LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I find these processes very helpful. Constructive feedback always provides the opportunity for improvement.

That made me more confident with my application

Firstly I would like to mention that I am really impressed how fast you can explain that and gave me that notes sights, Thank you so much. Secondly I'd like to share with you how found this useful and my answer is I totally agree with your reply and it seems to me like a profitable lesson for the development of my focus and self support. I REALLY LOVE IT.

It’s a spot on my personality check. :) this is awesome I’m impressed.

I am very happy with your feedback, is very clear explanations and says a lot in a short way , thank you

Very useful to understand even better what my strengths and weaknesses are and how to work to improve myself.

Thank You, I do enjoy feed back and more importantly areas of improvement to work on, i do like to speak and find leaning interesting and enjoy working as a team. I am a Jack of all trades who loves to help and please other. And a dedicated DIY addict so i shop at Bunnings and know there range well.

It has helped me to understand how to explain my strengths to a potential employer but the reflection also reminded me that people can be overwhelmed easily and to be aware of this response.

I appreciate the constructive feedback. It has highlighted areas where I can improve on and areas of strength.

Thank you for your feedback, I Appreciate and agree with the things raised. I definitely do have tendencies to over share and didn’t recognise how it can be received by others. I didn’t realise how much I did, but the given example has explained that it can be quite overwhelming. I will try to be more aware of this in future. Thank you

Good to get an insight into my personality.

Thank you for the coaching tips, i find it very useful

Always rewarding having constructive feedback.

just found it very interesting and some of the comments true

That was really interesting to read, opened my eyes on some issues.. spot on with others, being in the same career for so long has made it very hard for me to move on .. which I suppose is expected. My neice works for Bunnings and has told me how u really look after your staff .. very hard to find a company with such positive reviews I believe i would be an asset to your family/team :) Im excited to begin my new journey and im hoping bunnings will be apart of it but if not so be it. Regards Dee

Good because I have had feedback which is true and matches my personality and I can adapt from the improvement I need to make

I enjoy Personal development and growth. How others perceive me and what I do are important to me and help me to build further relationships with others.

I found this source useful because this feedback helps me to review and work on what my weaknesses are which now makes me a lot more confident as I know what to improve on.

This information was very interesting and it tells me allot about who I am as a person.

Was excellent knowing how helpful the tips are and learning new things about yourself

Really helpful - 90% accurate

I found this information useful because i could relate to it and it felt really accurate to my strengths and areas that i can grow in.

I found my personality results very useful as it illustrated my Strengths and weaknesses. I am very organised, attentive, motivated and work well in a team environment ! It is very is good to receive feedback and get someone else’s opinion! I am looking forward to seeing you all very soon ! 😊

The feedback of my 6 questions was very helpful and accurate. It helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and how to adapt and make confident decisions when faced with challenging situations in my workplace and personally. To respond to the reflection I would comment on the situation, when I had to present an idea in a workplace environment. Often my work environment is in a school, so I presented an idea to helping students who were not attending school on a regular basis. I presented and idea that a student to attend school for the whole term he/she would receive a reward, and if they completed a whole year they would receive a gift ( gold movie voucher). There was resistance, however from some of my colleagues, but I managed to highlight the need to put a stop to the number of students who absent, and I asked for a trial period. After presenting the idea to the school community, including the parents, the idea was introduced and after a term we saw a dramatic change in the students who were absent. A novel idea and it worked.

Thank you so much for this. Surprising what you can get out of a fee questions. I was hoping that it would be put with my application to assist in the prospective employer knowing who I am.

Your feedback is much appreciated, I believe that your coaching tips are valuable and I will take on board the suggestions of areas I can improve on. Thank you Dave Gardiner

Before I never really took note of what strengths I have or what attributes I really have but after reading these it fills me with a bit mote confidence knowing I can go for an interview and bring some skills

It is intresting to know more about my strengths and passion

Well sounds like you are right but am a bit more than it

Just provided more details and knowledge of what’s expected through the workforce which can definitely help out a lot in future

It was good to hear my strengths during an interview

Thank you for your feedback. All feedback is positive and its great you have taken the time to give me mine.

I didnt expect the result of my peraonality assesstment. I just always put the best thingIi can do in every situation. It might help for me to find job as every employer looking for person who have great personal characteretics. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

Thank you for your feedback it is so accurate.

Yes I found it very helpful most of the response is correct I will take on board what has been said thank you Wendy

This was useful because knowing this can help with my attitude to challenges at work.

overall, it has definetly made me realise more about myself and it is very useful as it shows people what they need to work on, and this is specific, so it is just overall so good to help people understand themselves more and for most people, make them feel more confident in themselves

This email has given me the strength wanting to do more willing to learn new things I thought it was impossible in giving my views is turning to be vital, I say thank you once again this has spur me to aim higher in terms of features achievements job wise.

This is very useful.I would like say that production work and routine work is all i really know coming from a sawmill in Newzealand and working in a frozen dough factory and working in Australia at Akd and Scorpio foods.I communcate with my colleagues if i need to but i am a person who love to work and just do my job without supervision.

This was useful because it related to me and described as a erson.

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Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

PredictiveHire named ‘top performing’ HR vendor

BY Team PredictiveHire


Top performing HR vendor

The HR Service Provider Awards 2020 hosted by HRD Mag sets out each year to find the best HR vendors in Australia.

Predictivehire Awarded A Silver Medal in the Category Of Recruitment Systems and Technology

Taken from the HRD website:

The winners are selected from a pool of submissions from vendors providing an overview of their business or product, insight into their point of difference in the industry, statistics around market share and growth over the past 12 months, and other relevant information such as industry accolades, client testimonials, and the like.

Finding a dependable service provider can be quite a daunting task for HR professionals. From an impressive array of vendors offering their expertise, HR professionals need to choose the one that suits their company’s unique needs.

To assist HR professionals with this challenging task, HRD’s annual Service Provider Awards recognises the industry’s top performers.

The PredictiveHire submission was judged by a panel of HR leaders who determined the top performers in this category.

 Thank you HRD for recognising PredictiveHire as a top-performing HR vendor

in your fourth annual Service Provider Awards report! 

About PredictiveHire

PredictiveHire automates interviews so that EVERY applicant is interviewed in-depth and at scale for you – all by using a text chat so that you can get to the best people fast.

MUCH FASTER: Candidates are assessed, scored and ranked using Ai, dramatically reducing recruiter time and effort. 90% recruiter time savings, against standard recruiting processes.

IMPROVES CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE: An accessible, mobile-first familiar text experience that candidates enjoy with no confronting videos interviews or questionnaires. 99% candidate satisfaction and 90% completion rates.

INCLUSIVE AND FAIR: Blind screening at its best using Ai with the same structured behavioural interview for every candidate. Gender/Ethnicity/Indigeneity mixes preserved through recruitment stages due to Ai objectively assessing performance/personality, not their background.

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