LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

The entire information in the email was useful because the strategies that I have discovered will be important for my professional growth.

The feed back was very insightful. I will work on my weaknesses to make them into strengths. It good to get someone else's perception.

Holy Cow!! That was interesting, not sure about 4 & 5 , but good to know. Hopefully a one on one interview will be granted Thank you Cindy

I think the feedback is extremely useful as it allowed me to reflect on both my strong and weak points, as well as giving me advice for improvement!

It was useful because it let me know what what you thought about my answered and gave me tips to be better in this career, the only thing I am curious about is how am I going to find out if I was successful?

These all are prominent behaviour skills and these all are very helpful and taught us to react and move forward from a bad situation. thank you, this is so encouraging.

This recognise inner person’s qualities.

This was very useful to me because I was able to learn things about myself I couldn’t see that’s why I want to work for this company because I will love it here!

outsiders opininion is a great way to see how you come across.

what i found scary was how very accurate this was! very good, gave me a smile.

The system made me express my strengths concisely, refining my ability to define them accurately.

This has helped me to see what attributes I do posses, and what I may need to improve or change to become a better, well rounded person.

I found this useful as it helped me personally and actually think about my own actions and what I need to work on myself!

I'm so happy that you feel this way about me which is all true I'm confident in the my work and will work hard and show my skills I aim to please and I will not get mixed up in people's conflicts I'm here to work thank you for my f3ed back

It was very accurate! I enjoyed reading your insights into my personality

Yes it was a good inspiration and advice, but I was wondering if I actually got the job

I appreciate the insights and agree with most except part2 of insight 3 not sure how keeping my work life and private life separate would hinder my ability to fast productivity at work? As I believe I am a quick learner and very productive and look fir jobs assist other if I finish my own job

was very interesting reading what you thought of who i am base on my application. There was some truth in most of the statement made except the last statement about the privileges. What i do for other, as little or big even the tiny i do it with love just love which make it easy and i seek or ask for nothing in return cause the more i give of myself and love another as myself i have no need to look for reward or think i am better or worst in anyway. Thank you for your time 8-).

Yes this questionnaire was very useful and fully described me to the point.

The advice was helpful because it encouraged me to want to improve the way I care for myself.

Bits of this are very perceptive; but of it I don' really recognise. I think I'm fairly reliable, and am puzzled by the analysis that others may feel I am closed to feedback (I can't remember that ever being the case) or that I'm unpredictable and people may not know which me is 'turning up' (doubt that very much).. but anyway, interesting nonetheless!

It is very good how Iceland works

i found this feed back usefull as from what you have told me i have realised i need to learn how to be a leader and put out my personal point of view and i endeavour to do so in the future when necessary, thanks for getting back to me🙂

i found it useful as it helps me know what others think of me and makes me feel more comfortable

Hi......I am quite amazed with the results as it was spot on, although I may disagree about me not giving my opinion which I usual do as i am an outspoken person and also value the opinion of others regardless. I appreciate your feedback, thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback

Honestly felt like I was getting a spiritual reading when I was reading that diagnosis report. I would agree with what was written and definitely take on board the advice given to move forward. Thank you.

The feed back I received from you was good as your break down and description ove me was quite accurate to point of I could not have done it better myself

This was very useful, as it assists me in knowing my strengths and weaknesses, and provides advice on how to advance in my professional life.

It was very interesting and a lot of the feeback was accurate so that is positive. I already shop at Iceland its good value with good products. But it is also hood to know they invest in such things for their employees

It was very useful to me because it can help me grow professionally

Thank you for your feedback. I really appreciate it. This feedback will help me improve myself in many ways.

For Insight 2, it says: This may come at the expense of accuracy and quality of work. This is false as I am quite pedantic about my accuracy, making sure that I check my work, and when writing, I proofread everything I write. I found it useful as I can handle constructive criticism in order to improve myself. Thank you

It was very encouraging to here such comments

I found this useful as I learned things about myself that I didn’t realise before

The information was spot on about me and I appreciated seeing what’s true about me told to me

Interesting not sure about insight 1 as I am always looking at new improved ways rather than the road well traveled

It gives ma a good insight about myself and possibly how others see me

I found this useful as you got the right insight of me as a person and have also given me areas on to improve

Thanks I found this feedback really good to look back on.

Hi My Name is Lewis, This has helped me realize theirs more in life to be free rather then hiding under a rock most your life expressing a good vibe of emotion and mood. Be happy more as life will not always go to plan.

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Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

The difference between psych tests and predictive analytics

BY Barbara Hyman


One of the questions we get asked a lot is “what’s the difference between psych testing and predictive analytics”. So today we’re going to unpack this a little bit and look at how the two differ, and where they are similar

Psych Testing

Psych testing has been around for decades. It’s an old-school form of predictive analytics. You look at a big group of people who are in the same role and figure out what’s common with their profiles, define a set of questions to test for the common attributes for that role and then apply that as a broad-based test for anyone who is applying for that same role.

What makes psych testing compelling?

It’s been around for a while, so people are familiar with the practice.

Read more: The Changing Role of the Organisational Psychologist

What makes psych tests limiting?

It’s generally expensive, cumbersome to interpret, and based on a very big assumption that if you fit the profile you will be successful in the role.

Psychological assessments have long been used to identify ‘hidden talent’ or ‘potential’ in people with limited work experience. Whilst these traditional assessments have reduced the hiring and promotional error rates, they take time to analyse, are costly, and are built off competencies inherently imbued with bias. It gives a suggestion that you are a fit, but we know that this rarely correlates to actually being successful in the role.

Psych tests are testing your ability to do a test. That’s it. Traditional psychological assessments do not link to actual performance in the role, nor do they have any self-learning functionality. There is no performance data that feeds into psychological assessments and therefore they have limited predictive power.

Predictive Analytics

In the context of PredictiveHire, we use actual performance data to predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in the role they have applied for. The applicant completes an online questionnaire, but in-between the questions asked and the applicant’s responses is a data model. This statistical model draws on many different objective data points to predicts a candidate’s success in the role.

This also enables an efficient and immediate feedback loop about the actual performance of the hired candidate, improving the accuracy of the predictive model over time. Very quickly the predictive model that you use to select high performers becomes completely customised for your business. You build your own bespoke Intellectual Property, which becomes even more valuable with use.

Where does the prediction come from?

We all try to find patterns to help us make decisions, whether it’s ‘this restaurant looks busy so it must be good’, to ‘this person went to the same university as me, so they must know what they’re talking about’. We are often blinded by our innate cognitive biases, such as our tendency to overweight the relevance of our own experience. We end up in a tourist trap eating overcooked steak because that’s what everyone else was doing.

Our predictions are based on analysing objective data – someone’s responses to a set of questions, compared to the objective performance metrics for that same person in the role. This is a much more reliable and fairer way to make the decision. The democracy of numbers can help organisations eliminate unconscious preferences and biases, which can surface even when those responsible have the best of intentions.

Alchemy of high performers

We work closely with the recruiter or hiring manager to drill down into the qualities of a high performer, and then structure a bespoke application process to search for this. This could be a high level of empathy for customer service or the drive and resilience needed in sales.

Like all AI, our system improves with data. It learns what kind of hires drive results for your business, and then automatically begins to look for this with future applications. Ultimately, the more applicants that apply, the better it gets in identifying which people best match your requirements. And the longer you leverage our system, the more effective it gets.

Hopefully, that’s given you a good overview of where we differ, and what some of the advantages of implementing this into your recruitment process. Still, looking for more?

You can try out PredictiveHire’s FirstInterview right now, or leave us your details to book a demo 😀

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