LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

This really boosted my confidence and shown me the new areas I can go through

You have carefully reviewed my answers and this is very good for me and I am proud to work with accurate people like you.

Thank you for the feedback. Gave me a better understanding in doing things too

I am laugh out loud because it is so mind readers🤔

It gave me a more in-depth understanding of qualities that I have.

It great to here about you and your thinking where you can improve

I don’t understand how a computer, no matter how it’s programmed can asses a humans personality .. there are several points I disagree with just to mention 3 of them ..1. I’m actually quite out spoken at work if I have something I feel is worth saying.. I say it.. 2 people do see me as reliable as I’m never off work or late and don’t let my team down. 3 I have a lot of social friends from my old school pals, horsey friends and work colleagues as well as my family I’m a real person Thanks Susan

Very positive response. Thank you.

That was really interesting. It sounds quite spot on really.

Mostly right, except the quieter disposition. I am known for strong leadership skills and like to work alongside my staff and achieve a happy working team that then means that the whole team is recogonised for the stores success. Happy team, successful store results.

I love explaining myself in different situations. Helping others too

I am amazed at how accurate this assessment was

All the above mentioned was absolutely correct even my areas that needs approvement I'm a very open minded person that loves feedback and others opinions , growth for me is also necessary , thank you so much.

I found it useful to receive this information as it allows me to see where my strengths and weaknesses lie. It also allowed me to see how a potential employer may view my application.

This was very useful as it was correct with most things about me, but also made it clear how i could be an even better worker, this type of interview and feedback is very effective and helpful towards me!

Thank you for your insights from my behavioural review, I would only disagree on first point as I am always pro-active and open to new challenges and ideas for increasing productivity and don't often take the 'road travelled' unless it is expected process and protocol but appreciate the opportunity to participate.

Yes it is helpful because i get to know of more abilities that have and strengthen

Hi thought the insight very useful although might not agree with Insight 2 as I am generally very organized and very reliable. Thanks for sending through as always good to reflect and improve

very useful but disagree with insight 3. i enjoy haveing a good coversation and sharing my personal life as long as it does not get in the way of work.

Very interesting it’s the first time to come across something like this; I appreciate the coaching tip, thank you. 😊

It is good to find ways to make life better for myself and others

I think this is great and I think for the most part is correct.

It's very interesting to do this questionnaire. And the result is pretty accurate.

I found the feedback strengthening my self-confidence and encouraging

These are useful tips I can use for future reference.

The wa a great and was so insightful. This helped me learn more about myself and my areas of strength and weakness. Great tool, very commendable.

Mostly accurate, although I tend to lead a conversation (that is dying) I like the feedback, thank you !!!

Gave me more confidents to engage more in challenging conversation,feel very proud that Iceland has taken the time to profile me ,which is spot on

This was very useful as it helped me relize what I need to work on and my strength thank you

Fascinating!! I do a lot of self development work to constantly be better. I agree with your action plan. This has been more of a validation of where I believe I'm at now. Amazing that you could deduce all that you did from my responses. Very impressed.

Wow... I wasn't expecting feedback but I'd say you are pretty spot on with most of it!

It was helpful to hear characteristics that employers admire and tips to improve the way I would come across in the workplace.

This was very useful and helped me think more about myself and how I can use this feedback in potentially future jobs!!

Very interesting and quiet spot on. There is a few areas I need to work on which I am trying to.

I love the idea that it's all blind screening, it really gives everyone a chance to be themselves and answer everything to the best of their ability. I really appreciate the feedback and I can 100% agree that the feedback was bang on with who I am and how I function as a worker. I hope to use this knowledge about myself to be a better worker.

I found that the results, particularly Insight 3, couldn't be further from the truth. Since school I was alway the 'joker' and loved being the entertainer. Through my career in the Army, 26 years of the Prison Service and 4 years of the funeral industry, a good sense of humour and my ability to step up, and out, has been essential. In my social life, I even managed to get the 'lead role' in a production of Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story. This was despite never having acted before and being unable to read music. I played guitar, sang 23 songs and acted in front of over 600 people each night. Insight 2. As a prison officer I was also a trained Hostage Negotiator. This was a highly stressful job that required quick thinking and very often had unexpected developments that required swift and effective dynamic decisions and risk assessments. Insight 5, I was, on a number of occasions effected by drama, but the jobs I was doing meant that I had to deal with things 'at the end of the day'. I have on many occasions been frightened, at work, and actually dreaded going into work, but I did it because that was my job and people depended on me. So, I found this useful as it highlights the that sometimes you can't really 'sell yourself' or present yourself as effectively as you can in a face to face interview. Thanks Gary

Thank you so much for this. Surprising what you can get out of a fee questions. I was hoping that it would be put with my application to assist in the prospective employer knowing who I am.

