LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

The insights received were somewhat accurate and helpful, thank you for sending me them. This is the first time a job I've applied for has given me insight on how to become a better person and am grateful for you doing so. Even if I do not get accepted to work at Iceland I'm going to become a better version of myself for when I do get a job in the future. So once again thank you and goodnight

I found this useful because now I know my strong points and I’ll work on my weak points!

this first i am looking for a job to give me test feedback and let me to know my self better so I can improve and know which they should keep. Thank you so much this way in better science way to help future employees and peolpe who is looking for a job

Very good to hear another persons opinion of yourself.

Excellent and accutate stayements about myself. I will use this moving forward.

Very interesting and on reflection very accurate. Definitely taking this information forward. Thanks

I am so great full for this critic as it doesn’t hinder what I have been doing but makes me want to do even better the next time. Every curve is a learning curve.

It was very useful because you described me as a person of who I am and that gives me a certainty that I am doing the right thing in decision making. In regards to the reflection and tips is very important, I will take that on board in my future career to try and minimize stress and downtime. Thank you very much!

Very useful so it shows the areas I may need to improve in but also exceed in.

This was very useful because i found out how my actions reflect on my personality and the person i am.

I found this very useful as it told me what I need to work on whilst appreciating my strengths.

This is very useful and accurate.

This is good because it lets you see what others see from their perspective and shows you things that may need to be improved.

This told me a great deal about my personality and how I can build on the positive traits I have! This improved my confidence greatly.

Hey thanks for sharing views and this is really grateful and useful behaviour in corporate culture.

I enjoy constructive criticism. I will make sure to focus on these areas in order to improve.

It was interesting hear to in more detail some of the styles and details of how I act in a workplace. This will be very useful and helpful during interviews and explaining my strengths to an employer.

It was useful to get a perspective of myself from someone who doesn’t know me but can give me my strengths and weaknesses , and can confirm what I know about myself

Just interesting to see how accurate it is by simply answering a few questions.

Thank you for those comments - there is always room for self-development and improvement.

Useful as in clarification with portions of the report correct and some not quite. It is always helpful to learn how we are seen and in this instance I can also hope it leads to a position within the bunnings group

I am amazed at how accurate this assessment was

I get to know my weak point's and work on it and also know what I'm good at

It provided me with a positive out look on myself , as to who I am as a person and being aware of others in my environment emotionally and respectfully.

It helped me understand myself better and understand how people see me

The more you know yourself the better you can tell others what you have to offer

I very Happy that were pleased about my online questions Thank so much. I found this very easy to use

Good to find this out so I can improve on what I am weak at.

It made me realise that I'm one of the strong woman, intelligent, patient and tolerance person. It builds my self esteem and confidence, I gives me the courage to be observe my success.

I found it useful, as any insight into my personality and behaviour from another source other than myself, helps me with my self-growth. Thank you

Was useful that you pointed out on things I should practice my skills.

Points out areas where you could improve yourself

Very true

I feel like this can help you with future interviews and kind of shows you more about yourself and how you answer questions.

It was useful to me because it explains on what Briefly on what I do

I was surprised at how close to the mark you were with your comments about me. Extremely curious also as to how you achieve this without a face to face meeting. Overall, very helpful & I will take your suggestions on board. Thank you.

It was quite accurate and very useful.

Yes I found what you say useful, Its good to hear things that can make you grow as a person in work situations and in social life thank you.

Hi I found the results interesting as it highlighted my strengths and as well some areas for improvements. Thanks Regards Mike

I think this was very interesting to read. I would consider it to be an accurate summary of my personality and I easily recognised myself in the analysis. It was surprising that I gave some much information about myself in so few words.

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

What can Ai help us discover?

BY Team PredictiveHire


We are asked often in customer meetings – What does the data reveal?

What can AI help us discover? How can we make better people and business decisions by looking at the data?

By using SOM maps to map personality for more than 85,000 applicants using their HEXACO scores, 47/53% male and female, candidates spread across 2 regions – the UK and Australia, we identified 400 unique personality profiles. 

It turns out that personality is somewhat more complex than the 16 types long promoted by Myers Briggs.

Following SOM’s show the percentage density of male, female and sales candidates across the 400 different HEXACO profile groups. The size of each bubble represents the total count of individuals mapped to each profile. Darker shades represent higher % of each category.

The ‘so what’ …

  • People are different. There is a whole spectrum of personality. Even 400 groupings of personality don’t convey the variance in personality in the population
  • Gender is less meaningful as a lens into personality than what role family you sit in- the genders are not that different when it comes to personality profiling
  • Role family differences are noticeable.  Gender personality differences at the role family level are negligible. “Sales” candidates come from specific personality profiles (i.e. HEXACO combinations) and it is clear that certain personality profiles are drawn to sales more than others. See the SOM on Sales that clearly shows some profiles are more likely to be sales candidates than others (the darker bubbles).

Why natural language is a better approach to discovering personality traits

Personality is widely accepted as an indicator of job performance. Until now, the only way to accurately measure personality was through long and repetitive 100+ item personality tests, where the candidate experience is proven to be weak. The PredictiveHire team breaks new ground disrupting decades of assessment practice by showing that answers to standard interview questions related to past behaviour and situational judgement can be used to reliably infer personality traits. Leveraging natural language processing, machine learning and personality theory, we validate that text is a reliable indicator of hidden personality traits. Additionally, this approach to candidate interviews is blind to gender, race and any other characteristics that are not directly relevant in job selection. Instead, every applicant is given a fair opportunity to express themselves and be evaluated equally.

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