LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I Found The Online Interview Useful Because The Results Were Fairly Accurate And It Forced Me To Self Evaluate.

It's nice to hear other people's opinions that are not involved in your life and don't know you

Very helpful hints which may make me think a little before jumping to conclusions.

It was interesting and insightful.

Yes I find it useful because I have learned that I need to make myself a priority

Never had a feedback so accurate about me,was full of smiles while reading

This was useful because I like hearing other people’s thoughts about me.

Very helpful

An eye opener with some comments. But I shall go over your comments and if need to adjust I will only be stronger.

It has made me learn more about myself and in greater depth. It’s made me look at different perspectives regarding my personality and way of doing things.

Thank You

What a pleasant way to have your personality and strengths assessed. This will definitely help moving forward. Thank you again.

It points out clearly my strengths and weakness and I must admit I'm too comfortable in my own space and always feel like my opinion don't matter that's kinda why I put others before me at times. Thank you highly appreciated

Appreciate your tips. It will help for my self growth.

I have found this email quite helpful as it tells me my strengths as a person and what to grow upon. in addition the reflection task has allowed me to have an insight into possible future scenarios whether this be at school, at a workplace or around town.

I feel like it described my personality very well thank you for your feedback it’s greatly appreciated

The feedback indicates to my strength and weakness. I could learn where and how I could improve my weakness from this feedback which may help to develop my skills and personality.

I learnt ways I could improve and things I need to learn from to become a better team member Thankyou!

I am eager to learn and capable to do many things I love taking on new challenges and learning about new opportunities and go for them I can say this is a very user friendly app and it allowed me to express myself in a orderly manner.

We never really self reflect and notice our personal achievements. Its important to look back and learn and honour our skills.

The results were spot on, this is how I see myself so it was nice to know that is also how others see me too.

Because It has taught me not to make decisions in the moment but rather breath first and look at the pros and cons of the decision i am about to make. It has made me notice my strength and things i Need to work on.

It was helpful and constructive feedback delivered in a considerate manner.

It gave me a really good insight into my attributes, skills and style of thinking and working.

I found this helpful because, i know what my strengths are and I found it helped me know where I am. I was happy as my confidence shined in the interview. It helped me more be with explaining the situations I’ve been in for examples.

Great feedback given and well detailed.

Thank you! It is a very useful feedback. Honestly, I really apreciatte it, as many companies never give feedback, and the feedback its the key to improve.

It helps to better understanding of myself in customer care

Hi just in relation to Insight 3, I am not reluctant to participate in teamwork at all, and my productivity is always top of my list! Please don’t let this insight affect any chance I have of getting a job, thank you.

its the first time got such reply and honestly, I feel transparent and images the work culture and happy

Interesting interpretation. I am a natural leader, often the spokes person in a group situation and love gathering information to make a decision. Run a stocktaking company which is all about details so your conclusions are interesting

Yes I found this useful, the personality results are accurate and it helps me to know myself better. Also the coaching tip allows me to think about how I can contribute to the group in a better way.

it was very helpful and self motivating

It helps not only in job and career growth, but also in a personality development and social attributes . Great one !

I found the insights to be wonderfully accurate, and the coaching tip was great food for thought!

Very informative and helpful to understand about your self.

Hi My Name is Lewis, This has helped me realize theirs more in life to be free rather then hiding under a rock most your life expressing a good vibe of emotion and mood. Be happy more as life will not always go to plan.

It's slightly strange to get an insight to how people perceive you from an on line application, rather than face to face interview as it's obviously more instantaneous and to the point. I think we all have strengths and weaknesses that we can improve on, whether I'm successful or not with my application it has been a good insight to how I'm perceived and what I can improve on, so thank you for the opportunity to take this interview, it has been very enlightenin.

Thank you for the feedback i will take note of what you recommend and try to put it into my life

Thank you for the analysis because the insights are correct. The coaching tip will come in handy especially the part about clarifying questions, because at times I tend to think I know what the other person thinks whereas I don't.

Helpful yes but I disagree with insight 3. I like to go out and socialise & have organised several Friday night after work catch ups

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

All disruption has to fight against fear

BY Team PredictiveHire


Depending on which media you read, technology, and specifically Artificial Intelligence, will create or destroy thousands of jobs. It is already radically changing many, as well as how we apply and hire for them.

Fear of New Invention

Back in the day when cars were first released, there was such a fear about the danger they presented to society, that when they came to a junction, they were required to stop the car, get out and fire a warning shot so that the people in the surrounding area would be safe from unexpected danger.

I was reminded of this when reading the commentary around Amazon and its use of AI to screen talent.

Amazon’s AI Experiment Went Awry

In case you missed it, Amazon did an experiment. They analysed 10 years of CV data to build a predictive model to help filter through what I am sure is hundreds of thousands of applications to work at the company. Because the sample group was mostly male, the CVs were naturally based towards male ‘traits’ if there is such a thing. The model built off this training data naturally ended up mirroring that sample group which meant it preferred male to female CVs.

CV’s Trigger Bias

It is pretty obvious to all of us that if you create a product off one homogenous group, then you will end up flavouring it with the characteristics of that group. YouTube found that when the team they used to build their iOS app didn’t consider left-handed users when it added in mobile uploads, causing videos recorded in a left-handed person’s view of the landscape to be upside down. I presume because the team building it was comprised of all right-handed people.

Suggested reading: A CV Tells You Nothing

Humans are heavily prone to unconscious bias 

In fact, we rely on biases to survive.

While these biases help us not go insane, unfortunately, it has led us to the point today where they are having a very significant effect in the workforce. There are many serious forms of bias, but the best known is gender bias. A recent study showed simply by changing the name of an applicant from a woman’s to a man’s, with every other detail kept the same, the ‘male’ applicant was more likely to progress to an interview. The exact same CV.

When humans do screening, they are prone to making snap judgements based on superficialities, ignoring the very many factors that can help actually predict whether a candidate will perform. This is where data platforms actually have an advantage, by doing ‘blind screening’ and making the process both faster and fairer. However, this only works when the data that goes into the model manages for human frailties.

When it comes to using data to build predictive models to inform and guide decision-making, it is important to really dig deep on the input data.

Think carefully about input data

The key insight for this experiment for Amazon is that relying on CVs to assess talent, is inherently flawed. This is accentuated even more when you accept that what differentiates talent now and will become even more acute in the future is not hard skills, not what uni someone went to or degree they have, but soft skills. Jeff Weiner who has the benefit of this kind of rich data from 600m users attested to that this week.

At PredictiveHire, working with dozens of companies across the world to help blind screen thousands of candidates, we know that it’s the behaviours and values of a potential coworker that will influence their performance and tenure. Values, such as commitment and attitudes are invisible in a CV. It’s not easy to see either in an interview. But it’s easily tested using well-crafted data platforms.

So let’s try to look beyond the news grab, the headline which naturally attracts attention when it has Amazon in the first line.

  • Algorithms will be biased if the data they are built with is biased.
  • Algorithms can be tested for bias. Humans can’t be
  • Algorithms can be trained to remove bias. Humans, truthfully cant be
  • Algorithms are blind to your gender, skin colour age. Humans are very sensitive to this, especially when it comes to hiring

We have a once-in-a-Millenium opportunity to extend and enable better, fairer thinking through careful and conscious AI-assisted decisions.

The algorithms we build aren’t sentient beings or unmanageable acts of nature, they are built by humans. When we recognise that and are conscious of those risks, we can start to counteract these biases through technology to help humans see what’s in front of us more clearly, without the filters of bias.

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