LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I found this to be quite accurate actually, thank you

I found this useful as this would help me build on my strengths and weaknesses.

Interesting to know what others might see of you and also to have some feedback on this can help me to reflect on those comments

It will help me know what I’m good and bad at. It will help me improve and do better next time.

Yes, however the reflection and action section I wouldn’t say was as helpful as it wasn’t exactly my personality and behaviours. The first section was mostly relevant for the insight sections with a few areas that may not have been 100% accurate. Generally was helpful though.

it puts another light of incite, upon how the use of algorithm's work, there are leaders that lead by deligating and leaders that lead by example, both can be great leaders,

It was very useful because it helps me built a better version of my set working with you guys

Because that told you what do you do to make you better

I found this useful because I now know my strengths and weaknesses and I can improve on my weaknesses.

This is amazingly accurate. Thank you!

The personality results appeared to be accurate to my personality. I found it useful because it revealed I have good work ethics and take pride in where I work. It’s great feedback to have as it identified areas for improvement to continue to achieve great results within my work place.

Love it how u explain every part

It help me improve as a person. thank you !

Thanks for analysis about my skills and strength. Description is given in thoughtful words and opinion seems genuine to me. Thanks

Your words are motivating me and I will be keen to benefit from these valuable advice

Yes, some of it was a fair and correct, but some sections were totally not me and were in fact the total opposite , which would lead to a incorrect opinion of me. Which might mean I miss out on a Opportunity that would have been perfect for my personality type. But very interesting as to the conclusion the test came too.

That was quick! Thank you

Its nice to get a reply to my application but better still to receive something constructive and encouraging Thank you

Thank you for the insight, on the whole it looks pretty accurate. Thanks also for the very useful coaching tips

It made me realize the areas that I lack in and where I need to work more on . I will try to be more adventurous and more outgoing so I can be more confident when I speak Infront of people.

It helped me to know my personality type and what to be focused on.

I found this useful as it confirmed certain positive traits about me.

It gives ma a good insight about myself and possibly how others see me

I did thank you. My husband and I agree with 90% of what was written. Its good to be reassured in what I think.

It helped me by being confident in who I am and the key words that are above states who I really am and I really do appreciate that it was made easier for me.

It was good to get feed back from someones view I actually don't get feedback at all at work so this was really nice to see.

Yes I found this very interesting and feel it can help me in a interview

So do I get the job or not? I am willing to assert my opinion, I don’t understand the point of this? I’m a bit flabbergasted to be honest!

Gives a great personality insight

It's a good idea to analyse any one skills.

I always like listening to feedback to become better at my job

I found this useful because it gave me more of an idea about myself which can help me in an interview to describe myself and describe my strengths

Yes, i am surprised by these insights as they very much describe who i am as a person. How did you do that guys? (:

Thank you, it’s always great to hear about your strengths and weaknesses, I’m always one to take on feed back, improve and grow. I’d always give Bunnings my very best.

I was kinda amazed on the feedback it was definitely an eye opener

Hi, Thank you for your feedback. I am always keen to improve myself and found your email to be very interesting in terms of my strengths and what I can work on for the future. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hope my application will proceed to further stages. Sincerely, Paul Franc

Thank you, I found this as a positive. Any feedback for continuous improvement I would consider this a positive opportunity to consolidation on positive areas and also to work on improvement areas

It’ll direct me to being the best me I can be for both me and my colleagues

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

Ai that gives you back your human agency

BY Barbara Hyman


Recommendations by algorithms

Tristan Harris, the ex-Googler, now an evangelist for humane Ai and featured in The Social Dilemma shares the stunning fact that 70% of the videos we watch on YouTube, on average 60 minutes a day, come from the recommendation of algorithms.

His point? That choice is illusory.

When a machine can understand you better than you can understand yourself you lose your power. You lose choice.

The now-famous historian Yuval Noah Harari has written and spoken about the threat to humanity from the type of artificial intelligence that knows us better than we know ourselves.

This is the worst kind of Ai.

When you think that you are in control of those choices, but you can’t see it to even know it’s happening. Google and Facebook and many other Silicon Valley behemoths have mastered this. They own this space.

Not all Ai can be weaponised against you.

 The predictive technology that underpins tools like Spotify, Netflix do enrich peoples’ enjoyment in music and movies.

What if Ai existed to serve you, the individual, the human?

Not to weaponize your choices. Not to be used against you.

We, humans, move from being hacked to hacking ourselves.

Finally, Ai that gives you back your human agency.

300,000 candidates for jobs ranging from retail, sales, call centres, carers, graduates, HR managers, … this is how they feel about the use of Ai that is designed for their benefit.


‘To know oneself is to have mastery over one’s destiny’

Imagine what the world would look like if the whole world had better self-awareness.

Today not knowing yourself carries an even greater cost.


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