LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Hits pretty close to home. Very insightful and true. I do understand the need to be kind to myself as much as I am to others.

The feed back I got was very helpful in moving forward both in my personal life and in the workplace

Thank you so much ,I think there's aa

I love having feedback on how I improve on myself so any insight is great. This was a very positive surprise for me as I am not aware of any other company doing this.

It tells me what to learn and what to work in I take well to feed back and learn better from itn

Its useful because it shows me how people view my personality and what they think of me as an individual which is a great feeling. I might not be viewed as the best in the world but I am happy with myself and what I have accomplished which makes me confident and satisfied in my life.

I did find this helpful because it affirmed to me what I have been offered by others who are the top of their fields in cognitive thinking and alternative thought styles.

Pretty accurate thank you so much for the feedback. I hope it helps in my future employment

The insights from the interview were incredibly inaccurate and even were completely false, for instance it said i was closed to opinions different from my own despite me answering the question stating i welcome diversity and variety of beliefs and opinions.

Gernerally the insights are quite accurate. The coaching tip seems a little off given that I do express. I have been a leader in many situations and have had to hve those difficult conversations. It would be useful if the results were related to the position being appied for. Feedback is always good and provides an opportunity to improve. Thank you

it was great to know that this kind of feedback can tell us what we are and most of the predictions were correct so it was amazing. thank you

I found this useful so I can take what they have said and I can reflect on myself and become a better and stronger person

I would say that the summary is pretty close to the mark and consistent with past similar experiences. All of which I have taken on board and have adapted to accordingly.

A few things I was aware of but wasn't considering the fact I may not be as social as I once thought. I am considering changing this . Thank you and I welcome the feedback and understand its a general analysis based on the answers I gave.

Just read all of that and I for one am always eager, keen and listen to new ideas to improve myself to as best as I can be for the company my boss's and most importantly for myself

I found this useful because it helped me right a bit more about my self and it told me how to write my experience and confidence a bit more

Wow I am thrilled, at my weakness and strength reflied to me. To improve and gain more in those and learn more about myself.

Dear Predictive Hire Team, I appreciate your feedback. I have some suggestions. You are requested to declare your evaluation parameters for the artificial interview before the interview. Please give the details of the mistakes done by the candidate. so that the candidate can be more alert next time.

Great insight of how others might perceive me

I liked it. This is a very innovative approach.

Thank you for my personality test results, reflections and actions. They were very interesting and informative. I found this assessment useful because it shows character traits that I’m not always cognisant of and has helped me think about better ways of approaching people and jobs.

Because it was an outsider looking at my experiences and telling me what type of person I am and how I can improve myself to make me a better person overall to give myself a better chance of doing well.

I like myself better. Thankyou.

I appreciate the feedback! It can help me when applying for jobs in the future and knowing myself better :)

Everything seemed spot on and was a great deal of help

it is good to question your own behaviour and actions anything that makes you think is a good thing thanks

Hi. I take it I'm not going forward with Iceland? Thank for the review. I will take on board the advice given. I have never pushed myself forward; I've worked towards it. Once I know my role inside and out i have no qialms about sharing my knowledge with others.

This was very useful and helped me think more about myself and how I can use this feedback in potentially future jobs!!

This Helps me to build my career and lead from the fron and understand my thoughts.

I found this useful

I found the insights to be interesting and very accurate in most cases. It is always useful to stop and think about what makes you tick, I think it can help you learn more about yourself and how to make better judgements in certain situations.

The feed back is very informative and does sound like my character and some of tje feed back l have already implemeted in life and career and have seen progress

It is very interesting and can highlight some truths which is helpful to note, be aware of or learn from and grow as a person. However it doesn't reflect all of me all of the time and although useful to a certain degree I would not be basing decisions wholly on the outcome of this one instrument. It helps a person to reflect on their behaviour and to be more objective about themselves or question whether this is mostly true, sometimes true or rarely true.

I would say a pretty accurate assessment. I recently completed an LSI assessment with Human Synergistics that pretty closely matched this outcome. Thanks for the results and I’m working on this stuff everyday 😁👍

I always find tips on how to grow helpful in developing me to be th dm better employee

The experience was insightful because i received a feedback of some traits I didn't realise I possessed. Once again thank you for your feedback.

I have a voice, it's not ok that I hold back as my input may add value. I am not growing from a comfort zone , it's ok to be different as that shows that I have something to offer.

This personality feedback was very helpful but also interesting and it reflects the type of person I am and also what I wish to become.

Most of us are modest I do enjoy helping others and yes we do need to take credit given although sometimes we also feel its not appreciated. Thanks for the info much appreciated

I found this useful because it gives me an insight as to how others may percieve me, (which is something I have never questioned others about before).

I found this very useful , because I have trouble selling myself to people . I like to prove myself with my work ethic and would probably still struggle using your words that describe me in an interview. But those words would certainly help .

It was useful because it let me know what what you thought about my answered and gave me tips to be better in this career, the only thing I am curious about is how am I going to find out if I was successful?

The description given was very accurate and i now know what i need to improve on in and around the workplace.

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  • Biased people are much harder to fix than algorithms

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

Biased people are much harder to fix than algorithms

BY Team PredictiveHire


We worry intensely about the amplification of lies and prejudices from the technology that fuels social media like Facebook, yet do we hold the mirror up to ourselves and check our tendency to hire in our image?

How many times have you told a candidate they didn’t get the job because they were not the right “culture fit”?

The truth is that we humans are inscrutable in a way that algorithms are not, which means we are often not accountable for our biases.

In algorithms, bias is visible, measurable, trackable and fixable.

A compelling feature of our technology is that our AI can’t see you, hear you, and judge you on irrelevant personal characteristics (like gender, age, skin colour) – as a human can. That’s one reason why trusted consumer brands like Qantas, Superdry, and Bunnings use it to make fair unbiased hiring decisions.

To validate that algorithms are bias-free, we do extensive bias testing (impossible to do for humans). We know from this testing that there is no statistical difference between the way the algorithm works on men, women, and people of different ethnicity.

We use these tests for bias testing:

Our bias testing happens at 3 levels:

Score calculated by the predictive model for each candidate.
Recommendation grouping based on score percentile.
Feature values used by the predictive model for training.

For Gender-bias testing:

To analyse whether our test scores have any gender bias we use t-test and effect size. For testing our recommendations of YES, NO and MAYBE groups, we use chi-square, fisher-exact and the 4/5th rule. This last one is the standard test set by the EEOC for any assessment used for candidate selection.

For Ethnicity-bias testing:

We use the 4/5th rule and the ANOVA test.

For Feature-level bias testing

This is to ensure any of the feature values we are using to assess candidate fit are not of themselves biased, we use t-test, effect size and ANOVA test.

Diving into just one of these, using effect size is easy to understand the statistical measurement of the difference in average scores of males and females. If the effect size is positive in our test set, it means females have higher scores than males and vice versa.

The magnitude of the effect size also matters – the larger the magnitude, the more significant the difference is. We generally consider values smaller than +/- 0.3 a negligible difference, values from +/- 0.3 to +/- 0.5 a moderate level difference, and values larger than +/- 0.8 significantly large level of difference.

We periodically test for score and recommendation bias in our models and take action if the bias highlighted is non-negligible. e.g., the effect size is beyond the range of +/- 0.3 or more, we take action- stop the model until we can find the source of the bias and re-train/re-test the new model to make sure the new model is not biased.

For more insight on how our technology removes bias and how we track and measure bias, read diversity hiring

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