LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Gave a useful external opinion that I can use to evaluate myself more objectively.

It shows my strengths and weaknesses, which can help me grow with confidence

Thank you for the constructive feedback. Knowing more about my personality traits can assist me to achieve success in my chosen career. I can definitely maintain consistency of my strengths and work on my shortcomings so I can fit into a workplace better and increase my job satisfaction. It is all about adapting and innovating and striving ahead to reach self- actualisation goal. Thank you for your time and effort. I can keep up the journey of my learning and development.

Thanks for the feedback Regards : When have you put your ideas, preferences or needs aside to cooperate or build a group consensus? My reply >a conversation takes place within the team, the conversation opens up & creates better communications What were the consequences? It can be positive & negative with increased engagement or push back. The push back needs to be discussed. Do you see any risks with being too willing to compromise or flex? My Reply > Yes I agree. Increased need to manage the situation & people closely. There is right way and a wrong way to approach the problem. Action Your opinion counts. Practice speaking your opinion, even when others don't agree. ( My Reply > Very Good advice much appreciated. Innovation comes from the intersection of difference. Speak your mind - your viewpoint is always valid. If you aspire to be a leader, build the muscle of having candid conversations. My Reply > I am not afraid of having the hard conversations to improve either my performance or others.

I find very useful because it is important for my employer to know more about me even though we have not met in person and everything that has been said about me is very true and also the advice that I got is really helpful.

Very inspired. I feel like the internet is very advanced at deconstruction and it’s enlightening. Thanks for the advice

Found this helpful to find a job

I think it’ great to get feed back about yourself . It helps you grow and to see how you can improved your strengths and weaknesses

Brings to light my good and not so good points.

Definitely don’t give myself credit enough pretty accurate

Yes thank you I'm forever greatful for the tip I'll use it daily and for future.

I think this is great and I think for the most part is correct.

Made me feel positive, it was honest and not judgemental. Great! More places need to do this.

It made me think more deeply about myself - strengths and weaknesses and with some very useful tips on maybe approaching situations differently in the future.

I found your assumptions as to what you think I am like just from your questionnaire to be just that assumptions and unfortunately, you do not have the correct picture of what I am like as a person at all. Very disappointing.

pretty spot-on with everything

I found this useful as it offered me insight and gave me clear goals to focus on.

Useful???? It was unadulterated, new age , touchy feely garbage and about as accurate as an end of the pier fortune teller!!!

Its useful cause you get to know your weaknesses and streaths and be able to improve on what you need to improve on

It gave me a great insight on how to reflect off certain things I do and how to work with others as a group and to also give others a hearing as to how our ideas could do better for each and every individual

It made me feel good about myself.

These are strengths and capabilities about myself that I didn't know I have in myself

It was very informative. It has addressed my blind self and I’m grateful. Thank you

Yes not too bad fairly close to how I think but not always the golden rule as you know people are not always exactly the same very interesting how you come back with those outcomes and the suggestions to go forward thank you

This is bang on, thank you

Wow it’s really like you know me so well through a few questions

It helped me see myself in a different perspective and take action plan to build my confidence.

Was interesting to see the interpretation of the responses I gave to the scenarios.

Yes it certainly sounds like me! Thanks for on forwarding it.

This has helped me gain further insight into myself.

Well I never thought about considering the balance between speed and accuracy. Something interesting to look at hey....

I find it so educational and it helps one to develop on their self confidence and knowing that you are on the right track it gives you the confidence boost to do more and also to know where you can improve yourself.

Its quite good to hear back some results that are gathered about yourself as a different perspective. It helps to hear it not just from your own judgement of your own character and was really great to read through and learn a bit more and things to use and help for my future Many Thanks, Callum Wilson

I know what i need to work on and improve

I’ve never completed and received feedback In this format previously,I will use the feedback to improve myself going forward.

THIS gives me heads up in life heading to be more stronger than i already am hopefully do new skills like being on the tills as wanting to learn 💯

I'm really happy to receive a reply and found the information very helpful thank you.

Very specific and not wrong from the truth of reality.

Thank you for your feedback. Having worked in an environment that demands immediate action for many years has meant that I haven’t ‘held up a mirror’ as much as I could. I understand how this could appear intimidating to others. I will take this onboard and thank you for your advice.

The feedback gave me a better insight into my personality.

This is really useful, I’m learning more about myself and how to improve

I thought that is was instructive and helpful. Reading the insights, I was able to identify and understand what each point was referring to when regarding my character.

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  • The 2 metrics that should matter the most to any recruiter

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

The 2 metrics that should matter the most to any recruiter

BY Barbara Hyman


The Talent Business Model

Any leader with P&L accountability knows that tracking margin (ie the difference between your revenue and what it cost you to earn that revenue) is pretty damn important to your economics. Margins of 60%+ for tech companies is what gives them insane valuations because the cost of adding the 10,000th customer is not much greater than adding the 1000th customer. If you believe that the economics and ROI of your talent business model are as important as your core business model, then you may find applying these two business metrics a useful lens to analyse the ROI of your talent business model.

Business Metrics for Recruiting

Someone who is starting a business, an entrepreneur, uses metrics like ‘CAC’ (customer acquisition cost) and LTV (lifetime value of that customer).  The entrepreneur thinks about much does it take to get a customer and what return do they give you before they churn. Then she transitions to a measure of acquisition and a measure of value for those retained.

Applying these metrics to your talent business model can help identify where to invest your HR budget to drive better ROI.

  • Think of your CAC as your candidate and talent acquisition cost. How much does it cost your business to hire one person, taking into account direct and indirect costs of hiring?
  • Think of your LTV  as the long term value of your talent. How long do your new hires stay in the business? How many of your leadership roles are filled by internal talent which is a lower acquisition cost than external recruitment?
  • How many of your new hires are promoted early? For professional service firms, time to promote may be a performance differentiator.

How does AI drive down your Candidate Acquisition Costs?

3 factors drive your CAC:

1. Direct recruitment costs  i.e. how many recruiters do you have on the tools

2. The productivity and speed of your recruitment team (that is, it’s scaleability) i.e. how many candidates can they screen in an hour, day, week, month

3. The layers of assessment in your recruitment and their costs i.e. are you doing CV screening, phone screening, video screens, 1:1 interviews, panel interviews, group assessments, coffee chats?

All of these layers of assessment, some with some science behind them, most with no science, add to your CAC.

We analysed CAC for our customers comparing their ‘old’ recruitment process and the impact of using our AI to do their screening and assessment.

The results are stunning.

PHAI (PredictiveHire AI) can screen 100,000 applicants in around 6 hours,  what it would take a team of 5 recruiters 476 working days to do. A massive 600 x faster. This is based on conservative assumptions like every recruiter screening 7 hours a day, CV screening of 10 minutes per applicant, and 10%  of those CV screened with phone screens of 30 minutes in duration, which is the time required to do the planning, doing and actioning. Those speed differentials compound when the numbers grow because humans can’t scale but technology can.

You can see what the scale of impact is when you look at the cost and time differential for 1000 applicants and 100,000 applicants.

The case for AI in recruitment is a no brainer for enterprise and government, and compelling even for smaller businesses with more modest volumes.

Time to speak to one of our team about using Phai? 












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Do you want to
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