LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Thank you for this feed back, it will help me in the future.

Very interesting and insightful. Thanks

I found it really eye opening. Reading though it i just agreed with just about everything and it helped me know myself better.

It was a good insight to see how people would view me from the questions asked

Yes because I learned as well my view point is important and when you have different views specially in a team it make a difference and better work ... thank you

I had my concerns about how you could really get to know someone without talking to them directly. But this feedback has turned my opinion on the subject. I’m very happy with the feedback given and will be able to use the information in the future. Thank you 😊

It is very useful to find a resourceful person who is suited for the job.

I found this useful as from the information that I told you, and my writing, gave you a deep understanding of who I am as a person in just 6 general questions.

Just a word... Wow!

They say there areas that people may see but you don't see, I see but others don't see and maybe I don't see and others don't see. Opinions may be true or maybe not a fact , we indulge in subjective living however, we can advantage of others opinion if you believe in its relevance to muster confidence and develop strength particularly in the weak areas of personality. In strength there is growth and growth means productivity and productivity leads to success. There are weak spots and often you need others to help you , motivate you and maybe guide you for a healthier being as a part of a successful team.

As this is the first time I have done an online interview, it was easy to manage, and the feed back is very welcomed.

I am a very active person i like interacting with people

Interesting.... Partly right, partly inaccurate. Am I still in the running or not? It would be nice to have had the opportunity to explain what I can bring to the table. By no means conclusive.

Because everything that was said here about me is true and I agree with the couching tip

I found it a remarkably accurate assessment and very good to know that my thoughts about myself are echoed in your results. I'm inclined not to agree totally with insight 3. I do not feel that not wishing for too much socialization with my wormates would impede my ability to become productive quickly. Watch this space. Your response has a multitude of future uses thank you.

Your insights are exactly that, very insightful. You described me very well and I am looking to express my opinion more as this has been pointed out to me before. Thank you

Accurate and very insightful. A great help.

It has just provided my strengths and weaknesses. It perfectly describe the person that I am

I found the information provided very interesting and useful.thank you

I found it useful as it made me realise what I do and can do to improve myself in a work place

It was nice to gain feedback and analysis of my method of working and also the positive remarks made in your analysis made me feel that empowered. I really appreciate the comments you made. Thank gpu

This was very useful and very accurate! Its great to see the areas that I do well at and the areas that I can improve on.

Yes very useful made me constructively look at my personality.

I am very impresseded about how accurately this system has analysed my personality and work ethics. Having answered honestly to the questions, I am glad the results came back as I would have hoped and I will use these insights in the future.

Information lends power towards improvement and this assessment provides guidance by professionals.

it gave me a better insight into my abilities

It will help me prepare for future interviews.

I found this to be an interesting insight into my character. It was both affirming and thought provoking.

This feedback was so spot on it scared me Lol.Everything that was said is very true and it was interesting reading how people might perceive me.This is honestly very helpful ,thank you.

I felt the insights offered were surprisingly much more accurate than I thought they were going to be and certainly seemed a lot more relevant to me than "personality tests" I've taken in the past. It also offered some good points to reflect on and consider which I can see being genuinely helpful to me in future

Its made me feel more of myself and be more confident when im applying myself more.

I found this quite interesting actually, pretty much summed up my personality

It made me understand myself better while watching out for how to improve on myself.

It's useful and true. It is beneficial to understand how I am seen as we don't often analyse ourselves.

This was so perfect, I loved it and had no idea that this would be sent to my inbox. Great surprise.

I found this very useful, it was very truthful and I believe everything it said about me is right

Thank you for the feedback I don't think I've ever applied to a company that gives such good feedback, it's very innovative.

I found this input really inciteful! I have a great support network in place already and give myself “me time” whenever I can! I am not usually one to say know unless I can justify good reason in saying so as I usually have a ‘can do’ approach. I do find your feedback quite useful in future job opportunities if required - thank you!

Other than insight 5 I feel that you have captured a lot of who I am. A lot of these points I have heard before at various stages. I do tend to put the feelings and needs of others before my own. This can be good or bad. It all depends on the situation. I don’t agree fully with insight 5 as I do get effected by the emotions of others around me.; whether they be friends or colleagues, I do care.

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  • How COVID-19 is going to reshape hiring forever and that’s a good thing

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

How COVID-19 is going to reshape hiring forever and that’s a good thing

BY Barbara Hyman


COVID-19 has forced a lot of us to become remote workers by default, but more and more companies are now declaring it is likely to become their new norm, with little understanding of what successful remote teams look like. To be frank, a lot of us are doing it wrong.

