LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Hi, I found this very useful! I felt reading this reflection from my online interview was very accurate. Hearing it from someone that’s not me, made it very clear, apparent and useful. Thank you!

Pretty much on the money I reckon! Now if only you could bottle me :)

I found it useful because it picked out things I can work to improve and help my communication with others when working as part of a team.

Really enjoyed filling out form made me stop and think throughly before replying and talking about myself.

I feel that all career/work advice given in a positive way (like this one) can be taken on board and used before or during any kind of career path. All wise advice if applied correctly will not only benefit myself - but helps to achieve greater teamwork results while respecting customers and colleagues/teammates at the same time. If this achievement is delivered with quality products then the customer(s) will more readily feel adequately satisfied.

this is very useful because it tells me how cx well i can apply myself to the job

It has given the coaching tips which has been very useful

I found it useful because I know my personality and understand it more

I found this very useful because everything that was written is what is expected and should be expected.

It good to know and learn .

This was very useful to me because I was able to learn things about myself I couldn’t see that’s why I want to work for this company because I will love it here!

I found this very useful, it sums me up perfectly.

Reading your insights was an eye opener in that it was pretty spot on. It is interesting to read how others could see you.

Show me that Iceland really care bout their people and they take the time to show you the best assets you have. Great culture.

Thank you very much for this insight, It provides a great second opinion and will definitely help me better understand and articulate what I can do.

I am a firm believer in self improvement and any constructive criticism is always helpful.

Thank you, I appreciate feedback as it helps me to understand other people's viewpoint and helps me know where I need improvement.

I got to learn more about my strong points and how i can improve them even more, to be the best i can be as a person.

The insights are true! It is amazing that the computer algorithm is able to decipher my personality so closely. I wouldn't say I am too cautious although I do have perfectionist tendencies. Thank you for sharing this outlook with me.

It was nice to read positive feedback

It gives me great insights on my strengths and weakness allows me to understand what I need to focus on to improve

I found this useful because it shows how I am and work around others, I have worked in stressful situations and have been able to get back up on my feet from it, I am able to work through routines and keep to them while working.

those insights described me perfectly

I think this was well worked out and had a thorough look. I believe your insights depicted me. Thank you, i’m keen to improve and learn

Like anything u can’t judge someone by how they talk but I’m very full of energy like to talk very good with people love to be Center of attention which I feel like didn’t get viewed by my report back although some of it was right

The information was spot on about me and I appreciated seeing what’s true about me told to me

I found it useful as it tells me ways I do things and ways I can change things

Firstly I would like to thank you for pointing out my strengths and weaknesses . I found this extremely useful as it pointed out all of my shortfalls. I will now work hard on rectifying all of my flaws and paying attention to my fellow teammates opinions . Thanks once again.

It helps me to be encouraged and speak exactly what my mind think.being in an interview bost my confidence Allow my to Express myself.

I found this useful because it gave lots of information about what jobs require which can really help me in a workplace.

I honestly didn't expect to receive a response like this. It very insightful and appreciated. Thank

It is really very useful because I am dealing with public speaking and the points that were mentioned by you are encouraging and I will definitely try to overcome with this.

I have taken many similar employment assessments, and this is the first to hit the nail on the head. Of course it is not a complete analysis of my personality, and I have a few weaknesses too, but it is an excellent start for an insight into me and my work ethic.

it gives me an insight to my strengths and personality

These 6 insights generated in my personality profile read true and correct. I can definitely use these points in my job interview with Bunnings.

I found that feedback very useful. I found it gave an accurate description of me overall. I feel that although I’m very open and receptive to change, I’m also good with a repetitive work environment.

I found it useful because it told me a lot about which is is quite true and I learned more about myself as well.

It speaks truths about some perspectives of my personality, interesting to see how others go with this questionnaire also

Thankyou for your feedback on my peronality. it was very interesting and i agree with alot of it Teresa Henderson

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  • PredictiveHire is named Candidate Experience Solution of the Year

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

PredictiveHire is named Candidate Experience Solution of the Year

BY Team PredictiveHire


Frontier technology that puts people at the heart of their recruitment solution is rewarded for its ground-breaking approach that also solves for bias and reduces recruitment costs.

Melbourne, Australia, September 21 – PredictiveHire, a text-based AI recruitment solution has been recognised globally for its commitment to creating a hiring experience that is empowering and motivating to the individual and which enhances your company’s brand.

The TIARA Talent Tech Star, awarded to Predictive Hire, honours the most exemplary businesses globally in the talent acquisition industry.

Selected from a group of international finalists as a bold and innovative startup, PredictiveHire was deemed top of the class, having demonstrated the value and impact of their solution at a time when agency and in-house recruiters are embracing technology and new ways of working.

The Candidate Experience Solution of the Year Award recognised PredictiveHire as

“a matching solution that could fundamentally change the way
candidates experience recruitment, delivering valuable insight to both the
employer and the candidate whether they are recruited or not.”

The judges included the Head of Search & Staffing UK&I and EMEA at LinkedIn, Sales and Marketing Director of ManpowerGroup UK, and  Head of Innovation and Transformation at PwC.

PredictiveHire CEO Barb Hyman said the team was honoured to receive industry recognition for their candidate experience solution which was a core pain point that PredictiveHire solved for along with bias and recruitment costs.

“For far too long as an industry HR has failed so many jobseekers by not giving everyone an equal chance to prove themselves and then ghosting those who do make it through to interviews,” Hyman said.

“With PredictiveHire, everyone gets a first interview and is treated equally by replying to text-based questions on their phone, without any demographic data being used to make hiring decisions.”

She said the company’s goal around candidate experience is to be recognised as the most inclusive recruitment solution at scale.

The team has done extensive testing on how different groups respond to chat-based interviews, including a broad range of job candidates from a multitude of gender, race and language backgrounds. For all of these groups, the experience has been transformative, as candidates who might otherwise feel intimidated by a video format feel safe and comfortable interviewing by chat.  The demographics collected on this front are only used in reporting for HR leaders against Diversity and Inclusion targets, and not in any hiring decisions.

“We hold ourselves to incredibly high standards when it comes to creating an inclusive product, and ultimately it’s placing people at the core of what we do, that sets us apart from others, and makes our solution so successful for our customers.”

The Qantas Group, the Iceland Group, Telefonica, Bunnings and other well know trusted consumer brands have seen dramatic improvements on all fronts from applying PredictiveHire to their hiring and promotion decisions.  

About PredictiveHire 

PredictiveHire is a frontier technology solution which solves for three pain points in recruiting: bias; candidate experience, and efficiency. With only five free-text behavioural questions taking around 20 mins, and using over 80 features extracted from the candidate responses, our predictive models assign a “suitability” score to each candidate. To date, 400,000 candidates looking for roles in retail, healthcare, customer service, hospitality, contact centres and graduate and trainee roles across 34 countries have experienced this new approach to interviews with positive feedback averaging 99%.

Media Contact | Barb Hyman, CEO

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