LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

The personality profile is quite helpful.It in an essential tool to accompany an individual in the process of knowing oneself and how that knowledge translates into productivity in workplaces.

Yes I found this useful some suggestions were correct some were not me at all

Thank you for my self- profile . I found it very useful to better understand my personality.

I like to see or hear what people think. It’s very useful in case I need to try and change my attitude towards things.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about me. You are correct that l do action things myself if others are unsure or taking too long to examine something. I also agree that l should work on listening more - something for me to strive for.

I have worked in the same industry and company for 30 years growing from fresh starter to a team leader so it is nice to review what other company’s think for for my future employment

It's usefull because you really understand what kind of person I am.

I found it very imformative and very allso gives me points where I think I can improve.thank you.

Because it will give me better idea or direction where i can work more & progress myself further & achieve goal.

The insights were pretty on the money. I find this interesting and would like to know how you these conclusions.

Everything written was really nice and made me feel happy about myself as a person.

Its always good to get feedback from someone you don't know. It can help when you are making choices on how you deal with things in life or work. Thanks for the feedback and the tips. Kind Regards Martin Hickey

It was very helpful indeed. It helped me knowing my self Where I am so I can achieve my job in future.

I found this to be very good and constructive it was also more orless spot on in some ways but ive always prided turning up early to work

Holy Cow!! That was interesting, not sure about 4 & 5 , but good to know. Hopefully a one on one interview will be granted Thank you Cindy

I am grateful for the opportunity even though I have not received a response. Thank you ,this has been useful because now I know where I'm mostly strong at.

I found it interesting reading Tells me a lot about myself

Yes i found it useful because the reflections shows me where i need to work on.

Yes I found this useful as it made me reflect on particular traits and maybe areas I can adapt or strengthen. Also wondering what happens next-in terms of the job process. Thanks Greg

This is so uniquely different. I loved to read about the concluded insights. I agreed with most of them

It’s good to see Iceland taking time to give feedback its a unique thing that allot of other companies should take a page out of

I found this helpful as it was able to inform me of what business will hopefully perceive of my character.

I found this useful because it has made me feel more open about myself and I can adapt my skills an develop them in the time to come

Gave me a confidence boost

I found it very shocking as it was quite accurate , it was lovely knowing a second party’s opinion

It gives me food for thought. Obviously having my own business influenced my focus on it's success and survival.

It was helpful to see my strong and weak points and gave me something to work on.

The feedback was very useful it described me the best way and it makes me happy and a reflation to when I stood my ground in a situation and how it made me feel was when I had to drive a long distance it was late cause people where late as we were supposed to leave during the day and I had informed my siblings that since it late at night we can not drive the long distance as it not safe to drive at night going to visit our grandparent late at night I had called them and told them we would make it tomorrow and will driver rather early in the morning that made me happy that they understood my point as it was for the safety of everyone as there was no rush it better to think safe and act safe

It helped me understand myself better

It’s let you know about yourself and the company thanks you

Wow! You predicted me to a tee.

Thank you very much for your feedback. It means a lot for me.

It was very insightive apart from the team.player but I am a big team player and love socialising after work thsts the only bit you got wrong

fantastic, ai

Very inspirational

your coaching tip the three action points touch on my weak points I am grateful for the advice, always up for improving my situation thanks

The insights and coaching tips I support and are very much engaging for the application reviews. Reflection I support and carry out in all roles including life journey itself. My experiences in sharing and chairing events, meetings was carried out with many of my roles. The team members whom were involved within this engagement had either been directly involved with my department or I'd dealt with on a inter-departmental basis therefore I prepared the agenda for the presentation intone with the parties for clear understanding balance with comfort for all. Welcome to others where applicable for meetings was conducted and delivered again in comfort however with support from appropriate team members for queries that may be raised. in general new meetings of data operative orientated were recorded held by PA and follow up with further meetings, minutes carried out to ensure the business practise were completed for both the workplace staff and the focal points relevant for the business. Open Listening - OPEN DOOR I enjoyed and supported for many years as this provided some incredible experiences across all avenues both internal and externally for the staff and customers. Proving staff the freedom to project their feelings and thoughts relating to the role and the workplace built a data file that could be utilised where applicable for many other circumstances. The interpersonal approach ensured my support for the team members at all levels. Allowing staff to speak openly in a attuned environment provides staff the comfort mentally and viable for the business. Questions and answers amongst the staff provide greater Insights in many forms and in some scenarios may identify areas for improvements for the staff and/or business in many facets. Thanks you again for your professional relevant response, our service is of great benefit. Regards Julian Beveridge

Nearly spot on . Thank you

It’s good to receive constructive criticism to build on myself.

