LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Wow thanks for that, its a real insight into who I am and it actually really resonated with me.

Nice to hear

I could not believe how accurate it was and to hear the feedback knowing it was correct, gives me great confidence to work on this area.

I found the coaching tip very helpful and insightful - i even shared it my husband! I only disagreed with one insight but understand it would be from the language i used. thank you

This assessment was comfortable to participate in and therefore was very accurate of my personality.

I think the results were spot on the feedback really good , it was very good

Wow that was 100% accurate

Its always useful to gain insights on how to better yourself. Thanks

This was definitely a mirror I needed to look into myself and also reflect on what I already knew. It was definitely worth it.

The feedback was on point..It was as if I was conversing with someone who had known me for years! Very relevant feedback. Thank you. It also made me introspect to a time where I really inspired to be a leader

The questionnaire was a great opportunity to reflect on how I operate in certain situations, the feedback was targeted and accurate, giving me an insight into my personality

This feedback is positive and constructive. It will help with further work and personal experience.

I need to be more assertive and take on jobs that are in the front room more than in the backroom and not be afraid of accepting credit that is mine and speak up when it is given to others respectfully. Selfcare is important because I am a valuable team member too and personal professional development is important to stay productive and that requires good mental emotional and physical health. I can be empathic but must always be professional first!

Yes it was very useful, I should have mentioned more about me. If I am given a chance promise that I will do my best to keep my customers and my team happy. Pay attention to each and every detail. I am team player who not only seeks customer satisfaction but also focuses on customer delight.

This is pretty spot on, you saw straight through me! Many thanks I really enjoyed this experience. Regards Jane

Always good to get feed back, others opinions count.

Hi guy's, it's a good idea to take some time to think about your strengths and weaknesses and to get some feedback from others, so that you can hopefully improve yourself. I appreciate your feedback and coaching tips. Regards Michael Wadrop

Thank you for this feedback! I found it really warming!

I enjoyed this experience immensely, found it to be very useful and glad you actually get to see the results. It is quite a challenge to complete the question but also informative about myself. Thank you

I really think you have understood me very well. I am positive this help me get a position in your company where I really want to work and thrive.

Most of the insights are very true.The coach tip is helpful

This helped me re-confirm my own thoughts about my own strengths and to be more confident in expressing these personality traits of mine.

This made me more confident in my strengths and weaknesses

It's always interesting to have an independent evaluation !

I found this very helpful, as a recent graduate who is looking for a new position that suits me it is great to gain feedback on the answers I have provided.

I found this useful because now i know where i can better myself and where i need to be more confident.

Hi, I found this very useful! I felt reading this reflection from my online interview was very accurate. Hearing it from someone that’s not me, made it very clear, apparent and useful. Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback. It’s always helpful to know what others think of you.

Amazing results and tips

Thank you for the tips and I do no where my strengths and weekness are so thanks again for the useful tips

Having never done this style of application/interview before, I found the the whole thing very easy and the insights you came back with were pretty much accurate. I'll be keeping the email so I can use my insights in any future job applications so thanks for that.

Yes I found it useful as it is quite true It give me something to think about

In the last I have gotten some negative after effect from actions I solely intended to be of help to people so I just learn that I should sparingly invest in peoples emotion to enable me keep up my energy and focus more. Thanks for this insight.

very useful which gave me an insight on things

It was useful to know but I do consider people’s feelings as well. Thankyou.

It is very useful it gives me more confidence.

Thank you for my personality test results, reflections and actions. They were very interesting and informative. I found this assessment useful because it shows character traits that I’m not always cognisant of and has helped me think about better ways of approaching people and jobs.

It was amazing read all that information about me based in my way of act and thinking... It is super relevant for me... I like new chalanges, that's why I have my job life and also my private life... In the job I give averithing, I'm my personal life I like to spend energy and be surrounded with less people...

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

What job is HR being hired to do?

BY Team PredictiveHire


Are you measuring yourself using the right metrics?

We ask this question often to drive our product strategy. In a software company, it’s very easy to get caught up in a landslide of features and topics and in a dynamic world of competition and feature parity, product roadmaps can easily get cluttered.

We ask this question to distil our strategy. It may seem overly simplistic, but it works.

In our case, we are being hired to save our customers time and money in recruitment.

  • 55,000 hours saved in one year  from using our screening tool top of the funnel
  • 500k cash cost savings from doubling conversion from assessment centres
  • Churn reduction of 30% in 12 months from relying on our predictions

Click here for some examples of hours and $’s saved by our customers.

By asking this simple question — what job is HR is hired to do?— you can start to get to the heart of what your strategy should be. And then measure that religiously!

Like product roadmaps in a tech company, HR’s roadmap too can get confused or cluttered by:

> New Trends (CX- candidate experience, EX-employee experience, AI everything)

> Survey fatigue – culture diagnostics, engagement surveys, exit surveys, 1000’s of verbatims to read

> Process fatigue – performance management processes, 9 box, the annual salary review process, post engagement survey processes, and so on

> New system implementations– that can potentially crowd out  low friction  and affordable solutions to drive down business costs

All of this activity can produce more noise than signal because it can easily miss the “why”. And once an HR function is more mature, it can be even more difficult to understand which of the many elements of HR are the ones truly driving the most value for the business.


Here are some tips to ensure your HR team is clear on their job:

1. Make sure it is the CEO’s definition of the job, not yours. Read our second article for more of the CEO perspective.

2. Define the job so it delivers on either lead or lag indicators that are proven to impact on your organisation’s business performance. For example, for a sales business, time to hire matters a lot. Having to wait 45 days to fill a sales role vs 10 days means 35 days of lost sales. That flows straight through to the bottom line. Engagement scores, on the other hand, are neither a proven lead or lag indicator of business performance. Engagement measured from a survey is more of a vanity metric.

3. Ensure that you are looking at the whole job, not just a piece of the job. It’s easy to get too narrow in your definition

Suggested Reading:

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Do you want to
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If the answer is “Yes” then watch the video to see how introducing AI into your hiring will make it 90x  faster and deliver you brilliant results.

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