about it.

Really Insightful and interesting

It is amazing, I am surprised in deed because it is nearly accurate. Thanks for your evaluation. Kind regards

This was a fantastic tool and a great way to respond to me as I wait for a response to my application. It shared pros and cons to the way I think and behave and I will learn from this. So thank you.

Yes. It’s helping. I got someone told me the same that I need to lean how to say no. It’s important to define your boundaries and be firm in living by them.

Learning how others perceive you can only make you better provide you are open to change and new ways of thinking

I felt that these insights were pretty much spot on and was a great summary of my personality. I love the fact that i can now go back to this for a reminder off positives about me aswell as things i can take on board and work on!

Be aware of my strengths and can say weaknesses. Be aware on how to improve to be more resourceful and comfortable with what I do

This was very useful it helped me understand myself even more

It has opened my eyes and has shown me in words what I am like and will help me identify the parts I need to work on.

Hi. thank you so much for your analysis of my personality. I thought it was very accurate, and most importantly, I enjoyed the coaching tip.s I've always thought knowing is good, but learning is best, so feedback from someone else's perspective to me is very valuable and enjoyable. on this occasion, your coaching tips taught me quiet a bit and make me aware of what to look out for in future. Thanks again :)

This was honestly in my entire life - - the most useful information I have ever experienced from a job interview process. Thank you very much.

Wow, this is awesome. Its amazing discovering these incredible personalities, they really suit my kind of person. This is very helpful to me

I loved the interview question and your reply made me more aware of my strengths and areas of growth

Interesting perspective though I don't really agree with it as I always speak my mind as I'm doing right now, I'm not shy and definitely I'm not submissive, I'm polite and respectful but not to mistake it with lack of personality.

I was surprised how you can provide the insight from my answers. I mostly agree. Appreciate the reply.

This feedback that you have given me, practically defines my character and I appreciate that it was detailed as such. Thank you.....

It sounds so accurately like me. I'm impressed! And a bit creeped out as well hahaha.

Thanks for the heads feedback and the excellent format for capturing and analysing the different skills.

The feedback received I can develop further if I am successful in having a further interview.

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