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This was useful because knowing this can help with my attitude to challenges at work.

This takes me what my strengths are and what my weaknesses are and ways I can improve them and turn them into something positive.

I do find this useful I don’t normally get feed back about myself. It’s good practice to have a outsider so to speak getting a feel for who I am. Yeah I think it’s good, I can also work on some stuff what I got back.

Hi, this was very interesting to read 😂. Most of this was correct apart from the it taking a while to get to know me and not working well as a team. I get to know people and they get to know me very fast and I work great in teams as I love people.

Great to know although disappointed this was the last communication after applying for a job

Was a great experience

I liked reading the results and especially liked the reflection. I thrive on feedback

It is very useful as i can see myself in your feedback

It has been 20yrs since last applying for a job, things have certainly changed and I found this feedback/insite to be of great help. Thank you.

Thank you I found it very useful because reading through it just makes me understand how important working with a job is and you have done that for me .And also regarding you question to change I just genuinely go with the flow and do my best to adapt to the change making me aware of my new surroundings and making it better fun and long lasting till the next change comes in place thank you.

It is helpful to identify the scope of improvement in my personality and also it boosted my confidence.

Some body else had said what I'm like

This was so useful! Thank you , not only did you guys explain who I really am and this helped me to look into my weakness aswel.

I found this extremely useful as I didn’t know I keep my work and personal life seperate, this is something I will work on as I don’t want anything to hinder my capabilities at work. Thank you!

I did find this useful because it shows me what I can improve on for next time.

Great and innovative survey

I am amazed at how accurate this assessment was

It's very inspiring and interesting, very good insight comments. I am so delighted.

To be honest I think you miss read one of my answers. I am one of the less materialistic and status driven people you’ll ever meet. I don’t care about things like that. My children & husband are the most important thing to me in the world. I’ve also worked and loved doing it as a Carer and enjoyed every single minute. I asked my family for one word to decide me and they said “selfless” as I do anything for anyone and I put everyone before myself. So maybe my answers didn’t accurately show my personality. Sorry.

Quite an eye opener but welcome e as is your advice

I found that the results, particularly Insight 3, couldn't be further from the truth. Since school I was alway the 'joker' and loved being the entertainer. Through my career in the Army, 26 years of the Prison Service and 4 years of the funeral industry, a good sense of humour and my ability to step up, and out, has been essential. In my social life, I even managed to get the 'lead role' in a production of Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story. This was despite never having acted before and being unable to read music. I played guitar, sang 23 songs and acted in front of over 600 people each night. Insight 2. As a prison officer I was also a trained Hostage Negotiator. This was a highly stressful job that required quick thinking and very often had unexpected developments that required swift and effective dynamic decisions and risk assessments. Insight 5, I was, on a number of occasions effected by drama, but the jobs I was doing meant that I had to deal with things 'at the end of the day'. I have on many occasions been frightened, at work, and actually dreaded going into work, but I did it because that was my job and people depended on me. So, I found this useful as it highlights the that sometimes you can't really 'sell yourself' or present yourself as effectively as you can in a face to face interview. Thanks Gary

I found this very useful as l was surprised with a couple of your predictions. It had me reflect on some of my answers which l can now agree it is a pretty accurate profile of me. Thank you!

Very helpful advice. Thanks.

I found this extremely useful and more importantly very accurate. It is a very true reflection of me and my work ethic and personality trait.

I felt that this was a fair and accurate assessment of my temperament and attitude. It was positive to see that this came from my answers as it is accurate and positive.


It was brilliant to know what you took from my answers. They were really positive and you also game me a tip of what I could do next which is really amazing! Thank you 😁

the feedback will help me to boost my confidence and adapt change in personal and professional life.

It is basic psychological profile based on provided information. Although not a true reflection it is accurate for the most part.

It has given me a chance to reflect on my personality and what I should keep up and what to improve

I was not aware I would receive feedback, thats great, I am interested in growth and leaaring about myself !

As I never had a interview for quite awhile I found it to be very good in helping me in the future thank you .

its amazing what computers can do It pretty well summed me up in a nutshell

It's interesting to have an outsiders view of me.

I found this very helpful for interviews and learning more about myself

It has made me learn more about myself and in greater depth. It’s made me look at different perspectives regarding my personality and way of doing things.

Thanks for the insights. I will definitely implement those Actions tips in Life.

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  • AI makes resumes redundant. Now it’s disrupting your interviews

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

AI makes resumes redundant. Now it’s disrupting your interviews

BY Team PredictiveHire


Previously, I’ve written about how the world of recruitment has evolved.

