LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It was extremely useful in knowing my positive and negative traits and the areas where i can improve. Thank you .

I appreciate the feedback, but didnt agree with the part where I dont let my opinion be heard, I surely do. the rest of it was good.

ListenIng is a very Important skill to practice and a great point that when someone Is Over sharing ideas it can be very stressful for other’s. Definitely something that I will be mindful of in future group discussions and meetings whether its a social or work Environment. Great advice👍

Most of my results were aligned to my personality, which I was impressed with. Many people's results were similarly worded however, and I feel as though this made my results less personalised.

I found this to be quite an accurate depiction of my personality! Any form of feedback is always useful, as sometimes it's hard to describe yourself.

I found each insight to be correct and having a coaching tip really helps me learn more about how I can be more proactive and confident within the workplace and my social life

Thank you for the feedback. My last few roles saw me coaching others and there is little time for reflection. It is good to be assessed and reflect on ways to improve yourself as an individual and also as a Team member. Thanks again

Feedback is always a good thing as you can re-evaluate. Learning something different every day .

Thank you so much for the positive feedback .. being goal driven and able to work well with others has made me believe in myself and made me realise that together everyone achieves more and learning never ends..hence your feedback is greatly appreciated Thank you and Kind Regards..

Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it. This feedback will help me improve myself in many ways.

Wow this way amazing. I loved your feedback. It really made me think more on me. How to reflect myself in society. Thank you:)

I found this information very useful because it teaches me more on how to do well on the others things that I do less of

I found This Questionable..i found some good points that do describe me but also some not correct...For Instance Insight number two while i have been known to quickly react very rarely allow this to interfere with the quality of my work..I Always give 150% work effort,completion,tidyness,,I acctually only take on Jobs I am able to do because then I have no problem making sure that i can put in all of what is expected of Me.

I found it extremely useful and felt excited as the way i am described funnily enough is exactly how my family would describe me which amazed me, this give me a great impression of how the staffs in Iceland are👍🏻😁

Found this very useful as it gives tips on what I do well and what I need to work on. Thanks for the constructive feedback

I appreciate the constructive feedback. It has highlighted areas where I can improve on and areas of strength.

My kindest appreciation for the best experience and I my very best to your team. I have had a great afternoon learning and open my mind to the very best of my knowledge and I hope that I will be able to make the most of my career as an excellent candidate for this position. Predictive Hire yous are very helpful and I am sincerely proud to have my first experience with you. Yous are the real deal yous have light up my day. Thanks again. T Fitzpatrick

Thank you spot on in my assumption.

I found this very insightful and very helpful.

It allowed me to see my strengths and weaknesses and what I can improve which is positive as it allows me to improve as a person both physically and mentally

I found this very useful in helping me in my up coming interview

It was very usefull because it has tough me the way I think and where I am in terms of knowing customer service I am very grateful thank you

It’s always good to see yourself from another person’s perspective and take it on board for personal development.

Your feedback its creepily true.

it is import to take off the sun glasses and have a clear view and understanding one can always improve as a person not be a closed book.

Very interesting

To my surprise, I think this is a pretty accurate description of myself.

It gives a good insight and reflection about yourself.

I am so impressed it's like you personally know me .

It is an accurate description of me as I'm methodical but can be rather spontaneous as you've stated. I do find successes to be good in rewarding hard efforts but also understand that failures teach you and help you progress. :)

Wow, I wasn’t expecting that. Thank you so much for the analysis, feedback and suggestions. Really useful advice. Many thanks!

Good feedback for future situations and a better understanding of how to be a better worker.

Great feedback given and well detailed.

i found the survey useful and the description return pretty accurate

I found this useful because it does describe myself quite accurately and I’m pleased with how you perceived me.

I found it very useful as it told me things about myself I was not aware of.

The email was amazing. I realized things about myself that I didn't know before.

The feedback has most definitely made me more aware of my own strengths and confidence.

