LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

it definitely related to how I am every day. I know I need to take time for myself to re-energize so thank you for making that decision a little easier!

This was so accurate! This was useful as it made me think about who and what I am.

Found this very useful to know how someone else see you and the way I conduct Myself in the way I work as a team member and by myself

I found it a remarkably accurate assessment and very good to know that my thoughts about myself are echoed in your results. I'm inclined not to agree totally with insight 3. I do not feel that not wishing for too much socialization with my wormates would impede my ability to become productive quickly. Watch this space. Your response has a multitude of future uses thank you.

This experience has given me a good insight as to what people think of me and given me more self confidence to perform much higher tasks than before Thank you for this opportunity.

Because it will help me understand myself more , and I find feedback great

This is a great way to have perspective of who you are. Not everyone can handle the truth, however I find this to be a teaching tool and I am a fan. It is pretty consistent of who I thought I was before the interview.

This helped me get a better insight of how my personality is portrayed to others

Yes, I feel like now I will know how to improve from the feedback that you guys have given me.

Thank you so much I really found this useful as it helped me understand my skills and what I have improved on

It’s always good to know

Gave a useful external opinion that I can use to evaluate myself more objectively.

Bang on! Just saved me $200 for counseling! Lol Very interesting feedback Very impressed

Always good to have the view of others , no one is perfect , and we can all change attitude and experience for the better of our life and others

I love learning about myself

Thanks. That was really helpful.

I found this useful because it is an incite into myself and a lot of great information.

It definitely made more self aware just like the initial interview did, it was almost too good, really nailed how I think, that's why the feedback felt so important.

Thank you for giving me a chance to understand and know myself. I could realize my weakness from your insights and it would really help me to cope with my weakness. Thank you.

Got to know more about my own strengths and what can be improved.

It was very informative Gave me a great insight into myself Showed me ways that I can also improve myself Thank you

Good evening I find the tips extremely useful as this will help me grow and be more confident in expressing my views and opinions without feeling I have said something out of line or negative

It as a very accurate description of me, it was good to see it in writing.

- Very useful tool for finding out what employers look for! - Also handy to know where self growth can occur.

I cannot believe how accurate the personality profile is. I actually couldn’t describe myself better. I and really grateful for this and if I don’t get the opportunity to work with you at PageGroup then this will be really useful to use in future job applications. Many thanks Adam

Thank you for the constructive feedback. Knowing more about my personality traits can assist me to achieve success in my chosen career. I can definitely maintain consistency of my strengths and work on my shortcomings so I can fit into a workplace better and increase my job satisfaction. It is all about adapting and innovating and striving ahead to reach self- actualisation goal. Thank you for your time and effort. I can keep up the journey of my learning and development.

It helped me outline things even I’m not always aware of, almost like a friend telling you not to forget about you and how important you are :)

I found this useful and interesting to know and find out that the results are pretty accurate of myself in my eyes. I am happy with the service that MyInsights have given me.

It was interesting to see how other people see me and I will use your positive advice

I found this feedback useful because if gave me an overview on what I need to work on and better myself as an individual and it also gave me and overall view on how I am viewed as a person

It made me think about things I haven’t considered before, thank you so much

I found this useful to reflect on what others see me as, I am hard working and like to explore different possibilities in life.

It’s a very useful tips and information as I’m looking forward to start work for this business.

Yes I found it very helpful most of the response is correct I will take on board what has been said thank you Wendy

It is useful to me because its driving me to learn more and gain experience

Thank you it sounds like you know me

I found this useful because of the insight of what it means to me

I appreciate any sort of feedback as this is important to help mould myself as a person.

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

What can HR learn from The Social Dilemma?

BY Barbara Hyman


Objective data and truth.  

Netflix’s latest documentary “The Social Dilemma” tells a story of data gone mad, of it being used to personalise ‘the truth’ so that everyone’s truth is their own. The idea of ‘objective truth’ doesn’t exist anymore.

The combination of hyper-connectivity at scale that comes from social media, the addictive habits of engaging with it, and the incredible ability to personalise what we see, listen to, and believe, creates a feeling of satisfaction at best (think Spotify) and at its worst, a fractured society.

So what’s the relevance of that for HR?

HR has been on this journey to do the opposite. To introduce an objective standard of truth – especially given the risks that come from personalised decision making when it comes to hiring. The risk of making hiring decisions based on personal views means we see hiring being influenced by unconscious biases – something that can be easier to identify than fix. ‘Mirror hiring’, and companies that hire for “culture-fit”.

Consider the decline of so many legacy Fortune 500 companies over the last 50 years.

Do you think Kodak and its ilk would have crashed as quickly if they had a genuinely diverse set of opinions and experiences at their leadership level?

It’s no coincidence that in The Social Dilemma most of the protagonists (if that’s the right word) sharing their regrets and insights on “how the heck did we get here?” were mostly young white men.

From my own experience of being HRD at a leading digital tech company, engineers were hired based on two data inputs:  their coding ability, and their ‘fit’ with the team.

The former is readily tested using objective tools, but the latter is largely tested through having coffee chats with the team.

Or to put it another way – 100% subjective; 0% objective data.

Is it any wonder then that you end up with more of the same when you use the personal opinions of humans to drive these decisions? People are so scared of data amplifying bias, and humans can be pretty good at it too.

Bias in the recruiting process has been an issue for as long as modern-day hiring practices existed. In order to address some concerns, the idea of “blind applications” became popular a few years ago, with companies simply removing names on applications and thinking that it would remove any gender or racial profiling. It made a difference, but bias still existed though the schools that people attended, as well as past experience they might have had. Interestingly, these are two things that have now been shown to have no impact on a person’s ability to do a job.

Away from computer screens and smartphone addictions, when it comes to hiring, HR needs to do the very thing that social media has rendered mute.

It has to ensure that there is objective truth on every candidate. It has to do this for every new hire, every promotion.

Ironically, it is what social media weaponised – ‘data’  that can only, truly help us achieve this. I talk often about “objective data” – that is data that has been collected without input bias – and it is only this data that helps us disrupt bias that comes from putting humans in the decision in making seat.  This objective data is more builds a truly holistic picture about an individual when helping inform hiring decisions, decisions that will shape a company’s culture, and it’s future.

(Read: Why Machines Make Better Decisions Than Humans Do)

The data seeks to understand who you are, not the school you went to, or the degree you hold, but how you think and behave and most of all your intrinsic traits.

It was Facebook’s homogenous culture that encouraged technical brilliance over ethical thinking that ultimately created the issues discussed in The Social Dilemma.   If only they’d used their skills to invest in objective data that set aside its technical bias and hired for humanity, we might not be questioning it in the way we are.

Here’s the next article in this series: 

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