It seems that using AI could consign fantastical or over-optimised resumes to the dustbin of history, along with the Rolodex and fax machines.

But how do we go about selecting the perfect (or as close to perfect as possible) candidates from AI-created shortlists?

It should be so easy to learn how to conduct an interview that adds the human element to the AI selection. The web is awash with opportunities to earn recruitment qualifications from a variety of bodies, both respected and dubious. There are so many manuals, guides and blog-posts on the best ways of interviewing. People have been interviewing people for hundreds of years.

And yet…

Why are there no perfect interviews?

We’ve all heard about bizarre interview questions (no explanation needed). We’ve felt the pain of people caught up in interview nightmares (from both sides of the desk). And we’ve scratched our heads and noses over the blogs on body language in face-to-face interviews(bias klaxon).

Even without the extremes, people have tales to tell. Did you ever come away from an interview for your ideal job, where something just felt wrong?

It’s clear that adding human interaction to the recruitment process is by no means straightforward. Highlighting these recurring problems doesn’t solve the underlying question, which is:

“We’ve used an algorithm to better identify suitable candidates. How do we ensure that adding the crucial human part of hiring doesn’t re-introduce the very biases that the algorithm filtered out?”

Start by asking better questions

Searching for “Perfect interview Questions” gives 167,000,000 results. Many of them include the Perfect Answers to match. So it’s not simply about asking questions that, once upon a time, were reckoned to extract truthful and useful responses.

Instead we want questions that will make the best of that human interaction, building on and exploring the reasons the algorithm put these candidates on the list. Our questions need to help us achieve the ultimate goal of the interview: finding a candidate who can do the job, fit with the company culture AND stay for a meaningful period of time.
It’s generally agreed that we get better interview answers by asking open questions. I’d expand on that. They should ideally be questions that don’t relate specifically to the candidate’s resume, or only at the highest level, to get an in-depth understanding.

We should try to avoid using leading questions that will give an astute candidate any clues to the answers we’re looking for. And we should probably steer clear of most, if not all, of the questions that appear on those lists of ‘Perfect Interview Questions’, knowing that some candidates will reach for a well-practised ‘Perfect Answer’. We want them to display their understanding of the question and knowledge of the subject matter. Not their ability to recall a pre-rehearsed answer.

And so, we need to remember that we’re looking for the substance of the answers we get, not the candidate’s ability to weave the flimsiest material into an enchanting story.

Five new interview questions to ask your AI-shortlisted candidates

So, here are some possible questions to get you thinking.

  1. We use an algorithm as part of our hiring process to ensure we’re not missing the right candidates. Considering everything you know about us and this rlie, why do you think the algorithm has suggested you might be a good hire?
  2. If asked, what would your colleagues in your current or previous role say about your work-related exchanges with them?
  3. Tell me about any of your previous personal or career achievements that you feel relate to this role
  4. We strive to be as diverse and inclusive as possible. Tell me about the places where you’ve most enjoyed working and the communication styles of people you’ve worked best with. Please expand on your reasons
  5. Can you recall a time you’ve needed to make a business decision with incomplete information? How did you move forward?

Of course, you’ll need to frame and adjust those questions to match the role and your company.

How AI for HR helps interviews – and interviewers – get closer to perfection

AI equips recruiters with impartial insights that resumes, questionnaires and even personality profiles can’t provide. Well-constructed, supervised algorithms overlook all the biases that every human has. And that can only be a good thing.

Statistically robust AI uses an algorithm, derived from business performance and behavioural science, to shortlist candidates. It can predict which ones will do well, fit well and stay. We can trust it to know what makes a successful employee, for our particular organisation and this specific role. It can tell us to invest effort with the applicants on that shortlist. However unlikely they seem at first glance.

So we can use all of our knowledge and skills to understand a candidate’s suitability, and look beyond things that might have previously led us to a rejection.
AI is the recruiter’s friend, not competitor. It can stop us wasting time chasing candidates who we think will make great hires but instead fail to live up to the expectation. And it can direct us to the hidden gems we might have otherwise overlooked.

Technology like AI for HR is only a threat if you ignore it.

Don’t be that company that still swears by dated processes because that’s the way it’s always been done. The opportunity here is putting technology to work, helping your organisation evolve for the better. The longer the delay, the harder it will be. So don’t be left at the back playing catch-up.

There are very few businesses these days that communicate by fax machines – and that’s for a reason. In a few years, you’ll look back and wonder “Why didn’t we all embrace Artificial Intelligence sooner?”

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