LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Thank you it’s very nice to see how people portray you and I am looking for a new career and meeting people

Yes I've found the feedback very useful because I got to see the type of person I am at a place of work and getting it from another person's view and not mine.

Yes this was useful. Feedback usually is. It helps to develop yourself.

I am an introvert if i must say but i like when you said it is important to speak my mind i am working on that. Thank you so much for the coaching tips.

Good feed back I can relate to some of it, a couple of things aren't quite accurate but in the whole not back. Thanks for the coaching tip too.

Thankyou for your insight. I found this to be interesting and perhaps useful. As we are all individuals the results can only used as a guide I feel. On any given day one may respond differently; however I believe the response is close to the mark. Again thankyou. Cheers Matthew.

Because it made me realise my strengths and how to change and imrpove my standards so when i go for an interview i am accpwted

This feedback is positive and constructive. It will help with further work and personal experience.

I found the answers to be an highly accurate profiling of my personality. Thank you.

I found this useful as it made me really think about the insights you made and they sounded pretty true.

I found this extremely useful as it gave me an idea on what i should work on to improve my work ethic.

It gave me a greater understanding of myself as a worker and as a person

Very accurate description of my strengths and weaknesses. I appreciated the suggestions on some things to try so I don’t get so caught up in the details of things that are not so important.

I found this really beneficial to me and I am happy to say that I am now voicing my opinion more clearly and confidently.

it was very close ,hopefully theres a job to go with it thank you

insight 3 was wrong I am comfortable to assert my opinions publicly.Its my strongest part of my personality.I am known as a very straight taliking person

It was very helpful to get insight about how I work and what a bring to a place of employment.

It was vey useful. To be honest, mostly of your feedback is true.

It is very good profile.

It is very useful for me, as I came to know more about me, like on which factors I have to focus for my future growth aspects.

I found this Useful ,because in life we learn everyday and this taught me to be passionate to everything i do.

I really appreciate this feedback and I do agree that I can talk over people when I am too excited about a concept or discussion. Also agree that I can get so deep in my work that I miss things going on around me at work at a personal level

I liked the way it was worded. Makes you think to back yourself 100% and be confident with your decision.

I found it very helpful as it hit close to home and it was very cool to see what suggestions can help me! Thank you 😊

It was useful because it tells me a little bit about myself and things I can change.

It is always interesting to know what conclusions people draw about you from your comments. I think the summaries are very accurate and will make me think!

Love the details and totaly suits me

Good to know all of these it helps further in my job search. Thank you..

Thank you so much for that insight it really resginated with me. The action points I will also take on board moving forward. Once again thank you

I like to know where I can improve my skills

I am glad to be motivated by the way other people perceive me and the way I think as I can only say that we only learn from more about ourselves when opinions are being raised and good advice or even negative advice is being delivered and learn to appreciate and acknowledge them for a more open understanding on how I do things and the way I think. Thank you so much.

I found this information very useful because it teaches me more on how to do well on the others things that I do less of

Very interesting food for thought thank you

I found this useful as it shows me what I need to work on with myself

Sometimes we think we know ourselves better but this really helped me to know some of the parts of me that I really need to know more, work on and improve

It sound exactly like me and how I think at times

It's always nice to know what you can work on to better yourself.

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Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

This Year Is the Year of Trust: 3 Guiding Principles for CHROs

BY Barbara Hyman


Is it just me or is the word ‘trust’ coming up a lot in your LinkedIn feed right now?

Did anyone notice the Linked-In post by ‘SCOMO’ on the weekend, dressed in a cardi, holding a plate of home-baked samosas? A leaf out of the NZ PM’s playbook. Trust is fast becoming or is already the organisational trait that is critical for now …

It’s the lack of trust that limited work from home until now.

It’s trust in leadership that makes your workers give lots of discretionary effort.

It’s the trust that gets you through the dark times when you have to ‘furlough’ and somehow retain the commitment and loyalty of thousands of your people. 

For big-name consumer brands, your customers are both the people in the store buying your products and the people who want to work for you. When you only have so many jobs to go around, when your candidates are an extension of your consumer reach, you can still give them dignity, you can do even better and give them a hand up, just by changing how you recruit. 

How many consumer brands are doing the maths on the cost to build a trusted consumer brand via traditional marketing (traditional brand advertising + social) in a crowded market and the cost of acquiring consumer trust if you think of your candidates as your consumers? 

For any relationship, trust starts early. That means trust starts to grow (or diminish) from your very first interactions with your future employee – from your application process through to how you conduct your interviews.

 In our current reality of having to work from home and to interview remotely, building trust can be even more of a challenge.

If your Recruitment and HR team are looking to grow trust fast, and keep increasing it through your recruitment process, here are 3 shortcuts by which our customers swear.

1. It’s the end of the black box era – give every applicant feedback

With technology now in the market that ensures every single applicant receives fast automated personalised learning from their interview, there is no excuse for black-box recruiting.

Historically, recruitment is laden with ambiguity and secrecy.

 Requiring a live conversation with an org psych if you ever wanted to know your results from sitting your 3-hour psychometric test

 Receiving the ubiquitous reject email or call – you don’t meet the requirements of the role, or worse, ‘you are not a good culture fit’

 The known unknown- that it could be weeks or even months until you know whether you get the job

2. Expectations have changed enormously for job seekers too.

Even a few years ago, we wouldn’t question the black box of recruitment, the lack of a reply, and certainly, we wouldn’t expect to receive feedback from an interview. Or to be asked to give feedback

Any company can introduce a feedback request into their recruitment, but giving feedback requires real smarts if you don’t want to kill trust.

And that feedback needs to be meaningful, relatable useful and ideally immediate. A feature enabled only by AI and only by smart human AI.

Today you can access smart AI to give every applicant that learning opportunity. And why wouldn’t you make that a priority in a world of growing unemployment and more disappointed candidates?

Plus, for a consumer brand, their candidate pool is usually also their consumer base and the bigger the brand, the more rejections they give out. In some cases, they are rejecting candidates in 6 figures. Which makes the candidate experience vital for the business even more than for your EVP.

No matter how many candidates apply and how many you bring through to your recruiting process, enhance trust by giving every one of them automated personalised feedback.

3. Kill the bias – commit to genuine blind screening

Barb or Buddhi? Who do you think has a greater likelihood of getting the interview? I don’t like my name much, but I don’t believe it’s ever been a factor in my career opportunities. Unlike Buddhi, my co-founder. When I interviewed Buddhi for the role, he said he had experienced the ‘name’ discrimination himself.

An NYT article reminded us that simply having a ‘white name’ presents a distinct advantage in getting a job – call-backs for that group being 50 per cent higher. We have already written about the fact that no amount of bias training will make us less bias.

We worry intensely about the amplification of lies and prejudices from the technology that fuels Facebook. Yet do we hold the mirror up to ourselves and check our tendency to hire in our image? How many times have you told a candidate they didn’t get the job because they were not the right “culture fit”?

The truth is that we humans are inscrutable in a way that algorithms are not. This means we are often not accountable for our biases. And bias training has been proven not to be an effective guard against biased hiring.

Enhance trust with your applicants by committing to blind screening, at least at the top of the funnel. While it’s tempting in a world of ‘zoom everywhere’, video interviews are the opposite of blind screening.

Similarly relying on AI that uses deep learning models to find the best match, also don’t endear themselves to building trust with your applicant pool. They make explainability a real challenge for the recruiters.

You can try out PredictiveHire’s FirstInterview right now, or leave us your details to get a personalised demo 😀




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