I found this useful because it tells me what I’m confident at and it also shows me sections I need to look at and maybe improve on

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

3-step guide to cutting through the %##* of AI

BY Barbara Hyman


AI is the fastest growing trend of any technology – EVER

It used to be all about Mobile First, now it’s about AI-first. Google now calls itself an ‘AI first’ company.

“How do you decipher the truth from puffery? Are there any shortcuts to really understand where AI is best applied in your business?”

I’m not a data scientist, but I spend my days talking to users and buyers of AI technology who are befuddled and increasingly cynical about the hype. Here is my 3-step guide to cutting through the noise.

1. Understand that AI is not the same as Machine Learning

Most products are using standard statistical techniques like regression. Without any machine learning baked into the technology, they are just matching tools. There are efficiency gains, but no ‘smarts’ and no learning in technology.

For example, in recruitment a stock-standard AI product would merely find you people with the same profile as those you have already hired, matching applicant profiles to hired profiles. CV parsers do this kind of thing. Now, that can be helpful to you if all you want to do is a short-cut to the same profile fast, and it can definitely save your recruitment team time.

But unless you know that these characteristics also match performance, you will not make a difference to your organisational outcomes.

If your Sales Director tells you that every new hire over the last year is hitting or exceeding budget, then absolutely keep using that tool. If she tells you that a third or more are underperforming or leaving the business, your AI tool is merely amplifying that bias and doing quantifiable damage to your company’s bottom line.

If you want both efficiency and business bottom-line impact – your AI needs to have machine learning baked in.

Takeaway: If the organisation selling you an AI tool has no Data Scientists, there is no machine learning in the product.

2. No data means no AI

If I imagine a Maslow’s hierarchy of AI it would look like the below:

First up you need to have the data.

About 50% of companies don’t pass this threshold, but assuming you have it the next step is understanding the data context: What is the business problem you are trying to solve?

Next is the housekeeping. This means consolidating, cleaning, categorising and cataloguing the data. And then finally the optimisation is at the top – this is where the magic happens. Optimisation is the last mile and is what gets you to the big savings, but you need everything underneath it in order first.

In recruitment a genuinely smart AI tool with machine learning baked-in works best in these conditions:

  1. High volume recruitment where you can gather applicant data fast. Which is also why no one is selling AI tools for exec level recruitment yet.
  2. Hiring for roles where you have a way of measuring performance AND that performance needs to be a whole lot better. For example, almost all retail businesses track turnover and usually also whether it’s regrettable or not. If that number is above your industry average, then AI works for you. If you have no way of measuring performance for that role, AI will not give you much return on your investment.
  3. Recruitment for low skilled roles or roles where success is not about a specific qualification or vocational skill. It’s about soft skills – communication, learning agility, customer awareness and empathy and so on.

Takeaway: It’s critical to have a solid understanding of what you’re trying to fix, and the means to measure the changes you’re making. Ask yourself why you are considering AI if you can’t quantify the problem, to begin with.

3. Once you know the problem you want to solve expect a long term commitment to fix it

AI is about optimisation. For credit card companies it’s detecting fraud quickly. For online retailers better product recommendations. In recruitment, it’s finding the best new hires in a massive group of rookie players.

In each case, you are optimising for efficiency and accuracy, as the cost of getting it wrong is huge.

It means trusting the technology to find the patterns. You have to suspend theory, and your assumptions, a lot. You feed in a large amount of relevant and unbiased data and the machine learns on its own, finding the patterns. It is looking for the ‘signal in the noise’. Humans are unpredictable and more often than not unreliable.

The current hiring processing by humans is extremely resource-consuming and the result is not always satisfying. Using AI will free up your time if you allow it to, improving efficiency or outcomes, often both. But AI built just off CV data only adds bias and we’ve all see how badly that ends.

Takeaway: Predicting human decision making is not easy and not quick. The only way to get to the ‘answer’ is to start now and expect this to be a journey.

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