LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It is wonderful to get encouragement and praise. Their is not enough of it in the world today.

Thank you that was great feedback and have learnt a lot from this already. Yes sometimes being too comprising can but always be the right way and I understand that using my voice when it’s the right situation and done the right way is invaluable.

I found that the results, particularly Insight 3, couldn't be further from the truth. Since school I was alway the 'joker' and loved being the entertainer. Through my career in the Army, 26 years of the Prison Service and 4 years of the funeral industry, a good sense of humour and my ability to step up, and out, has been essential. In my social life, I even managed to get the 'lead role' in a production of Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story. This was despite never having acted before and being unable to read music. I played guitar, sang 23 songs and acted in front of over 600 people each night. Insight 2. As a prison officer I was also a trained Hostage Negotiator. This was a highly stressful job that required quick thinking and very often had unexpected developments that required swift and effective dynamic decisions and risk assessments. Insight 5, I was, on a number of occasions effected by drama, but the jobs I was doing meant that I had to deal with things 'at the end of the day'. I have on many occasions been frightened, at work, and actually dreaded going into work, but I did it because that was my job and people depended on me. So, I found this useful as it highlights the that sometimes you can't really 'sell yourself' or present yourself as effectively as you can in a face to face interview. Thanks Gary

Its nice to be asked questions and to answer them to the best of my ability and to be told what they think my strengths are

Very good feedback. I will use this when applying again to Icland. I am a strong believer in team work and Iceland is the ideal place to develop this skill.

I am impressed; this is a remarkably accurate and insightful representation of me. It has given me some great speaking points for future interview questions as well. Thank you so much.

The analysis was on par perhaps I should re-evaluate my strength and weaknesses, it's very helpful indeed.

Yes thank you for the feedback. I am actually a very social person at work and also outside of work. I will definently use the feedback to improve myself.

Oh wow this is amazing, never imagined you can learn so much about someone's personality through questions. But yes this definitely me. Thank you.

I found the feedback provided to me very useful, I know myself very well so I definitely agree with this information. I especially agree with the last insight, I need to look out for myself sometimes and showcase my skills and talents at times so that people can see what exactly I have to offer and so that I can be more valued. Instead of being. Modest and humble all the time, people will begin to think I have nothing to offer if I don't do this. Very insightful thank you.

It gives me more of an insight to myself and points that I might want to work on to become a stronger and better person.

It's always good to hear on how to improve yourself no matter how old you are 👍😌

I have a voice, it's not ok that I hold back as my input may add value. I am not growing from a comfort zone , it's ok to be different as that shows that I have something to offer.

Very helpful

Its always useful to gain insights on how to better yourself. Thanks

That is amazing. I am surprised at how close your questions gave you insight to my personality. I sometimes don't know what to say about myself. People that know me well would most likely say similar things.

Your insight I very helpful and are the part of my life I am trying to improve I find wot you mentioned Accurate thank you for the valuable feed back

I found this useful because it gave me some insight into my own personality. and the interview system.

This was great feedback and basically tells me what most of my friends and family say and previous teachers .

thank you for the feedback using this information will help me for next time i need to do something like this.

Its good to get feedback as this can help me get better. Thank you for your time I a.ppreciate it

Interesting not sure about insight 1 as I am always looking at new improved ways rather than the road well traveled

I found the results of the personality test very true. I appreciate the feedback and will make sure to take it on board.

This is useful as it was able to show me what my strengths are and also outlined what I need to work on which I think is really important

The insights given numbered 1-6 appears to be accurate from the answers I provided. I see truth in change which appeals to me, the description of me being organised and have a detailed planned approach. I am outgoing and enjoy social engagements/situations, i am consistent and emotionally centred and my past achievements give me a right to pursue this move now

Taken on board. My wife has regularly said to me that she loves the way I am willing to take on any task to provide for my family. Whether as a cleaner,truck driver, builder, pilot or General Manager I am comfortable. I have sat down and chatted with people like the Late Sen John McCain in the USA and the Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir, and see why they are great in their humility, but in sitting down and chatting with my truck drivers, I see why they are great also. I have also sat and chatted with Singer Jessica Simpson from the USA and her riches and attitude do not make her great. What makes us good at what we do is our attitude towards others because they are our only judges.

Thank you. I found this extremely useful. It's nice to receive responses as you've outlined as it re-affirms to me that my performance generally has been up to speed and thought-worthy of others. Unfortunately when you get to the older age bracket these comments aren't generally presented in the manner you have. Thank you again.

This saw me my inner strength and the kind of person i am which will help me to showcase and to help others.

I love having feedback on how I improve on myself so any insight is great. This was a very positive surprise for me as I am not aware of any other company doing this.

I can 'see' myself in many of the comments and find this process really interesting! It is always useful to see yourself as others see you and constructive criticism is helpful. I love it!

Because everything is true

The feedback was vary helpful in showing me that I do need to be more patient and understanding in more situations but also highlighted some of the things about myself that I love and I can use this feedback in my everyday life😁 thankyou

I don’t think this is useful at all as many of the ‘personality traits’ I’ve been told are not what I’m like. More useful to be face to face with a person and ask questions to get to know them rather than a computer assuming things about someone’s personality.

I found this feedback very useful because I think it is a confirmation because someone else mentioned some of the personality traits that are said in the feedback so I really know how others view me and where to improve and what to keep as an individual. This experience has made me a bit more confident in knowing some of my strengths and knowing when to use them I am very pleased with the feedback because it is very honest and will teach me how to be more confident going forward and not just sit in the backroom but also allow me to take the center stage when necessary or when given a chance.

Great to have a way to put things about myself into better words.

It's always better to get a different viewpoint from a different place that is completely unbiased than from family who may be biased so the feedback from the WebHelp team is highly valuable as I had even forgotten some of the positive things I possess mentioned in the feedback.

It definitely made more self aware just like the initial interview did, it was almost too good, really nailed how I think, that's why the feedback felt so important.

Wow, I'm amazed that you can get all that accurate info from a questionnaire. I definitely need to reflect and decompress, I will definitely take that on board.

Luci testing the fancypants new Insights form that Madhura has built. It's amazing.

Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate Webhelp emphasis on work-life balance. I genuinely enjoyed learning more about key attributes that helped me to understand my responsibilities in a better way to work in a corporate culture and more importantly to make me an excellent candidate for my job role.

Wow, it was extremely accurate I’m not sure how you did it!

I found that you have described me exactly the way I am. Thank you

This helps me identify my strengths and weaknesses. This is good because it shows me what I need to work on or continue to do and achieve.

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We’ve created a quick, easy and fair hiring process that candidates love.

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As unemployment rates rise, it’s more important than ever to show empathy for candidates and add value when we can. Using PredictiveHire, every single candidate gets a FirstInterview through an engaging text experience on their mobile device, whenever it suits them. Every candidate receives personalised MyInsights feedback, with helpful coaching tips which candidates love.

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There are thousands of comments just like this …

“I have never had an interview like this in my life and it was really good to be able to speak without fear of judgment and have the freedom to do so.
The feedback is also great. This is a great way to interview people as it helps an individual to be themselves.
The response back is written with a good sense of understanding and compassion.
I don’t know if it is a human or a robot answering me, but if it is a robot then technology is quite amazing.”

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Do you want to
hire faster?

If the answer is “Yes” then watch the video to see how introducing AI into your hiring will make it 90x  faster and deliver you brilliant results.

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