LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I completely agree with, I don’t always put my points across or ideas as well as I could. I do hold back. But I’m more self aware and will make progress there.

I thought this was incredible to give me those kind of insights based on my answers. My answers came from the heart, really appreciate it and thought it was very accurate. Thank you for that

Good experience of work and Good staff help

Id say its on the ball about me and im thankful i got some feedback on how to improve my lifestyle and life in general, I’ll define take all this into consideration at many points in my life.

The point you made their are right and it’s helpful for me to know as well. I always go Iceland do my shopping there. The staff there are so friendly and helpful

Because i found that someone tell me about my advantages and disadvantages, so onow more better myself and to now am able to icrease my strenghts to make my goals better.

Thanks so much for your feedback! It's always useful to get some rigorous feedback about oneself and one's habits. I also appreciate getting a bit of coaching or tips from an informed position. I couldn't agree more that reflection is useful, and perhaps something I could do even more. Cheers, Luke

I found this insight very interesting and also quite apt. It's often difficult to predict how we are perceived by others ,I felt good about your assumptions. Thank you

I found it to mainly be true to me although I disagree with the not socialising with my colleagues as I do like to socialise.

Very interesting and essentially correct. I don't consider myself a perfectionist, but I do like to be good at what I do.

it is very useful because most of them talks about me and how relate with people

You gave good valid points for my insights and I would I like to improve more at your workplace.

Thank you for sharing with me my personal respond. It sounds like me. Regarding to the coaching tip, I would like to add that I enjoy more being a listener than a speaker. Also, I give others the time to think about their point of view.

It is very useful because,the ideal of explaning what you have to do and what you think youy could do.Given your opinion is a key to come together.

Very useful, can definitely see myself in the review

I was very impressed by the question asked on this application as it made me more aware of myself and the people around me

Thank you for your feedback and coaching tips. I reflect on my current position which is regulated by Government Policies and Procedures. I do and will continue to speak up with my opinion, however my current position does not allow for me to make changes. I provide the best customer service I can using the current policies and procedures rather than trying to change things that I cannot.

It told me to take a step out of myself and look back on what I am, help me as I would help others I guess. Thank you for the interesting point of view.

I don’t think this is useful at all as many of the ‘personality traits’ I’ve been told are not what I’m like. More useful to be face to face with a person and ask questions to get to know them rather than a computer assuming things about someone’s personality.

It tells me ime still the same person I used to be but always room for improvement

This feedback has been very helpful because it has added positivity to my esteem and boosted my confidence

I found it really good. Not many businesses do interviews like this or give feedback

This is very useful feedback to make some important changes in my endeavour for future interviews and employment and personal traits to move forward more confident and adapt more to change . Thank you

A found a lot of what you said to be correct and it is always nice to receive feedback on how we can work to improve ourselves.

Because it really makes me understand what I am now and how to reflect and make myself a better person

This is so useful to me because it strength my strength make more confident at what I'm doing reminds me what I'm I capable of

This was fun and accurate in places. Insight 6 is way off :)

Thank you very much I found this very useful because you was able to tell me any insights you learnt about me and I appreciate my insights are recognized you also gave me advice what to work on what is good advice for when I need to work with groups of people in the future.

Thanks for the results. I'm always amazed at how spot on they are! Most helpful to me as I've been self employed for a long time and hopefully an employer will find me an asset to their business.

I found this very useful to reflect on your feedback. A great way to tell people their strengths and weaknesses.

This was my first interview in many years . This has given me a good insight into my personality for professional & personal use. I can use this to help me for future job applications.

You gave some valuable information about my personality and moreover, the suggestions you made will be very much helpful.Thank you

It’s true. Sometimes I need to look in a mirror. I don’t agree with lack of confidence. Maybe sometimes to much confidence. Cheers

Yes I found this very useful as it is more or less accurate apart from minor details.

This was helpful because it made me think to myself if I am those things. It made me relate them to situations where for example I am organised.

Its helped me alot and hope to improve on my interview if successful

I can't say I agree with the insites and are very far from how I would describe myself

A useful insight into my character and what I can do to create an overall well being for myself and others.

Totally very true perspective of myself. Thank

Thanks for the interview feedback, I will print this out and keep it, to learn from it.

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Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

Kallidus + PredictiveHire = Faster, fairer hiring

BY Team PredictiveHire


An ‘unfair’ advantage is obtained for Recruiters by adding PredictiveHire’s interview automation to Kallidus with faster, fairer and better hiring results.

Make a difference

As the first gate to employment, the hiring team has a huge influence on candidate experience, diversity and inclusion and overall business success. The way you hire can make someone’s day. It can set your business up to overtake the competition. It can be one step towards designing a fairer world for everyone.

Hiring is more complex than ever

There’s a lot expected of recruiters these days. Attracting candidates from diverse backgrounds and delivering exceptional candidate care whilst selecting from thousands of candidates isn’t easy.

Recruiters are expected to:

  • Find the right people, ensuring a diversity of candidates
  • Fill roles quickly and efficiently
  • Interrupt bias in hiring and promotion
  • Ensure every person hired amplifies the organisation’s values
  • Create a candidate experience that is engaging and rewarding

Technology is more powerful than ever

The good news is that technology has advanced to support recruiters. Integrating PredictiveHire artificial intelligence technology with the powerful Kallidus ATS facilitates a fast, fair, efficient recruitment process that candidates love.

Now is the time to …

  • reduce recruiter time spent by 90%
  • increase candidate satisfaction to 99%
  • achieve interview completion (the equivalent of application fill) rates of 90%
  • reduce bias

Your advantage: PredictiveHire + Kallidus

Gone are the days of screening CVs, followed by phone screens to find the best talent. The number of people applying for each job has grown 5-10 times in size recently. Reading each CV is simply no longer an option. In any case, the attributes that are markers of a high performer often aren’t in CVs and the risk of increasing bias is high.

We’ve created a quick, easy and fair hiring process that candidates love.

  1. Create a vacancy in Kallidus, and a PredictiveHire interview link will be created.
  2. Include the link in your advertising. Every candidate will have an opportunity to complete a FirstInterview via chat.
  3. See results as soon as candidates complete their interview. Each candidate’s scores, rank, personality assessment, role-based traits and communication skills are available as soon as they complete the interview. Every candidate will receive automated, personalised feedback.

By sending out one simple interview link, you nail speed, quality and candidate experience in one hit.

To see it in action

Watch this 2 minute video to see how PredictiveHire works inside Kallidus for Iceland Foods.

To see the candidate experience

Watch this 2 minute video to see candidates experience their FirstInterview with PredictiveHire

Start today

Get ahead with PredictiveHire’s award-winning chat Ai available for all Kallidus users. Automate interview, screening, ranking and more, with a minimum of effort. Save time, reduce bias and deliver an outstanding candidate experience.

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Do you want to
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If the answer is “Yes” then watch the video to see how introducing AI into your hiring will make it 90x  faster and deliver you brilliant results.

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