LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

First time I've ever been given genuine constructive ideas on how to deal with situations to help me. Very impressed

That was genuinely a nice and unexpected email. I appreciate the words. A very nice touch indeed. Kind regards, Timmy (Timo)

Love it, felt that the feedback was accurate and informative, with good insight

It's really interesting and very helpful, is the type of approach every company should get, to help staffs to conduct in daily task. Choosing the best for their needs. Thank you.

I found it useful as it has helped me find out what I am good at and what I need to work on.

Amazing insight I’m very impressed and yes the tips are very useful

The information you provided me with in the e-mail was useful as it gave me your feedback on my progress into the application form

Yes good feedback will be able to use this information for future avenues that may arise.

This information is very usefull for me because it define me where i stand . What good quality i have and what i need to improve. It shows me about my potential, self assured, confidence.

Thank you for this it was nice to receive feedback that i feel is correct about myself and its give me a positive experience.

It was a very accurate description and allowed me to reflect on certain aspects of myself.

I thought this was helpful to learn how people perceive me.However I thought insight 3 was wrong,I'm very sociable and approachable, I am easy to be friends with.

Thank you for taking the time to review my questions. It's very helpful getting feedback to your answers. This snapshot helps to assist me in improving myself, giving a clearer vision of myself.

Feedback is important to making change

Wow sounds me down to a t

Professional reviews provide accurate insight into personalities, and in this instance offer the opportunity to develop my strenghts and work on weaknesses.đź‘Ť

This seems really accurate to how I am so I will try to improve on the actions you have provided

It's slightly strange to get an insight to how people perceive you from an on line application, rather than face to face interview as it's obviously more instantaneous and to the point. I think we all have strengths and weaknesses that we can improve on, whether I'm successful or not with my application it has been a good insight to how I'm perceived and what I can improve on, so thank you for the opportunity to take this interview, it has been very enlightenin.

Thank you for sending the review. It’s always good to get another insight. They are constructive actions, I will take them onboard.

There is always room for improvement.

You where pretty spot on in your assessment of me

Yes I can understand details here. It's really helpful. Thank you

Hello thank you for the feed back I did find it very useful and will take on board what you have told me. Kind regards Teresa

Some useful interpretations of my responses...give me some targets to personal developmental improvement.

I was taken aback by how accurate it was, and was pleased at the results

I dont agree on my personality type being reserved and private. I am very social and have a bright bubbly personality. If you ask my boyfriend he would say I'm an over sharer when it comes to work life, but this comes with being locked in a metal can in the sky with 3 other crew for 10hrs a day. I found some of the questions did not allow you to express your personality openly and show humour.

The feedback provided to me was very useful as it instilled me with a broad insight of my various leadership and personal qualities, while also critiquing me with actions I may implement to further and better my leadership and teamwork. I am very appreciative of this feedback.

Thanks for providing me my personality results.

My profile is exactly the same as my colleagues - word for word, but other assessments have shown that we have pretty different profiles. Parts of my profile contradict things which I have been told in other assessments

I did find it useful, as I do need to be more assertive and learn to say No. Thank you.

I realised that I'm shy about my opinions and thoughts about something's. Also I have recognized that I have great attributes that are valid and resourceful for a working business environment.

I am always looking for new ways to try things so I don’t believe I travel the road well worn. Thank you.

I found it useful , as I am one to play to my strengths but also enjoy trying out other things and being able to adapt to different situations.

It was useful to know but I do consider people’s feelings as well. Thankyou.

Thank you for your insightful feedback. Happy to accept and improve some of the point but can't agree on all the insightful feedback. Happy to see the machine learning application. Thank you so much

I found this very useful as I sometimes struggle to be firm and raise my opinion, especially when dealing with older people. I am now aware of why it is important to make people aware of what I think and stand my ground in a polite and respectful manner.

Because it makes me love the company already. It is a beautiful gesture. Bravo!

Tell or explain the WHY question. - They are useful and helpful to me of course. - Reason 1 - I shall have a great deal of task to work on from now. Hopefully, I could get a chance to do or make a change to be or become more and more open-minded and creative or adaptable. With an appropriate amount of curiosity which will be able to help me to do just that and achieve it sooner. Thank you. - Reason 2 - Be prepared to work along with the predefined or predetermined work process and/or requirements plus at the same times, get ready to adjust and deal with a new potential work rules changed (a self gearing to the point of adaptability). - Reason 3 - Work with a team and work within a team. Be a great team member who will make self contribution to the team's business plan plus coordinating with the overall team contribution. Shall we say that one for all and all for one would be the right culture at work wherever may be, thank you again. I hope that I have said it all right regarding why I would see the usefulness and helpfulness of the insights, coaching tip (reflection and action) I have received from the test results, thank you everybody and bye from Ka Por Chan.

These insights provide me with direction about how aspects of my personality fit with particular careers and roles

Good experience of work and Good staff help

very useful and very spot on

This was useful because it related to me and described as a erson.

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Do you want to
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