LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

As individuals we have blind spots. I believe in constructive feed back as it allows me to see my strengths and weaknesses. It allows me to know my next move with regards to what needs to be improved or learnt to land me on the right level in life as I grow to become a strong independent young adult in South Africa. Thank you for your insights.

Yes, some of it was a fair and correct, but some sections were totally not me and were in fact the total opposite , which would lead to a incorrect opinion of me. Which might mean I miss out on a Opportunity that would have been perfect for my personality type. But very interesting as to the conclusion the test came too.

It has given me a chance to reflect on my personality and what I should keep up and what to improve

yes i found the personality/profiling very useful & interesting indeed! cheers Rick Johnstone

Always rewarding having constructive feedback.

I have always known what kind of a person i am but i really did not know how to address it to my self to my full understanding which you guys just did thank you so much team

It is great to have such an in-depth analysis of myself. While I have learned some new things about myself, I am also able to verify what I always thought of myself.

I learned very insightful information about myself. It was very interesting and I appreciate the gesture. Thank you.

The feedback felt very personal and super accurate, when I reflect on myself & my qualities.

This is very useful and very helpful, It was very easy to understand so thank you.

Nice to know what other views are.

This was a really interesting a fun process as well as being insightful. I'd prefer to do something like this for more job applications.

It's always helpful to hear the opinions of other's. I found the summation quite accurate. Thanks

I thought this was incredibly helpful but also so lovely! When applying for jobs it’s great to know our strong traits! Also when applying for jobs, there can be let down the majority of the time but this is a great pick me up and a reminder of all the good things about ourselves. I loved it!

It is useful in a sense of I get to know other side of myself that I knew but wasn't sure about. So hearing it from another person is great. Also help me know myself better for future careers and other things as well.

Gives a better understanding of yourself and your attributes

I really positive and different kind of a Company philosophy. I like it.

Lots of my work time I have been a technician so most of this is very close to who I am. I love varied work and I also have sorted out lots of technical problems in the past. I am honest and open minded and sometimes can read people between the lines, like sometimes I go off gut feelings.

It highlighted my strengths and weaknesses that I wasn't fully aware of. Some of the feedback I received, I have heard before and some I wasn't aware of. Which is quite good because now I can know myself better and be able to describe myself and know my traits

Have identified some qualities I did not know I had

It was very enjoyable to read based on my answers, very detailed and a good read!

This was great for getting a greater understanding within myself as I realised most of what I was told is decently accurate to myself and how I view myself.

Because you learn a lot about yourself. Most of this was pretty accurate

It gives a good insight and reflection about yourself.

I appreciate the feedback, but didnt agree with the part where I dont let my opinion be heard, I surely do. the rest of it was good.

I and several friends find the results to be good match to my person

I enjoyed the questions in 'Reflection' and the action will help improve abilities.

It shows that I still have a lot to learn and I can still improve upon what I already know

I found it very informative and very much like myself. I found the insight at the bottom does hit home. i do tend to listen more than hold my ground. There are times i do believe it important to speak up and take the initiative however. The interview questions are a great way to get to know someone

some of your insights are right but some are not being a support worker supporting individuals with difficulties and looking after my son at home who died in 2018 from a brain tumour as taught me to respect all everyone is different and people sometimes dont see that a person could look normal but have a problem like a learning problem there is a saying dont judge the book by its cover this in my life as made me more understandable of people and has made me more caring to others and at my age taking credit where credit is due i dont need that im just happy to do my job at the best of my ability

You have described me to a tee. All from completing your questions. I find it good for personal growth to get feedback from others outside my circle.

It helped me see myself in a different perspective and take action plan to build my confidence.

Yes Indeed I found this useful because it’s a good feedback to receive while applying for an job and build more confidence within myself . Thank you

I loved it!!! ☺️

It does describe pretty well, apart from some of Insight 3. I don't mind being being with lots of people but probably do work best within a small group.

I’ve found this feedback to be extremely accurate, and has allowed me to reflect on myself and my personality and how I work as a team. The coaching advice has given me some key indicators to focus on, and to help speak my opinion in a group setting.

Its quite amazing how we see ourselves and how we may be percieved by others . Insightful

This information was useful because its helps to identify where I could improve on my existing strength to be more assertive to lift my team and transfer into other aspects of my working / home lives. Thank you for your help from another perspective.

Because it will help me in the interview and for future careers

Yes was really good thank you. Gives people more positive thoughts.

Useful because I had read things about myself that I would look negatively At if I were Someone else. Definitely need to work on it.

Wow this report was incredibly accurate. Thanks

It’s also helpful to know where you sit in any environment. Your assessment of my personality traits are interesting and provide great information

I'm just starting out so any tips on fitting into a workplace and learning new skills whilst helping others is good for my confidence

I get to know where I fit in.

This is a good way of finding a about people's personality.

I found this useful as i do think of other p

I Absolutely found 🤔this analysis Fantastic 😀😂It's really Great To hear the things That were written Are About me And it was really Fantastic to have some feedback.With something this important I believe you need an purview of your current self.Thankyou.🥰

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

AI Uncovers Potential ‘Job-Hoppers’

BY Barbara Hyman


The language candidates use in conversation can reliably indicate their propensity to ‘job hop’, new research shows.

PredictiveHire, which uses text-based communication to interview candidates, has uncovered a correlation between candidate language and job churn that is “stronger than what you would find normally in traditional psychometric testing of job-hopping”, says CEO Barbara Hyman.

HEXACO Personality Model & Job Hopping

Similar to its recent study measuring candidate personality traits, researchers used data from 46,000 job applicants who completed an online chat interview and used the six-factor HEXACO personality model to analyse responses.

The HEXACO traits are honesty-humility, emotionality, extraversion, agreeableness (versus anger), conscientiousness, and openness to experience.

The ‘openness to experience’ trait has long been considered in organisational psychology circles as an indicator of job-hopping, and this has been reinforced by PredictiveHire’s research, says Hyman

“Low agreeableness also correlates with people who may move and look for better opportunities,” she adds.

Analysing candidates’ responses to determine their job-hopping likelihood is especially useful for many entry-level roles, where people do not have prior experience on their CV.

“We know ‘flight risk’ or staff churn is a really big problem for our customers, particularly those who hire at volume into low-skilled roles. For them to be able to identify this upfront and avoid or minimise it was really valuable,” Hyman says.

And, from the candidate’s point of view, “we’re seeing a real craving and an appetite for understanding yourself and understanding where your strengths are best placed”, she adds.

The researchers also note further work is required to assess the true predictive validity of the outcome – that is, establishing the correlation between inferred job-hopping likelihood and actual job-hopping behaviour.

Addressing bias

PredictiveHire has now incorporated the job-hopping measurement into its algorithms to provide this additional information to recruiters, says Hyman.

Importantly, however, “we don’t automatically discount someone who has a high job-hopping likelihood; it’s just another data point you get to look at”.

For some employers and roles, the ‘openness to experience’ trait is generally desirable, Hyman says.

“In investment banking, you want people who are comfortable with looking outside of the box and being really curious and questioning,” she says by way of example.

She stresses the intention is to allow recruitment decision-makers to use the technology as a “co-pilot, not an autopilot”.

Read more here: When used properly, data amplifies inclusive hiring.

Barbara Hyman, Shortlist, Thursday 27 August 2020 2:20 pm

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