LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

All the feedback about my personality which i got is very useful to me,by this i can know what others think about me and i can improve my self where people think i am weak.Thanks

Good feedback to review and have self reflection

It lays out in simple and straight to The point on what I need to do.

Yes it is helpful because i get to know of more abilities that have and strengthen

Yes, I found this useful as I am always looking to improve my personal qualities. As I am always open to feedback that I can grow on.

I really found the answers very

Searching for work can be a drain on self esteem and a bit depressing , I appreciated getting feedback that was very positive It gave me a boost So Thank you 😊

very helpful. thankyou

Thank you for your feedback. I believe constructive criticism is important for self growth. By being aware of areas i can improve on I can achieve greater success with each application.

It initiated more self confidence and gave me something to work on

This was a true reflection of me. It's lovely to get some feedback and tips.

It has seriously helped me gain confidence in myself as a person and has helped me realise my strengths.

It gives me food for thought. Obviously having my own business influenced my focus on it's success and survival.

It’s useful however there was no information about if I was successful in the interview

I would like to make a complaint about Oracle CMS Gold Coast. The guy who trained me swore constantly during training, and on my first day I was harangued until I resigned after just 15 minutes. Good luck, my tip would be to fire those Managers and hire some new ones. It’s obvious they are incompetent anyway, the one lady I spoke to on the phone said she had already been incorrectly transferred by the team.

Thats what I actually need to work on I need to stand my ground and also be able to disagree with someone in a good way

thank you very much for your insight I am always happy and open minded to new ideas and opportunities as I am a humble person and always respect somebody's opinion.

I found it useful to identify my strengths I didn’t even realise I had and my weaknesses I can work on to improve on.

not many company give you feedback and it a good way of knowing what i need do best

Wow!! I can say that insight was probably 95%+ correct. I find it good that potential employers are using this type of thing to ensure that they have the correct type of workforce. If my results are anything to go by then as long as the respondents are being honest the results are spot on.. Keep up the good work.

That was excellent feedback for me i think that helped me out with work so much so i know what im doing and how i should be when im working.

I think this was great and pretty accurate, it gave me some things to think about for future recommendations about myself

Yes I did I found out more about myself which I didn't know

Because it help me learn more about myself

Thats amazing. Pretty spot on. Thanks

I thought this was nice to read and was a good idea.

Its always good to get feedback as this will help me improve my strength and weakness which will make me a better person in general.

Yes I did find this useful but normally in a meeting I am in the so called front room . I am very interactive . I pride myself for delivering goods on time every time I thrive on a challenge and sourcing information. I do see customers as a priority in front of me. I have come from being self employed as a plumber and understand that timing is everything running a job site. I would like to add that my resume I have had prepared reads that I I would like to apply for store manager it should be trade manager or within your trade area. I thank you for your feedback and look forward to talking to you soon.

Ii finds it's really important to gain feedback so I can make improvements for the future

The majority of my feedback was true, it’s pretty cool what you can get back about your personality just by answering a few questions. I will definitely use the coaching tips!

This made me understand the ups and downs of my personality, thanks.

This feedback that you have given me, practically defines my character and I appreciate that it was detailed as such. Thank you.....

I was surprised to receive such information and appreciated the recommendations made. Most of the insights are very accurate and it is useful to reflect on myself.

It's always good to get feedback I can take praise or criticism it's nice to see yourself on paper!!

Very impressed at the insights, they are near enough a true reflection of me.... Don’t know how you have done it ,

Thank you so much for the feedback . I am really grateful for that . I look forward to make myself more better and focus on myself

Made me realise more about myself and to be proud of who I am

It was interesting to see how others ‘ perceive ‘ yourself !

Because it was very enjoyable and interesting and I learnt a lot about on line interview.

Tell or explain the WHY question. - They are useful and helpful to me of course. - Reason 1 - I shall have a great deal of task to work on from now. Hopefully, I could get a chance to do or make a change to be or become more and more open-minded and creative or adaptable. With an appropriate amount of curiosity which will be able to help me to do just that and achieve it sooner. Thank you. - Reason 2 - Be prepared to work along with the predefined or predetermined work process and/or requirements plus at the same times, get ready to adjust and deal with a new potential work rules changed (a self gearing to the point of adaptability). - Reason 3 - Work with a team and work within a team. Be a great team member who will make self contribution to the team's business plan plus coordinating with the overall team contribution. Shall we say that one for all and all for one would be the right culture at work wherever may be, thank you again. I hope that I have said it all right regarding why I would see the usefulness and helpfulness of the insights, coaching tip (reflection and action) I have received from the test results, thank you everybody and bye from Ka Por Chan.

I think its always good to know how others see you we are not always perceived how we think we are ....

The results were mostly right, but the insight #1 does not sound like me. I m very open to new and creative ways of thinking and I always speak my opinion, even when others don't agree. I just make sure I listen to different opinions as well. I do Speak my mind, but again at the right time.

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

The ROI of Hope

BY Barbara Hyman


Getting your organisation’s candidate experience right is proving to be something we’ll hear about increasingly as job applicants demand more from companies they interact with.

A recent poll on Linkedin by a recruitment specialist that attracted almost 80,000 views and 1000’s of reactions revealed that 52% of the people polled (one assumes mostly recruiters) believe that a template email is good enough as a response to an application for a job.

When it comes to recruitment, responding to candidates has always been an area we know has been ripe for improvement. And it costs companies too, with a bad candidate experience said to have cost Virgin $5 million.

That’s not to say there aren’t historical reasons why recruiters have not been able to respond to the hundreds of applicants received for a job – until now it’s not been something we can practically do with limited time and resources. This is where AI plays a fundamental role in moving our industry forward as it allows mass personalisation at scale.

Hiring With Heart

This has never been more important than right now as we have had mass job losses across industries due to the impact of COVID-19. If you look at the Hospitality and Tourism industry across the globe, it’s hard to wrap your head around the sheer number of job losses with very little hope of returning to normal any time soon. If with every job application we were able to give each unsuccessful candidate feedback on where they could improve, what industries might be a good fit for them, and what their strengths are, imagine the impact we could have in activating the world economy by redeploying these job seekers to areas they will thrive in.

This is entirely possible and every day we hear about the impact our technology is having on people’s lives when they get personalised feedback designed to steer them in the right direction.

81% of people who get personalised feedback from our platform said it was useful in identifying their strengths, 71% said it would help them better prepare for interviews and 59% said it would help them find a job that suited them.

And lastly, it’s not something we can quantify, but we do believe it’s important, what we’re giving so many people right now is hope. We think that’s something worth companies cultivating alongside us too.

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