LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Except for being reluctant to attend social outings . The assessment was pretty spot on. Thanks for the insight

Thank you for the insight, I've truly learnt alot, it showed me strengths and weaknesses that i maybe forgot i had. I really appreciate the coaching tips and will be mindful about it as my journey continues.

This was very useful because it showed my characteristics and personality in a professional way.

This will help me u understand myself better and to grow. To also understand my ability in the workplace.

Describes me in some ways that I hadn’t thought about before. Some attributes that I hadn’t seen as strengths. Thank you

Although I found this useful, I have to disagree with a few points. But in general it was quite interesting to see how others may perceive me based on my responses in this instance.

I find this useful because there are things now I can improve about myself.

It is good to find ways to make life better for myself and others

I am not always comfortable in highlighting my strengths and this was a good reminder of them.

good advice very beneficial for future applications

As I never had a interview for quite awhile I found it to be very good in helping me in the future thank you .

It summarised my strengths and areas I can improve on

I have found this email quite helpful as it tells me my strengths as a person and what to grow upon. in addition the reflection task has allowed me to have an insight into possible future scenarios whether this be at school, at a workplace or around town.

I found this very useful as I’m able to see where I can improve as a person in future situations so I am very grateful. Thank you.

The coaching tip was useful in the way that I can apply it to my everyday life and aren’t too extreme so I can actually use them.

Very useful. And appreciate your assessment

Some of these insights r not true as im confident and dint Mind being in big groups.

Thank you so much, it was great to get the feedback and you nailed it in regards to the person i am. I love the idea of the tip at the bottom of the page. It puts out good vibes

Everything that was described of me was right and I can completely relate to it!!! Very accurate tool. Thank you so much.

It sounds pretty spot on.

I found it extremely accurate and constructive. I am furthermore looking forward to the opportunity to put this practical advice to good use as it is bound the render amazing personal results. Thank you.

Its great to learn new things about yourself.

It gives me idea to explore myself and see myself in that way to answer without hesitation at the best.

Tells me what I can improve on

I thought the personality insights were a very classy touch to an online interview. I'm definitely going to take the coaching tips into consideration and reflect upon them

Thank you have given my confidence a boost. I'm feeling a bit useless at the moment, not been out of work for nearly forty years,its very hard.

It’s interesting to see how others see me

Thanks for the feed back , now i have an idea of what i need to work on to be better.

It was great to see how you could tell my personality from the answers I gave. It was spot on

This is actually so accurate! Thank you 😀

Fabulous! it was a great way to show key aspects of my personality and qualities

I am glad to receive feedbacks about myself, I have been getting feedbacks in all positions that I have worked so far, and I have learnt lots of things and making me stronger personally. Things I think are true and others could be little different just because you have never been/worked with me. I am sure your feedback will help me to be better. Thank you.

good response

Thanks for providing this opportunity. It would be useful to understand more about influencing and encouraging team members and senior executives. Jane

Because it lets the interviewer not only to get a idea of my person but my strengths and also gives me more confidence when facing an interview .

It is encouraging and mostly best to hear things about yourself.

This interview has given a wide range of experiences. The personality trait result has helped me to be more confident about myself and improve myself better.

It was a great experience and thank you so much I read it and enjoyed it

I am extremely grateful to be given the comprehensive report about my personality and this has been very helpful in growing my self-awareness. The coaching tips have been constructive, well related and practical for my future personal development. Thank you again and I really appreciate the investment the company has put to create a world-class candidate experience.

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

Everybody lies

BY Barbara Hyman


Everybody Lies is written by the person who had access to the largest text dataset ever, Google! In this book Seth Stephens-Davidowitz proves how good we are at lying even when we say we are telling the truth!

This is amplified when we are on the other end of a telephone polling survey or across from an interviewer for a job.

The most reliable way to really figure out what someone thinks believes and feels is to analyse what they write, or in the case of Google what they have searched.

An easy engaging read that has brilliant material for a dinner party and will change the way you think about assessment tools if you are in the recruitment business! Read it to learn which tools are much more gameable (games!) and which aren’t (text-based assessments).

“If you want the bias out, get the algorithms in.” Andrew McAfee, MIT

Do you see people around you falling victim to a new favourite bias … the “I’m-not-biased bias”. This is where people tend to believe they have fewer biases than the average person. It’s impossible to judge whether you’re biased because when it comes to yourself, you’re the most biased judge of all. And the more objective people think they are, the more they discriminate because they don’t realise how vulnerable they are to bias.

Just as no human driver will ever match the learning capability and velocity of a Tesla car, no assessor will ever be as good as a machine that’s done it 100,000 times. The same applies to AI in recruitment.

No human recruiter will ever match the power, smarts and anonymity presented by a machine learning assessment algorithm.

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