Hi, I did find this very interesting as there are things there I wouldn't have thought about myself. I will make a conscious deision to take on board what you have told me. Thank you.

I find it more useful because it helps me discover more about myself and areas of improvement.

After reading your feedback my first reaction was wow , This made me really think about how to make minor changes So i can make myself more self confident. When I sit back and think about it you couldn’t have been more accurate. Thank you

It has seriously helped me gain confidence in myself as a person and has helped me realise my strengths.

I found the coaching tip very helpful. Allows further scope of improvement, thank you.

This was a great insight into my personality that I might not have been aware of. Thank you for the prompt feedback!

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  • How the language of texting can reveal how long we might stay in a role

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

How the language of texting can reveal how long we might stay in a role

BY Team PredictiveHire


Language has long been seen as a source of truth for personality – it defines who we are.

It should not be surprising then that language is also the basis of most traditional forms of personality testing.

The lexical hypothesis is a thesis, current primarily in early personality psychology, and subsequently subsumed by many later efforts in that subfield. Despite some variation in its definition and application, the hypothesis is generally defined by two postulates.

  • The first states that those personality characteristics that are important to a group of people will eventually become a part of that group’s language.
  • The second follows from the first, stating that more important personality characteristics are more likely to be encoded into language as a single word.

The lexical hypothesis is a major foundation of the Big Five personality traits, the HEXACO model of personality structure and the 16PF Questionnaire and has been used to study the structure of personality traits in a number of cultural and linguistic settings.

Noam Chomsky summed up the power of language nicely:

“Language is a mirror of mind in a deep and significant sense. It is a product of human intelligence … By studying the properties of natural languages, their structure, organization, and use, we may hope to learn something about human nature; something significant …”



Language is the basis of conversational Ai and it’s very different (and way smarter) than a simple chatbot.

Where chatbots can be programmed to provide answers to basic questions real-time, so that your people don’t need to do that, these answers are canned answers to basic questions delivered through text. They lack the smarts to truly discover what your text responses say about you.   The engagement between the chatbot and the individual is purely transactional.

Conversational AI is more about a relationship built through understanding, using natural language to make human-to-machine conversations more like human-to-human ones. Conversational AI offers a more sophisticated and more personalized solution to engage candidates through multiple forms of communication. Conversational AI gets smarter through use and connects people in a more meaningful way.

Put simple, Conversational Ai is intelligent and hyper-personalised Ai, and in the case of ‘Phai’, (PredictiveHire Ai)  its is underpinned by provable and explainable science. We have already published our peer-reviewed scientific research which underpins our personality science.

This month we published our second piece of research to explain how our Conversational Ai can predict someone’s likelihood to stay in a role.

The scientific paper may not make it to your reading table, although you can download it here (“Predicting job-hopping likelihood using answers to open-ended interview questions” ) but the business implications cannot be ignored.

According to one report, voluntary turnover is estimated to cost U.S. companies more than $600 billion a year due to one in four employees projected to quit and to take a different job. If your turnover is even a few basis points above your industry average, then being able to leverage conversational Ai as the tool for screening will save your business $’s.

Our research used the free-text responses from 45,899 candidates who had used PredictiveHire’s conversational Ai. Candidates had originally been asked five to seven open-ended questions on past experience and situational judgment. They also responded to self-rating questions based on the job-hopping motive scale, a validated set of rating questions to measure one’s job-hopping motive. The self-rating questions were based on the job-hopping motive scale, a validated set of rating questions to measure one’s job-hopping motive.

We found a statistically significant positive correlation between answer text and self-rated job-hopping motive scale measure, and that the language inferred job-hopping likelihood score had correlations with other attributes such as the personality trait “openness to experience”.

This is the power of true predictive Ai.

Ai, that is the bridge between HR and the business. It is this kind of quantifiable business ROI that distinguishes traditional testing with Ai models.

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