LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I am hapoy with feedbac Question three is right about not liking the limelight but i am more than happy to be in anyones company and easily mix in

I think it is a great program and gives you an insight and confirmation about yourself.

This was very helpful as it gave me an insight of what an employer looks for and what sees in me.

This helped me to understand how to progress further in my role as a customer service adviser

This is very useful and very helpful, It was very easy to understand so thank you.

I read this out to my friend as we were talking on the phone when the email popped in. This is pretty spot on! Things that were pointed out like "hold a mirror up" and "this can create a perception that you lack confidence" are things I have been actively working on as part of my personal self-development. The coaching tip/reflection is also something I have been actively watching. It is not always appropriate to be in the leader's chair so it is interesting that this popped out as a point to watch. I've been very mindful about NOT being in the leader's chair of late. I liked the action points! They are right on target. What would be really useful would be a print button. I am going to print this out and put it where I can keep it top of mind. Thanks, this was useful and fun.

I found this interesting and useful in others reflections of how i operate where i am helpful and where i could learn and be flexible.

I found this quite interesting actually, pretty much summed up my personality

It was a good insight to how I tick, very interesting.

I think there is a fair amount of truth in the insights, Q3 feedback was a surprise as I and others dont see this in me - maybe my answer was off the mark. - the coaching tip and action was very useful. Good luck!!

This was exactly like reading a pure description of me although I do listen to other people's opinions. Honestly the words where taking right out of my mouth and its actually nice to read and be reminded of what kind of a person I am

My kindest appreciation for the best experience and I my very best to your team. I have had a great afternoon learning and open my mind to the very best of my knowledge and I hope that I will be able to make the most of my career as an excellent candidate for this position. Predictive Hire yous are very helpful and I am sincerely proud to have my first experience with you. Yous are the real deal yous have light up my day. Thanks again. T Fitzpatrick

This was very much useful, although in the past I've come out as controlling and a connector, therefore this was interesting

I found the feedback very useful. T Valid points were made pertaing to my intellect. It has given me insight and I am definitely going to take the advice and better myself in certain areas. Thank you

Thanks for the feedback, it was insightful to what I'm like as a person and in a job. I'll take on board the suggested improvements and apply them.

It's interesting to have an outsiders view of me.

it shows where i can improve to be better

Yes found the information very useful and appreciate it ..

It was great just to get feedback on what I communicated through the interview

Always interesting to find out what you can improve on.

Very interesting to have your responses calculated into personality traits. From these online interviews it’s great to have your answers analysed and then given feed back.

I found the feedback, amazing that was sent to me it really made my day.

Thank you. It helps to know myself better

All of the information provided was actually accurate cause Im a giver, I love helping people and making sure that they reach their goals sometimes forgetting my own. I have always put people first and push my feelings to the side to please others even thou I have improved on this but it's still a negative factor. I also know when I put in 100% in my work it standouts but I really don't like taking credit for it but there is room for improvement and correction cause I work so hard in anything and everything I do.

I found it useful as I believe you can always improve on yourself and learn new things

I found the feedback provided to me very useful, I know myself very well so I definitely agree with this information. I especially agree with the last insight, I need to look out for myself sometimes and showcase my skills and talents at times so that people can see what exactly I have to offer and so that I can be more valued. Instead of being. Modest and humble all the time, people will begin to think I have nothing to offer if I don't do this. Very insightful thank you.

Thx for your feedback I really loved hearing how others see me

Wow, thank you so much for the feedback. I'll reflect and hoist the points on board. Personal evaluation snd development is something that is so easily overlooked and to have something like this in the early stages of recruitment excites me about the possibilities available working with Bunnings. Thank you again.

Because it is detailed and 90% true

It is nice and humbling to hear someone telling you about your character, you get to see from someone else's point of view your strengths and weakness. I get to hold on now to my great areas and improve on not so great.

Very informative and great way to know your strengths and weaknesses. Awesome thanks.

It tells how I can improve

I found this to be a little presumptive and incorrect in some areas but there was more of this feedback I related to and appreciated and I will keep this in mind going forward.

I feel this will help me to include my useful traits in further CVs!

This is amazing feedback and mostly spot on. Thanks very much for closing the loop.

The email was amazing. I realized things about myself that I didn't know before.

This is exactly me. Thanks for judging me.

I am a good team worker and a hard worker I also a get on with everyone

2 out of 5 sections I feel sounds like myself

It's great to have see and reflect on myself every once in while thank you

A few reasons are: 1. Helps me to identify not only personality but also strengths and thus maintain them. 2. Helps me to spot my challenges and weakness and thus work on them. 3. Helps me to understand some critical areas that can be important in any environment: e.g., my work lifestyle, my productivity, my values, and how I would do in teamwork or individual work... therefore the more I know about myself the more productive, happy and beneficial I’d be to both myself and the organisation I work for:)

It was great. Easy and simple to complete. The feedback is around the interface - it would be great if there was a 'progress bar' just to give individuals some idea on when the questions will end.

Honestly cracked it 10/10, what was said feels exactly like me.

Yes, I found this very useful, asking sensible questions.

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  • PredictiveHire: Finalist in the Computing 2020 AI & Machine Learning awards

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

PredictiveHire: Finalist in the Computing 2020 AI & Machine Learning awards

BY Team PredictiveHire


The Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards recognise the best companies, individuals, and projects in the AI space today. The awards cover every corner of the industry: security, ethics, data analysis, innovation and more. They also showcase the movers and shakers. “The technology heroes and projects that deserve industry-wide praise”!

From data entry to chatbots, artificial intelligence has applications in every industry, sector, and role. Even the most basic implementations can free a workforce from time-consuming manual tasks, with more recent developments providing real insight into customer data.

Artificial Intelligence as a concept has existed for decades, but only in recent years have businesses begun large-scale adoption. AI technologies have the potential to reshape the world that we live in and change the way that we work.

PredictiveHire is a Finalist in the Best Use of AI Category

This is a combination of Conversational AI and Explainable AI described by Computing as follows:

Best Use of Conversational AI

The consumer world is rapidly adopting speech-based AI – but these systems, which can engage with users like a human to capture context and accomplish tasks, also offer a step-change in how we utilise enterprise IT. They can accomplish data entry, but also book meetings, answer questions, manipulate data and much more. Our judges want to know where you implemented conversational AI in your business, why you chose to do so and what quantitative effect it has had, as well as the challenges you overcame along the way.

Explainable Use of AI

With the rise of legislation like the General Data Protection Regulation, AI can no longer be a simple black box; companies must be able to provide the reasoning behind AI decision-making. This award will go to the company that has made the most progress in adding transparency to their AI processes.

PredictiveHire is an Ai-driven, mobile-first chat interview platform.

It provides faster, fairer and more accurate hiring, without bias.

Conversational AI is how the technology works and Explainable AI is a key-value guiding the way the service is delivered.

Using PredictiveHire, people apply for jobs by texting their answers in response to specific questions that are then analysed by AI for personality and work attributes. Given that it is AI facilitating the interviews, it means that every applicant can be interviewed. This makes it much fairer for all candidates and much quicker for recruiters and operational leaders.


The award will be presented on Tuesday 22nd October in London.
Judges include Christina Scott, Chief Technology Officer of News UK, David Ivell CIO of Enginuity and Natalia Konstantinova, Architecture Lead in AI for BP.

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