LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Hi, thank You for the feedback, it will help me to improve & learn from life.

Gaining insights into yourself should be a continuous learning process.

It was very accurate! I enjoyed reading your insights into my personality

Hi I found this really insightful and useful especially the part about not investing in the emotional needs of others

It describes me in a fantastic way and explains to the interviewer a great range of aspects

I am always interested in gaining insights into my skills as a team player. As well as have my self impressions confirmed.

Absolutely spot on! Amazing.

I found this useful to reflect on what others see me as, I am hard working and like to explore different possibilities in life.

This insight is very useful as any time we have the opportunity to self-assess and see ourselves from another perspective is an opportunity to grow and develope. Very interesting, thank you!

Being mindful of others and how to be helpful when changes occur

I found it useful because it told me a lot about which is is quite true and I learned more about myself as well.

I found this useful because there are very few business that do this it's brilliant

I would like to leave this positive feedback as my personality result is pretty much reflect myself correctly.

It’s more clear to me thank you. I believe I can listen to others and communicate with them.

I feel the insights given were very truthful and realistic which made me feel that they were really good.

The insight given was very positive and informative.

pretty spot-on with everything

Information about how we can become better people is always good value. Improvement should be a personal quest for everyone.

The only thing was the comment on change? I actually love change and thrive when I match the benefits to change and implement a better way! Thank you for your feedback its very helpful! I’’ve taken onboard! Cheers Jacky

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it but just wanted to mention that I don't fully agree with some of the insights.

It is always helpful to receive feedback and another's opinion on the way you appear to operate. I'll have to ponder some of - thank you

Yes it was ,i like to hear honest feed back and better myself with it. cheers

It was very useful it summed me up pretty well

It definitely something I can benefit off going forward

Pretty much on the mark which shows your questions achieve getting a fair indication about applicants personality before meeting face to face

It’s given a few tips on ways to improve and implement the information you gave me

The coaching tips that give a reflection and how I can better my personal skills.

This was insightful and helpful, the coaching tips are useful for future career endevours.

This recognise inner person’s qualities.

The insights are really true and I'm surprised looking at them.

Very positive response. Thank you.

really useful to see how my words have given you a good insight to my personality. reading through the feedback I can see a lot of what you are saying in myself

Thank you for the feedback and the opportunity to showcase my skills and experience

It gave me a more in-depth understanding of qualities that I have.

The information was helpful to me as I can reflect on this and my insights and help me to navigate jobs suited to my insights.

Absolutely, I didn’t think of myself like this , I’ve actually never written anything like this thankyou,

Helps me understand myself a little bit better and see what parts of myself I can improve upon.

Very Interesting snd insightful A real conversation starter .


I found the insights about me quite accurate. I am quite a bubbly and outgoing person and didn't feel like this came across in number 4 but overall good.

This is so accurate. Just by the answers I gave it picked up on the type of person I am which is really reassuring.

It is always interesting to hear how I’m perceived upon first impression and allowing me to grow by listening and keeping an open mind for suggestions to help benefit myself and the team and ultimately the customers and company

I’ve found it useful because it made me realise a lot more things I’ve done that would help me thrive with this opportunity

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

Why AI is the timesaver all recruiters need

BY Team PredictiveHire


Hello HR Tech – Recruiting is so much easier!

Last week I made a promise to share a journey that brought me to be working in the business at the cutting edge of technology and science within the People/Talent sector.

In my previous post, I shared some of the thinking of people within my sector. This is what I learned about hard work during my 13 years working in tech recruitment.

I was 22 years old when I became a recruiter. I was competitive, driven and hungry to succeed. Not only in financial terms, like many other recruiters, but also my professional status and standing. I wanted to be one of the best at my job and to be respected for the work I did.

And I know there are thousands of recruiters out there whose hard work often goes unrecognised by clients, candidates, managers and colleagues alike. I no longer know exactly what it’s like to be a recruiter in 2018 but back in 2005-2010 if you joined one, my teams, we’d have had conversations that went something like this:

There is no shortcut in recruitment

It requires a lot of hard work and skill with a splash of good luck.

The hard work is the time commitment needed to consistently deliver for your clients and candidates.

You need the skill to learn the difference between C# and C++ and how technologies stack together.

Eventually, your business development efforts will combine with good luck when that client answers your call and confirms they are indeed looking to hire someone within your vertical specialism. Happy days!!

You agree to terms for the customer’s key role, you pat yourself on the back and then you go again – back to the hard work because now you’ve got to find suitable candidates.

Good recruiters already have a network of great candidates – you go to them first, qualify/rule out and you’ve got a shortlist inside an hour or two. Then, more hard work.

When the other unknown recruiters working at unknown agencies also trying to fill the same role, clock off at 6 pm to enjoy their evening plans, you’re still in the office.

If you’re anything like I was you’ll still be in the office until 9 pm when the contractors start to get a little irate.

“Sorry for ringing so late in your evening but I’m trying to fill a key role for an important customer.”

Most of them appreciate your hard work and candour. Some even sound impressed with your commitment.

A few get grumpy but them’s the rubs – it’s water off a duck’s back for a driven, professional recruiter who wants to do their best for their customer and won’t mind, professionally, ruffling the feathers of a few early-to-beders to ensure they keep on top of their game, delivering great candidates to their clients.

Eventually, your hard work pays off and you place the successful candidate (probably after at least one candidate did an interview no-show following the death of a distant relative/hospital appointment/dog vs homework / insert obscure excuse)

Meet Tom & Sally to get a sense of what I was filling – I was definitely ‘Tom’! 

That was my early recruitment career. Because I knew there were no shortcuts to success. I needed to graft, sacrifice my evening socialising (don’t worry, I made up for it at the weekends!) to ensure I found the best candidates for my clients.

I was a recruiter and I really, really loved my job. I genuinely hope today’s recruiters love their jobs as much as I did but the recruitment world I knew is no longer. And that’s because Talent AI has created a shortcut!

Not a corner-cutting shortcut. But an evidence-based, efficiency-creating, quicker, faster, more accurate shortcut.

AI can now rapidly identify suitable talent and create a shortlist of candidates for a human recruiter to then engage with.

A shortcut that also helps remove bias from talent workflows.

In fact, it’s such a clever shortcut that it should have its own name. I have a suggestion. Let’s call it…Recruitment!

Because recruitment was still recruitment when ATS providers rolled out filters and keyword identification tools which were quickly gamed by candidates – writing retail on a CV pushed it up the results list but that didn’t make the candidate more knowledgeable in retail.

It’s still recruitment – just done heaps better

Recruitment was still recruitment when talent attraction projects were created. Recruitment is still recruitment throughout the modern-day careers day (which I hope has evolved from my experiences back in the early 2000s)!

It’s still recruitment if you bring in video interviews (disclaimer: I hate the idea of video interviews; I think they simply shift bias to a different stage in the recruitment process).

Recruitment will still be recruitment with AI, it’ll just be better for candidates, clients and recruiters alike.

Suggested reading:…stment-decisions/

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