LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It let me know what to work on and what my strengths and weaknesses are. This could help for the job I am applying for and also for future jobs that I will apply for.

I found this useful because it gives me something to look at and tells me what I need to do to be better. This will help me be a better person and help a company in anyway I can.

It perfectly reflects my key strengths and weakness. The assessment is highly vital for enhancing and developing other key skill sets. Though it fits the advertised job role, I can further develop my persona. Kudos to PredictiveHire team!! The framework is very credible and reliable.

I read the comments and actually I agree with them.

I agree with the conclusion it came to reasonably accurate

I Believe this information is vital in viewing and giving insight into how others may perceive you.. I'm always open to self improvement and learning and feel it is something we can all achieve throughout our lifetime.

It was very useful it summed me up pretty well

This is great, definitely an opportunity to grow in certain areas to hit the ground running awesome. Thankyou

The insights derived from my responses were quite true to my personality. I will use the coaching tips as I had already suspected those weaknesses myself and this was just confirmation of what I already knew. Thank you.

I have found this useful as it has pointed out the areas where I might need to work on as well as my strengths.

I found this useful because it gives me little paragraphs that explain my personality great and I'll be able to use the description to elaborate on who i am when in an interview.

Found this very useful in finding out about myself

Seems fairly accurate. Not often I get advice to help improve myself but I am always open to positive feedback and its much appreciated and gives me something to work on.

I find it really interesting that you Used the HEXACO personality theory in your personality quiz for employment, i studied it in school and just found it really cool that you also sent the results to the participant.

just good feed back

I wasn't expecting this so too come up with it what can I say i am gobsmacked. And I can relate to it pretty much sums me up as a person.

I found that the feedback was very true

Information lends power towards improvement and this assessment provides guidance by professionals.

The feed back I got was very helpful in moving forward both in my personal life and in the workplace

Hi thanks for my profile it was very interesting I do agree with some of it but not all I’ve never had this done before it’s a great insight of how you can be perceived from a few questions.!!

Thank you for your feedback and it is interesting to read the outcome and will take note of observations. A much more relaxed way of interviewing which I found less stressful and I had time to think about my answers without feeling rushed

helped me a great deal as I am just starting out in the career field

It makes me think wider and have more interest on customer service

This sounds like me except for the part about maybe overlooking the detail. I like to keep in mind the big picture but I am fairly pedantic about detail so I don't this this would apply to me. I like to get things right first time. Thanks, Barry

After receiving this email I found it very helpful and i really appreciate the feedback. I read this entire four times and made me smile every time. I agree that it has made more confident as a person and more self aware of my strengths and areas i need to grow in.

Really surprising and accurate results, I really appreciate the insight! Thank you!

Youve made me see some other view points that I couldn’t. Thank you for that and thank you for your honest answers.

Thank you for your reply...i can relate to the findings of this survey.

I love the way everything was outlined so smoothly and straight to the point even giving advise.

it gave my an insight to my personality and strengths, thank you.

Wow! The insights are pretty much precisely the worker/person I am. I have enjoyed receiving the coaching tips and will reference them regularly to become a better employee.

Yes as I find it hard to speak about myself so the feedback I’ve had has helped me with words I didn’t know to say about myself thanks

I found this useful because it has made me feel like I know my strengths and weaknesses and what I can improve on for the future

I've come to learn a lot about myself this year. Especially my weaknesses and strengths in workplaces and with others. Im continuously learning to become a better, more valuable person. And the feedback and the way PredictiveHire presented their system of interview questions and response has absolutely fascinated me. I appreciate the person and the cooperation behind this whole system. Truly thankful.

I found this to be quite accurate actually, thank you

It helps me to improve myself about expressing my skill and knowledge in an interview

I found the personality insights provided after the typed interview were excellent. Thank you for this.

I found this extremely useful thank you very much

It’s good feedback and very helpful

I found this very useful as I feel relaxed and assured about myself, hopefully I get the chance for an interview to become one of your team.

the results are extremely accurate reading it, i felt like i wrote it. Helped me focus on certain personality traits, Very happy.

I found this useful because I will use this feedback next time.

This is great and sounds exactly like me.

This was really helpful and actually really spot on! So interesting to see that that was picked up from online questions and answers.

It is very useful reading a feedback about our answers. We can improve and be more confident

Thank you , this was useful and interesting how the profile is broken down , a useful tool.

It was a little of a let down as I am a leader n I aim to please please give me an opportunity

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Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

The changing role of the Organisational Psychologist

BY Team PredictiveHire


The Workforce Science team are on the road again!

This time, we are heading to Sydney to host a session at APS’s 12th Industrial and Organisational Psychology Conference (IOP).

IOP is Australia’s premier conference for us organisational psychologists, so it has a permanent spot in our calendars. And this year, we got extra excited when the conference was announced.


The theme of the conference is set to;
‘From Ideas to Implementation: Embracing the Challenges of Tomorrow’.

With a theme this relevant to our day-to-day work, we couldn’t stop ourselves from hosting a professional practice forum. The forum’s theme is what Elliot and I spend most of our time thinking about; the robots that are coming for our jobs!

It is crystal clear that there is a real need to discuss how our roles will change in the (not so distant) future.

Leading researchers from Oxford University and Deloitte estimate that machines could replace up to 35% of all job types within the next 20 years. So, we will need to find ways to coexist and work with the machines. But how?

In the forum, we will discuss our view on how the role of organisational psychologists will evolve. We will also present our thoughts on how this shift will impact us, both negative and positive aspects.

If you are attending IOP, feel free to come along and add to the discussion!

Our presentation – “The robots are coming (to help us with hiring) for our jobs” – is scheduled for Thursday 14th July at 3.30pm.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the opportunities and challenges we face, as implementation of AI gets more widely adopted.

If you’re not attending the conference, but still would like to discuss this, don’t hesitate to drop us a line on LinkedIn (Elliot Wood/Kristina Dorniak-Wall). Elliot and I are always keen to chat about it!

Hope to see you at IOP!

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