LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Very nice assessment through answers I have provide, thanks for the tips though they will surely helpful in future.

Yes, indeed. It helped me developing more accurate vision of the work

This was very useful, and I appreciate any positive feedback. Thankyou

I found it really reflecting, it made me think about what you were saying and to the most part I agreed. I thought it was really cool how you took all that information out of my answers that were given.

i found this useful as it helped me understand and to prepare for an interview

It was really interesting to read my analysis from my answers. I was surprised how detailed the analysis was.

It was interesting to read and I found I agreed with the results.

Yes , I found the feed back useful because getting another opinion on your self from some one you don’t know is refreshing

I found the insights useful as if has made me feel more confident as a person

"Linguistic analysis and machine learning". That's very cool.

It has gave me an insight of my qualities as well as opened my eyes to improvement

To have a record or measure of who you are can be used for self improvement.

Thank you for the insights, they were pretty accurate.

I found this very useful as I sometimes struggle to be firm and raise my opinion, especially when dealing with older people. I am now aware of why it is important to make people aware of what I think and stand my ground in a polite and respectful manner.

Pretty close to the person I am.

This personality test was an interesting exercise and was easy and satisfying to complete.


I found this feedback from my Predictive hire interview as an amazing tool for anyone who has access to the system. I got instant feedback regarding my own personal reflection which makes me want to do it more to be more aware of my own self-being. I thank the team at Hudson for providing graduates with this system as I believe it is new, innovative and very important feedback for any graduate through this process. Thank You

Reading your report on my online interview was I believe 80% spot on. I do share my opinions and have my say, but tend to not stand out when doing so. This is something I can work on. Thanks for the feedback Peter

I think the feedback was quite accurate impressive! You only get this form of accuracy if you provide detailed answers I think - perhaps in your questionnaire instructions you could encourage as much transparency as possible without pressuring people so they get the most out of the exercise - just my thoughts.

Thanks for the feedback, it will help me next time to think more carefully before jumping into conclusions and talk more about my pros and cons.

It was helpful to know how i can take action on things that i constantly do to help myself improve!

I have been in the same type of job for 30 years so it is good to get feedback on my strengths and weaknesses are and I can concentrate on what I need to do to take advantage of any job opportunities.

You took the words out of my mouth and just said what I tried to say. Thank you

I found this information useful because it's gave me an insight into other people's opinion of me .

I always like to learn new things about myself and considering most of it were things I’ve heard before, I’d say I’ll be taking your advice.

While some of this information is sort of accurate, I totally disagree that I am reluctant to participate in social events at work, and this may affect teaming and collaboration, as I am very social, team orientated and enjoy collaborating with colleagues. And it is very rare that I become defensive and over argue my case. I enjoy being part of a great team. Thank you for your feedback and tips.

Sometimes i can be a little weary of what people think of me; but i am always learning each and every day by interacting with different people around me. Learn from others and by getting in to do things myself. Thanks for the further advice to improve; learn from all and point taken.

I found giving my feedback very helpful because it let me know what both my strengths and weaknesses are and how i can improve to be the best version of myself.

Thank you for the feedback I will take everything on board and I am willing to try new things and progress in life.

It's me to a T is all the above and I shop at icelands and I would recommend people to icelands its what makes icelands iceland

I found it very helpful and will use those coaching skills that you suggest

I don’t agree with some of the outcomes . I thrive at work events and am not easily disctracted .

It was a great pleasure and experience to explore myself to put in to different situation and was very useful to recall some of my previous contribution in my workplace.

It tells me more about myself. The information given can me used and it's very useful

You take our strengths and use them as a positive and try to help us improve

It tells me what I need to work on and there is always room to improve.

I found this useful and very accurate. The info given reflects pretty much exactly how I feel and how I conduct myself and the tips for self improvement also seem relevant.

It's always good to learn new things about yourself

The insights provided brought awareness to areas in my personality which I either did not realise or I couldn't put it into words. These insights will be very helpful for interviews as well as interactions within a workplace. The coaching tip at the end is very useful as it doesn't only pinpoint something you can work on, it provides steps to achieve this.

