LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I found it useful because ypu told me my strengths and what I am like and I really appreciated this.

I have found this service useful however it is more difficult to have an opinion on someone through messages alone, in person is a better idea when it comes to making first impressions

I found this extremely useful. Felt I was seen by a clairvoyant I can use these results to improve where I go wrong and can put your advice to good use in improving me and my cv many thanks

Because it is pretty much how I am. It reinforces my believes and what I have to work on to success in any work situation.

The sights are pretty much as I see myself and the coaching tips are useful to remember when applying for a job.

yes i love the idea of you guys doing this keep it u[

I found this helpful because I feel like I'm always helping people out with their problems and it's nice to just stop, think and reflect on myself and my own mental health.

Thanks interesting analysis

It’s helpful to know what I could improve on

Very close and gave me somethings to reflect on. For personal growth.

The insights received were somewhat accurate and helpful, thank you for sending me them. This is the first time a job I've applied for has given me insight on how to become a better person and am grateful for you doing so. Even if I do not get accepted to work at Iceland I'm going to become a better version of myself for when I do get a job in the future. So once again thank you and goodnight

Great to get some feedback. Pretty well in line with my own thoughts but useful to hear it from someone else. Thanks. Garry

Trait to build a great working relationship

You nailed it, I enjoy the repetive housekeeping of retail. The creative challenge is customers. In my last role I moved a 600m3 warehouse and did the layout to function better in 200m3.

I found this useful because it was very informative and helpful. I will endeavour to practice this in the future. Thank you for taking the time for giving me feedback.

Very useful thank you so much, now, could you please tell me about the next step

This gave me an idea about what a job would look like for me. The insights were accurate, and I can see how I can apply the tips to the work environment

This was not useful. I was under the impression that my personal responses were going to be read by individuals, and not assessed based on machine learning. I felt like it was reductive to classify who I am as a person into six personality traits. I felt like I was not told about how this information was going to be used. I have briefly reviewed the "science behind PredictiveHire" and I don't see how a candidate is classified as a positive candidate. I am extremely confused about the science.

Thank you for the insight, I've truly learnt alot, it showed me strengths and weaknesses that i maybe forgot i had. I really appreciate the coaching tips and will be mindful about it as my journey continues.

It is good to see what was taken from my survey answers by others

This is absolutely yes me

After completing Applications or Surveys it is good to receive constructive critisism to reflect on.

Thankyou so much for that information, I found it useful, because it gave me an insight of what I’m in for. I am very excited.

Thank you for the feedback, I found it unnervingly accurate. And it would help me increase my job satisfaction.

It reassured me about the answers I gave and is making me very happy about how I’m being treated, it’s really making me want to work for this company and be a part of the team

I'm pretty amazed by this! I identify readily with your appraisal and will take on board fully the recommendations you have offered. Thank you for your insights.

Some useful interpretations of my responses...give me some targets to personal developmental improvement.

Feedback and advice,you sent me,was first class,and taken on board.Enjoyed the experience,an excellent precursor to a face to face interview.

It is good for our development to know our best skills and what do we have to improve.

It was helpful in telling me some areas in which I need to improve

I found this useful as I can see what type of person I am from people I that I haven’t meant in other words knowing what people think of me.

The insights provided brought awareness to areas in my personality which I either did not realise or I couldn't put it into words. These insights will be very helpful for interviews as well as interactions within a workplace. The coaching tip at the end is very useful as it doesn't only pinpoint something you can work on, it provides steps to achieve this.

I didn’t think it was useful at all as I am the most suitable candidate for the role as I have worked in retail and know how to work in the role, you have said no to not taking me on and made a predictive definition of me which isn’t true

Interesting analysis as I am not one bit reserved and love to socialise with anyone! Happy to share my life with anyone who is interested. Check out my Instagram!

Thank you for the feedback. It has opened my eyes to some flaws i have which i would definately work on and improve.

this was useful

It's great to have some insightful, positive feedback. Thank you

Really insightful and genius way of getting feedback. Unique too. Thanks. Oscar.

Before I never really took note of what strengths I have or what attributes I really have but after reading these it fills me with a bit mote confidence knowing I can go for an interview and bring some skills

Amazing yes me to a tee on most of your answers thankyou

This was very insightful and I really clicked with the mentioned points and I believe it will help me become a better version of myself.

If was lovely to have some feedback and I can recognise the strengths outlined. A couple of the things mentioned weren't quite bang on, nor did I agree with, but it is always good to review my characteristics from another persons view. Thank you for the feedback!

Because you understand me properly and u explained it perfectly

I am always ready to improve my skills.

yes off course ,Because it will help explore to present myself better in future.

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  • How do you really hire for values and culture, and is that the same thing?

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

How do you really hire for values and culture, and is that the same thing?

BY Team PredictiveHire


When I was leading the People & Culture team at the REA Group, my new CEO was passionate about Values, and the central role they play in defining your culture. Following a successful change program to evolve new Values that mirrored the desired Culture, one that would set the business up for continued growth and as a talent magnet, she asked me how we were going to embed those Values through our people processes – who we hire, who we promote, who we reward etc.

It couldn’t be a screen saver pop up or posters on a wall. The values had to be really heard and felt. At the same time, we also had a business that was hiring in the hundreds each year so scaling culture means getting this right.

These are two distinct notions when it comes to hiring: hiring for values and for culture.

One should stay pretty fixed, and the other should be dynamic as your business context is always changing. If a company’s values are its bedrock, then a company’s culture is the shifting landscape on top of it. Hiring purely for culture is a recipe for self-reinforcing hiring, aka hiring that is biased. As we all know, innovation comes from diversity of background/thought/etc, so by hiring only for culture you can decrease, or even stifle innovation.

Celebrate that just as your product is always evolving, so will your culture. That means people who were great when you were a team of 50 may not be the right person for when you get to 500.

At PredictiveHire we work with our customers to ensure their values are embedded right from the first interview.

This takes many forms, including:

  • Use the language of our customers when we are configuring the interview questions. From ‘team’ to ‘crew’ or ‘family, we use your language to build rapport with candidates
  • Ask questions that specifically talk to your Values. For example, safety is paramount for our airline and FMCG customers. We ask questions to gauge awareness of safety risks, such as “Drawing on your own experience, how would you make sure everyone in our store – our customers and your team members – are safe?”
  • Learning from every person who joins or leaves the business. For everyone we work with, we know who sticks around in the role and who doesn’t. This will generally be either because they weren’t the right fit and they self-selected out, or the business made a decision to exit them for behavioural reasons. Taking that performance data and using it to refine the benchmark for future hiring means every candidate recommended after using PredictiveHire as your 1st interview is a better Values fit than the last one.

And that’s why machine learning is the holy grail of smarter hiring. No recruiter could ever get that feedback data at the scale and speed to improve their recruitment process. But using PredictiveHire we make a hard decision easier, meaning you can focus on hiring the right people to grow your business, at scale, without sacrificing the candidate experience. And if the VP for a global business focused on connecting people to opportunity can’t recognise bias, it’s a sure sign we need to pay more attention to who, and how, we hire.

“Talent is really distributed very evenly in the world, and opportunity is not.”

So, what do you think? Is your hiring values-driven, or based on the ever-intangible ‘culture-fit’? How do you scale hiring based on values? And how can we in HR, Talent Acquisition and Recruitment support hiring managers to grow innovative, diverse teams?

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