LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

ive never had my information analised like this before and find it amazing the results have said.

It provided me with a positive out look on myself , as to who I am as a person and being aware of others in my environment emotionally and respectfully.

I think when I start working on the feedback given, I would feel more satisfied with myself. I agree that an opinion is personal choice and may or may not be agreed by others.

It will help me to improve personally and professionally.

It took me to get to know me even more better.

Hi, Thank you for the opportunity to participate. In my earlier years I would often ignore good advice because I was either too proud or too afraid of being proved wrong. Now, in my senior years, I have mellowed and am happy to receive constructive criticism. I now accept that I am one cog in a big wheel and the task is to keep the wheel rolling. Having said that, I thought my profile sounded pretty good so Im thinking that the good stuff from the other cogs Ive worked with have rubbed off on me and I have stopped trying to create a new wheel. Life is too short to always be in a hurry! Now I stop and wait now for the youngsters to catch up, see the goal and guide them to it.

This is useful for me as it tells me how i come across to different people. It shows me my first impression. This gives me more confidence in myself and I feel like this motivates me to be a better person.

Well you have pretty much summed me up. I enjoy being a team member. Having past experience in management I found the "hard conversations" difficult but not impossible. Anyway, thank you very much for your accurate analysis and suggestions. Cheers!

I found this very useful and agree with most of it. Thank you

I found it extremely useful as all the insights were very accurate and for my personality.

Yes it was encouraging to hear feedback about my personality and the way my actions are received by others

This has described me and I feel uplifted and a little more confident in the way I view the work environment.

It’s very accurate and motivating.

A good insight into myself and useful to improve and enhance my abilities in the work place..

Quite interesting feedback regarding your personality. Mostly agree with what has been "analysed" although there is some that I don't agree with though.

The coaching tips really pointed out to me the things I should be working on to get better satisfaction in my career

I felt that the couching tips were helpful and will assist me in the future.

Thanks for your profiling, but I think it's dispprortionate for the position I am applying for although it made me aware of the value of team work and team building, for employers to rank this as an essential attribute for prospective employees.

This submission is so right of me thank you , you seem to have captured me exactly, Throughout my career my ethics have never changed

Hi There Wow, this is actually very accurate. The suggested actions align with my current personal development Thank you!

Well done. Very much like me

I found it to be very useful because having some of your character traits worded in a way that is compact and accurate is refreshing and can be useful when having to remember who you are and what you're all about and how to stay true to that. It also helps when needing to give insight om yourself to others who want to know you.

It's always good to receive feedback. I found this feedback to be positive in nature. That being said it is also hard to formulate an exact opinion of someone without a face to face meeting. Thank you.

I was surprised that it was fairly accurate in providing a profile and confirming for me the areas that I felt need working on for better life experience both personally and professionally.

I believe in the results as being quite true about me as I have seen some of the results over the years being in jobs off not that close to colleges and then in other jobs quite close to others. A lot off this is in your up bring from family and close friends.

I am glad to be motivated by the way other people perceive me and the way I think as I can only say that we only learn from more about ourselves when opinions are being raised and good advice or even negative advice is being delivered and learn to appreciate and acknowledge them for a more open understanding on how I do things and the way I think. Thank you so much.

Thank you so much for this. Surprising what you can get out of a fee questions. I was hoping that it would be put with my application to assist in the prospective employer knowing who I am.

I found all the insight so revealed new things about myself, and helped me realise positive things I usually bury, so thank you!

This is useful because your consideration is approval of my responsive for my thought, mind, heart and souls

The comments are confidence building and are very welcome

Interesting to see how other's perceive you. Also what you can learn about yourself or change.

It showed me things that I can bring to the table and what I need to do to improve as a person.

I feel that one of my insights isn't as accurate into my personality. It sounds as though it makes me less desirable for a job.

I found it very accurate, it with regards to not liking to socialise with work, I am not sure that’s true. I love to socialise and have many groups of friends so don’t think know would have any trouble at all attending work social events

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  • Sage Advice: How AI and Smarter Hiring Can Boost Your Business

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

Sage Advice: How AI and Smarter Hiring Can Boost Your Business

BY Team PredictiveHire


In case you missed it: The other week, Sage CEO, Stephen Kelly, sat down with PredictiveHire’s Steven John, number 45 on the Sage Top 100 list for 2017, and asked him his thoughts on AI and just how important he feels it is to get it right.

Stephen Kelly: “I’m really pleased to be engaging today with Steven John… an absolute expert in recruitment and people development.”

“So, Steven, tell us a bit about what you’ve done. You’ve got a massive following, 18,000 followers on Twitter. You’re a renowned expert. Tell us a bit about that.”

Steven John: “Well, my background is technology and recruitment. As a lot of recruiters do, I kind of fell out of university with no real idea of a career path and landed in tech recruitment. I spent 13 years as a recruiter and then more recently had the opportunity to take my professional skills that I learned in recruitment and bring them into a business that’s using AI to help businesses make smarter hires.

“I’m a customer success manager for an AI business called PredictiveHire.

“In terms of what we do, we use predictive models to help businesses make smarter hires so they can identify who might be a better or more likely to be a better salesperson or deliver a better customer service experience to their customers.

“Whatever the metrics or the KPIs that their business is using to understand how its people are operating, our solution can help you understand, from the candidate market, who should we be spending our time with, who should the human beings within our talent team be spending time talking to.

“Because of the model, the algorithm has helped us sift through quite a large number of candidates. I’m sure you guys get hundreds of thousands of candidates here. So how do we identify those shiny pins in the haystack? So that’s what our models do.”

Smarter hiring using AI

SK: “Well, I think that’s brilliant, Steven. And obviously, kind of the relevance and gems of this Facebook Live session is to bring it down to all the entrepreneurs out there who are thinking about growing their business, living their dreams, pursuing their passions, and we all know the fuel of that is talented people.

“You mentioned artificial intelligence – AI, machine learning, predictive analytics aimed to make smarter hiring decisions that will really boost your business forward. What is your current experience of where we are on that journey?”

SJ: “I think a lot of businesses are ready. I think more businesses are ready than they probably realise. If I think about the numerous engagements that I’ve had with numbers of businesses, prospects and current clients, the things that strike me as quite interesting are the amount of data that businesses have.

“Surprisingly, some of the businesses who I would have thought would be incredibly data-heavy, will have a lot of data on their people, haven’t been quite so. But the good news for those businesses and even the smaller businesses is that there are solutions available in the market that can help many companies get started on that journey.

“Sometimes I am surprised by how other businesses or some businesses invest their time, money and effort in technology solutions, in buildings, in lots of infrastructure and pieces of kit. But what they don’t necessarily do is invest as much money in their people.

“The encouraging thing is there are now lots of solutions available to businesses of all shapes and descriptions that will really help them start to make smarter decisions for their hiring processes.

“The people are the lifeline of the company. The cost of people is probably one of the most.”

SK: “It’s worth noting most of our customers who are in the services business, about 70% to 80% of their cost base is the people they hire and manage. And we believe in people science.

“So certainly, when they’re here, we want to be pretty scientific, but the recruitment of them could be as scientific as that so we get the right person with the right skills, the right attitude, and the right competence to be successful.”

Sage Advice: How AI and Smarter Hiring Can Boost Your Business



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