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Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

Workday with PredictiveHire = Faster Hiring Results

BY Team PredictiveHire


Being able to access interview automation just got so much easier inside Workday, with PredictiveHire.

To explore the use cases for PredictiveHire, let’s chat.

What does this mean for Workday users?

Here’s a quick rundown:

PredictiveHire is an interviewing platform that offers every applicant an interview – by mobile chat.

  • Candidate’s ‘first interview’ is fully automated. They answer 5-7 behavioural interview questions by text. With interview completion rates of 90%, the experience speaks for itself.
  • Candidates get something back of great value with 99% candidate satisfaction scores.
  • Candidate’s answers are assessed, scored and ranked – scores are in Workday for you to see.
  • You get to the best talent much quicker with 90% recruiter time savings, against standard recruiting processes.

And now that we are integrated into Workday, you can get all of these smarts inside your existing Workday application. PredictiveHire interviews every applicant in-depth and at scale for you – all by using a text chat that helps you find the best people fast. Our underlying data science has been accepted and published in international journals.

Workday HCM is feature-rich, why do I also need PredictiveHire?

Firstly, no one’s time is served well by screening thousands of CVs. With every additional applicant costs your business an extra $20 in screening if you are doing it the old way, automating the screening process is the commercial decision companies are now making.

  • It means you get talent in faster, and that can impact directly on business metrics
  • It means everyone gets an interview – without your team having to do any of the grunt work

….making it fairer and faster for everyone.

PredictiveHire is used by a diverse range of business all around the world. Still, most of them have similar challenges: 

  • how to find the right people for their most important roles 
  • how to find those people fast and efficiently
  • how to interrupt bias in hiring and promotion
  • how to ensure every person hired amplifies your values
  • how to create a candidate experience that is engaging and rewarding.

How does it work for Workday users?

Once your vacancy is created in Workday, a corresponding interview link will also be created.

Candidates click this link to enter their text-based interview. This is known as the FirstInterview.

As soon as candidates complete their interview, you will see their results inside Workday – all candidates are scored and ranked. You also get to see the candidate’s personality assessment, role-based traits and communication skills. With the pre-assessment already done for you, it makes shortlisting much faster.

By sending out one simple interview link, you nail speed, quality and candidate experience in one hit.

As a Recruiter on Workday, for what roles should we use PredictiveHire?

The FirstInterview experience is most commonly used for high-volume recruiting. Our customers typically use it in frontline customer-facing roles (like contact centres, customer service) and/or for low-skill roles.

PredictiveHire helps manage the disconnect between attraction and retention, allowing your Recruitment Teams to work more efficiently to hire the best talent whilst ensuring the applicants feel good about applying for a role with the business.

PredictiveHire solves the time problem of managing a large applicant pool. It solves the quality problem of pin-pointing the best people from that pool. It also solves the candidate experience problem by offering every applicant a fair chance at the opportunity (everyone gets an interview) on platforms they love to use. Plus as an added bonus every candidate gets something of immense value in return for their application.


I already use Workday – how do I connect PredictiveHire?

We are glad you are asked! The first thing to note is PredictiveHire is a paid app and sold separately. To explore the pricing that suits your organisation, let’s chat. We can take you through the integration process and describe how the interview automation experience works.

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Do you want to
hire faster?

If the answer is “Yes” then watch the video to see how introducing AI into your hiring will make it 90x  faster and deliver you brilliant results.

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