LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Fantastic, great and quick feedback report. I have started reading your articles on: The science behind Predictive Hire. You never get to read these articles, unless you apply for specific roles. Great work guys, keep it...Love to read more...Have a great day & safe times n weekend ahead...Kind Regards.

I found the feedback accurate and helpful. This will certainly help me to reflect on my weakness and strength.

You gave good valid points for my insights and I would I like to improve more at your workplace.

Thanks you for the feedback. I really found the opportunities and ideas of improvement helpful. Things I can work on and improve! Thanks

I find this extremely useful because it will help me better understand myself as I interact with other people and where I stand in any situations.

Hi team, thanks for your email and feedback as I had worked for such a long time with one employer. I have rarely been in a situation where these types of questions have been asked of me. I am happy with the results and it was very satisfying that the results confirmed to me that is how I feel I generally are.

It highlighted my strengths and weaknesses that I wasn't fully aware of. Some of the feedback I received, I have heard before and some I wasn't aware of. Which is quite good because now I can know myself better and be able to describe myself and know my traits

I was pleased at how honestly I approached the answers because most of the feedback was spot on.

Really enjoy this process of interviewing - it was fresh and very accurate

Thank you. I found this very interesting and insightful. I will take the feedback on board

Because it was able to help me understand more on what I can do better and what is positive about it

I find to be insightful and also reassuring. The coach tip provided me with constructive advice.

I found this useful as it can allow me to progress and understand my weaknesses for me to expand on and become better at in the future when applying to other jobs.

I found this useful

Yes I found this very useful as that definitely sounds like me

Overall, I think this is about 70% accurate in describing me. Thank you for the opportunity to share.

Very helpful to read what an employer thinks

Holy Cow!! That was interesting, not sure about 4 & 5 , but good to know. Hopefully a one on one interview will be granted Thank you Cindy

I've never applied for a post this was before but it was very interesting and I was pleased with the feedback etc

Thank you it is so important to get feedback to see where you have strengths and weaknesses.

This feedback was useful because it shows how my responses have been divided to show off my characteristics and likely approaches to situations.

Most of the things said about me it's true, and I'm glad that you see that in me.

Thank you for your feedback. The insights give me extra information about myself and will help with this information for me going forward in my work environments.

It’s very good approach to know ones personality and improve oneself .

I found this really useful as it was really glad advice and it made me feel good about myself.

It helped me to get to know my abilities and what kind of positive things I represent like considering the feeling of others and being generally depended on. I also need to give myself time to adjust by being more good and easy on myself.

This is so useful to me because it strength my strength make more confident at what I'm doing reminds me what I'm I capable of

Yes. It lets me know, how I can better myself for the workforce

I like feed back it's me thank you

Thank you for your feed back. Always nice to know what others think about you.

Always interesting to find out what you can improve on.

It's always nice to get an outsiders vie

I have a voice, it's not ok that I hold back as my input may add value. I am not growing from a comfort zone , it's ok to be different as that shows that I have something to offer.

After all these years I have something reflects who I am, and that is a good thing.

I would strongly agree with this assessment.

Just a word... Wow!

It’s always helpful, to have others insight on how you are perceived, with an op for improvement.!

Every word written there should me a highlight of my self and the coach tip was mostly helpful as an eye opener.

It’s nice to know what others think of me or what aroma I present myself

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

No amount of surveys will change your culture

BY Team PredictiveHire


Just as no amount of diversity training will give you people who are less biased.

As a company, you are unlikely to move the needle much on engagement or performance if you are hiring the wrong people.

The only way to change culture fast is through your people decisions – who you hire and promote.

Our Principal Data Scientist knows this from analysing data at his old employer Culture Amp for three years – it’s often the same companies in the top and the bottom on engagement year after year.

This is why highly engaged companies remain engaged as they hire like-minded people. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Build trust through inclusiveness and transparency

Transparency and inclusiveness builds trust. We know that from our own relationships and it applies equally in the workplace. Healthy cultures thrive on people feeling heard and leaders being transparent on what’s going on in the business.

Making unbiased hiring decisions

The greatest algorithm on earth is the one inside of our skull, but it is heavily biased. Most decisions related to people are heavily flavoured by emotion, aka bias. Biases are difficult for humans to remove even when we are conscious of them. We need technology to help us – to de-risk the bias and change mindsets.

Are these connected themes or unrelated?
Here’s our formula for the Right Culture: (Inclusiveness + Transparency) – Bias = Trust

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