Zoom exhaustion is a thing. The reality of working from home for many of us has become long days trying to get small tasks done between back-to-back video calls.

Organisations like Automattic, GitLab, InVision and Buffer, made the choice to operate fully remotely a long time ago and have a lot to teach us. The founder and CEO of Automattic, Matt Mullenweg, a company with over 1000 remote workers spread across 75 countries, chose remote as the working norm for two key reasons: to access a broader pool of talent, and to unleash productivity.

Mullenweg is the poster boy for remote team advocates and has put a lot of thought into what makes it successful. He describes five levels of remote work maturity. Most companies now forced into WFH are at Level 1 – we have just moved our way of doing things to a different location and are following the same daily routines that we always have.

Mullenwag describes Level 5 as the ‘nirvana’ for remote work where your distributed team works better than any in-person team ever could. He says his company is not even there yet.

 So, what are we all doing wrong?

We have missed one of the drivers of remote work productivity gains which is asynchronous work- which needs asynchronous communication. This simply means that work doesn’t happen at the same time for everyone. Productivity and flexibility for employees come when we don’t all have to get in a room, virtual or otherwise to do our work. That means communicating in writing, not by video.

Forcing people to do video meetings also risks continuing to drown out team members who don’t thrive in a live group setting. The introverts. The deep quiet thinkers. The ones who prefer to reflect on an issue and not be forced into making a contribution because everyone else is on Zoom right now. Again, written communication solves for this.

It’s quite simple, if you want a fully functioning remote team written communication is the way you have to do things. It has to be the way you define a business problem, debate the key issues, and fast track from idea to execution. Jeff Bezos cottoned on to this years ago. Amazon requires every meeting to be guided by a six-page memo laying out all the key issues. Everyone, regardless of their title, has to read every word. Bezos turned written narrative into a competitive advantage, recognising that writing clearly requires clear thinking. Effective written communication is a foundational building block of a successful remote workforce. GitLab, another fully remote organization with over 1000 employees across the world highlights this fact in their Remote Work Playbook (see page 19).

But here is the clincher, this ‘new productivity hack’, how you write, whether via text, Slack, Wiki or on Google docs also impacts your hiring processes, because at what point do any of us test for written communication skills when hiring? If you want to hire people who can work autonomously, be productive and who can collaborate you need to test their text communication, requiring a radically different approach to talent acquisition.

Mullenweg worked that out early in Automattic’s remote working journey and all their job interviews are via text. The other obvious benefit of this approach is it means there is far less room for bias. In contrast, put someone in front of a camera for a video interview and the bias risk is amplified. Hiring going forward has to test for written communication. This is not something you can ignore anymore.

If you speak to C-suite about why it’s taken so long to permit remote work, the word trust will come up a lot. Bottom line, managers don’t trust that people will actually work when at home, creating instead an unproductive culture of ‘presenteeism’. To manage the risk of hiring ‘slackers’, the other thing you have to test for is motivation, which now becomes super critical in your hiring process.

Other personality traits that relate to good remote workers include discipline. As Mullenweg says, the underlying culture of a remote workforce is not only built on top of trust but on discipline “Trust emerges as the glue that holds the entire operation together. You begin shifting to better — perhaps slower, but more deliberate — decision-making, and you empower everyone, not just the loudest or most extroverted, to weigh in on major conversations.”

The advantage here is that we stop Big ‘P’ personality-based hiring. We have all made those hiring mistakes – being seduced by the person who tells a good story, can articulate well, has “personality’. In a remote work environment, of asynchronous work, by having a group of people self-motivated to do the work, the big talkers and non-doers quickly get discovered, and results become far more visible to everyone.

What may not be known to many people, is that testing for all of this – written fluency, clarity of thought, motivation, discipline, can all be done via text analysis in the hiring process. Testing should not be just limited to the skill of writing, but also to the motivation behind expressing something in writing, which requires more effort and thinking than speaking it out. If someone is not motivated to express themselves in writing when a job is on the line, you can assume what it might be like once they are working in a role.

The power of Natural Language Processing (NLP) based machine learning models that can tell you all of this immediately is here today. From just 300 words, we can infer writing skills, personality traits, job hopping motives etc which really means there is no excuse for not hiring for the key skills required for remote work right now.

Noam Chomsky, a pioneer of language studies said it best …

“Language is a mirror of mind in a deep and significant sense. It is a product of human intelligence … By studying the properties of natural languages, their structure, organization, and use, we may hope to learn something about human nature; something significant, …” (Noam Chomsky, Reflections on Language, 1975)

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