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Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

Candidate Experience Solution of the Year Award – Finalist

BY Team PredictiveHire


PredictiveHire is a finalist in the Talent Tech Star Awards for excellence in Candidate Experience.

About the awards

“HR Tech is now a $400bn global industry that enables employers and recruiters to put the right people in the right jobs and perform better,” said Becky Wilson, Editor of TALiNT International magazine. “The Talent Tech Star Awards will highlight the valuable contribution of HR Tech to the UK economy in a campaign brought to life by interviews with finalists and our impressive panel of judges.”

“The TIARAs are distinguished by the rigour of its judging process and the quality of its judging panel,” said Alex Evans. “We assess the impact of Talent Tech solutions on clients, candidates and employees through five key metrics: excellence in delivery; innovation; sustainable value; business growth; and purpose.”

PredictiveHire and Candidate Experience

Candidate interviews and assessment re-imagined! Through a smart chat interview of 5 free form questions, our AI uncovers soft skills, role-specific traits, and written communication skills of every applicant, giving customers a bias-free ranked list of every applicant. We capture no sensitive information like gender, age and race.

Candidates love it – we have a 95% completion rate and a 99% satisfaction rating.

  • A non-timed chat-based interview is fast and comfortable – no more intimidating, biased and unexplainable assessments
  • Every candidate receives personalised feedback and coaching tips – no more black box recruitment!

Candidate Feedback:

This is amazing, the most I’ve ever got out of a job application when I’ve never expected anything. You guys are going above and beyond to support employers and employees. This feedback has greatly improved my application and interview skills and has given me new insights to aid me in future employment.

wow! I am surprised with the analysis, it is great. There are things that my subconscious asked me to work but I was not paying attention and now that I read the feedback it makes me realize my areas of opportunity.

I found this tool very magical, if I can put it this way. It just has a way of showing the inside part of someone. The outcomes are exactly what I have been feeling about myself, what a junior friend told me not long ago.

I generally approach the intentions of anything “third party” with a great amount of scepticism, however, with PredictiveHire I can say with a strong amount of confidence that I actually “get it”, and I think the idea is actually pretty brilliant. I think employment can be seen to be made up of 3 core components; skills, experience, and attitude. A Resume is a well-established, and efficient, way of addressing the skills and experience components. So far, however, the attitude “part” hasn’t really had a good way to be addressed — Cover Letters are STUPID !! and an interview by itself shouldn’t really be a sole reliance. I think this is where your company’s application of “personality science” is brilliant. I hope your services can provide great results for employers so that your company can get the acknowledgement it deserves. And wishing your company all the best in becoming the industry standard for addressing the “attitude” component of employment.”

Wow this evaluation hits the nail on the head. Each of these are a perfect description of who I am and my beliefs working in a team environment.


This Award recognises a solution that has best-enabled employers and / or agencies to improve candidate experience and success in talent acquisition.

The judging panel brings together expert perspectives from senior HR and Recruitment industry leaders, investors, and advisors to make a TIARA Talent Tech Star Award a powerful and prestigious endorsement. The panel includes:

  • Adam Hawkins – Head of Search & Staffing UK&I and EMEA at LinkedIn who works with recruiters and RPOs to make better use of their talent data and insight
  • Simon Devonshire OBE – investor, NED and serial entrepreneur, co-founder of Wayra Europe and former Entrepreneur in Residence at BEIS who advises corporates on how to innovate and invest in talent
  • Chris Gray – Sales and Marketing Director of ManpowerGroup UK and the Managing Director of ManpowerGroup Ireland who leads in the creation and delivery of innovative workforce solutions and services
  • Umerah Akram – Head of London Stock Exchange Group’s ELITE, an ecosystem and platform for 1200 private companies from 42 countries to help them prepare and structure for their next stage of growth and investment
  • Parveen Dhanda – Head of Programmes at Tech Nation and Programme Lead of the Future Fifty, which offers practical support to enable fifty of the most promising growth-stage digital businesses to reach their full potential in the UK
  • Michael Rendell – Founder Partner at Nala Ventures & Investments LLP and former Partner and Head of Innovation and Transformation at PwC who led on embracing the impact of new talent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and elastic workforces


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PredictiveHire was also named the Top 3 Best Conversational AI in HR Solution at CogX

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