LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

some of sounds like me and some of it doesn't

helps to summarise ones personality in a more simple way.

Thanks for letting me know about my personality. It's so accurate.

Hi, Thanks for the feedback. I feel that my answers to the interview may not reflect the leadership qualities which I have, so I would be interested to know how I could have answered better. I certainly disagree with the conclusion of 'Insight 1' - "This may come at the expense of accuracy and quality of work." I have always maintained, within my approach to workplace harmony and building relationships, that completing work, in a timely manner and to the highest standard is a priority, and, that raising the standard of output for the whole team, or organisation should be a direct outcome of developing harmonious teams. I believe that a communicative and trusting team environment, is the best platform to be able to encourage one another to always strive for better results and outcomes. Have a great day. I look forward to furthering the interview process. Kind regards, Craig

It did give me lots of insight and I appreciate the coaching tips which I will be practising.

I have found this very useful as I do aspire to be more then an agent and possibly move into a team leader possition. With this feedback it shows me that I do have the capability to do so if I speak my mind clearly and without conflict

Thanks. To speak my mind is what I don't do most of the times, and I change that.

I do find useful advice that I can use in the future.

Thank you for the tips it gives me areas that I can take on board

I find it really useful

I know what i have to change to be successful

Yes this was great and reconfirming as i have participated in Eneagram assessments and currently working with the Discovery insights programme for self improvement and customer interactions. Your feedback was spot on and valuable. Thankyou!

thank you for the feedback using this information will help me for next time i need to do something like this.

I think it was interesting but not necessarily correct. I actually enjoy creating and developing plans a lot more than just following as the feedback suggests.

This feedback was super helpful! I now know a few areas in which I can improve to be a better person to work with.

Have never done anything like this. Very enlightening

This is uncanny! I don't know how you gathered such accurate information about my personality from my responses. Well done :) This will be a valuable tool for me to use as part of my job applications. Job advertisements often ask you to "demonstrate" that you get on well with others, that you're a team player and that you get the job done. I've often have difficulty with these types of questions as I don't know how to accurately "demonstrate" those behaviours in words rather than actions. Your analysis provides me a tool that I can use together with my written responses, to demonstrate these skills. Thank you so very much for making it available to me.

That was an amazing description of me,, it was very accurate! I am impressed :)

It sounded reasonably accurate however I do really enjoy working in a team environment and actually prefer it...

Brilliant to read thankyou

I have a diverse range of skills that can apply to my work environment and your feedback was greatly appreciated.

The Coaching Tips will be useful in helping me to identify and proactively work through challenging situations in both the workplace and in life. It was also good to get a summary of my personality listing positive attributes as well as identifying areas I may need to further develop and improve on.

An extremely accurate analysis... simply amazing!!! 🧐😊

It help me work on myself

I found it interesting but not entirely accurate.

It's good to know an outside point of view of myself and know what others think

I found this useful because it helped me right a bit more about my self and it told me how to write my experience and confidence a bit more

Thank you, I did find this useful as it’s always useful to reflect on feedback.

I found this useful because this gives me an idea of how I am perceived and looked upon. This is very useful as I hope to look for management position in the future

I found it useful as it will help me better the person I ought to be in future. Thanks alot

Unfortunately I didn't find this useful at all. I felt it simultaneously cheapened the process and insulted my intelligence by offering up six "insights" that are as useful, unique and valuable as a randomly generated TV Week horoscope. Frankly, I could've eaten a bowl of alphabet soup and defacated a more coherant, meaningful reply. I don't know what's worse? That I wasted my time filling out this "personality profile" or that companies pay good money for an algorithm to generate this level of tripe.

It helps me to improve and believe in myself. Thank you very much

Its useful cause you get to know your weaknesses and streaths and be able to improve on what you need to improve on

It was fairly accurate and I appreciate the tips

I found this very useful for a career objectives and learned more about what my motives are deep down

I found this very useful and the action part very insightful. Thank you.

It is great even though I don’t feel like my insights were very accurate.

I usually focus on other people’s interests more than my own but having people tell me to take more time for myself gets through to me more.

I am very impressed, the key points you have pointed out are very accurate.

I found the feedback extremely useful, thank you so much. Keep up the good work! You guys seem like great people to work for/with. Hope I can have the honour soon. Fingers crossed!

I found it very interesting and helpful. One of the things I may need to do in life in general is ' hold my own ground ' and that was highlighted in the conclusions.

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