I found this very useful because the information that was given to me seemed spot on which means that I have something to work on.

It gives positive thoughts

I have to say this was scarily accurate, thank goodness I wasn't an axe murder, you would have found me out ha! Great idea, more employers should use this system, recruiting the right people is so important.

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

It’s Time To Use Your Words

BY Team PredictiveHire


This Recruiter Says How You Write and What You Write Can Tell an Employer a Great Deal About Your Fit.

Barbara Hyman believes the most important skill for people looking for a job in the post-COVID world will be the ability to write.

“People who think clearly, write clearly,’’ says the chief executive of the artificial intelligence-powered recruiting firm Predictive Hire, which judges its candidates on the most basic of skills.

The firm, which has big-name backers including Myer family member Rupert Myer, former Aconex founder turned venture capitalist Leigh Jasper, fund manager Dion Hershan and former JB Were partner Sam Brougham, gives every job candidate a first interview by asking them five text-based behavioural questions on their phone that take around 20 minutes to answer.

Then the company’s predictive models assign a “suitability” score to each candidate using over 80 features extracted from their responses and the system specifically precludes the use of names, gender and age to determine the recommended shortlist, removing unconscious bias from the recruitment process.


The company’s technology has already been used by 400,000 candidates looking for roles in retail, healthcare, customer service, hospitality, contact centres and graduate and trainee roles across 34 countries.

Its clients include Qantas, Bunnings, the Iceland Group grocery chain in the UK and Spanish telecoms giant Telefonica.

But Hyman says her biggest target client in the post-COVID world is government.

She believes the economy can only be sustainably reactivated through large-scale job security and that requires redeploying existing skillsets to meet in-demand industries.

“This requires a sophisticated and scaleable solution to find jobs for those whose industries have been decimated by the pandemic and have no jobs to return to. Our solution can immediately activate these job seekers into the new economy, steering them to the jobs they will be good at, she says.

She claims if the government activated this sort of technology for a range of growth industries the economic and social impact would be unprecedented.

“In a healthy economy, the cost benefit in Australia alone is $1bn net benefit (cost) for every 100,000 workers that get back to work one month earlier through reduced welfare payments and increased consumer spending. That is significantly higher when accounting for government subsidies as a result of COVID,” she says.

“A big part of getting back to work is the confidence and the mindset. We are exploring different avenues to allow people to use our chat bot to find their true role in the new economy. This is the vision we are trying to sell to government – you have your own personalised career coach that helps you find the ideal role.”

Hyman said one of the company’s big-name backers Rupert Myer, the chair of the Australia Council for the Arts and an emeritus trustee of The National Gallery of Victoria, had given her “amazing introductions” into the government and university sectors.

“When I came into the business in February 2018 it was running out of money. I had to get a bunch of the existing investors to support me,’’ says Hyman, a former chief human resources officer at REA Group and a human resources and marketing director at Boston Consulting.

Her data science leader at PredictiveHire is Sri Lankan-born Buddhi Jayatilleke, who has a diverse background in machine learning, software engineering and academic research.

The firm has raised $4m in the past 2years, including bringing in Australian global recruitment and talent management firm Hudson as a strategic investor last year.

“That gave us credibility because the number two recruitment firm in the market believes in what we are doing,’’ Hyman says.

“Whether you like it or not, there is enormous amount we can learn about you in 200 words. Just the very fact we don’t use any secret or behavioural data, you have to build trust from the beginning with your candidate. The completion rates are 95 per cent, the engagement rates are 99 per cent. But the key point is when we give you back your feedback. It is effectively a public service we are performing with this feedback.”

One of the firm’s initial backers was Rampersand, the venture capital firm which has a focus on early growth stage tech businesses.

Rampersand co-founder Paul Naphtali says the firm invested in PredictiveHire for its ability to put data at the centre of a company’s people strategy.

“It’s a massive challenge for a start-up to aggregate the data and build the algorithms that can identify an individual’s suitability to a role quickly and accurately. It was a bold and ambitious plan from the beginning, and PredictiveHire is now well on its way to becoming that data-centric engine,’’ he says.

“The company started with working to turbocharge the recruitment process by quickly identifying the right talent for the right roles.

“It’s taken time to build the tech and the data sets, but it’s paying off as a number of Australia’s leading companies now have PredictiveHire as a default part of the process.”

He says the firm is now entering a new phase “where it also powers internal people management as well as for job seekers, which is obviously very relevant in the current environment”.

Recently in London PredictiveHire was awarded the TIARA Talent Tech Star which honours the businesses globally in the talent acquisition industry.

Source: DAMON KITNEY, The Australian, October 30, 2020

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