LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Thank you. This reflection and synopsis is very helpful!

It was interesting to see the insights to actually have them pin pointed out like that is eye opening and refreshing to see where my strengths are.

it is useful to me because it's good to know how people evaluate you mostly when your going to be with them . Your welcome 😀

Most people have little self-awareness about interview performance, so any professional based feedback is helpful

Thanks HR department, It was wonderful to receive feedback! I would have loved the position at Freedom, hopefully there will be another chance.

Well I found this useful, as I'm not sure If I have ever completed a questionnaire like this before, or If I have I certainly didn't receive any feedback on completion unlike this time. Overall I found it to be a positive experience and enjoyed reading the outcome, In which was pretty much spot on. So I will use it to strengthen my weak points and highlight my strong points. Thankyou Justin Dollak

I found it useful because it speaks about the kind of person I am and gave me advice on what to work on.

Absolutely! This also gives me a good insight from another perspective which is great. Always welcome contructive criticism and so any way to improve is always a bonus.

I really appreciate this aspect of the application process as I always struggle with what to say when it comes to my strengths or describing my personality! The only thing I was slightly confused about was saying I could possibly be unpredictable - that couldn't be further from the truth! All in all, I think it's great.

I found this useful for recognising some of my strong factors of my personality, but also things that i should work on to better myself as a person and in the working field!

Interesting and informative. Some good points to look at and adjust.... Old dogs can learn new tricks!

I found this very useful it did say alot about me and I could recognise it in the way I work and come across to other people.

Thanks for sending this through. It is always very helpful to get feedback and invites discussion.

This is useful because it gives the business a better understanding of me and also gives me a better understanding of myself

Thank you for the feedback, I found it very informative and meaningful.

I found this useful because I now know my strengths and weaknesses and I can improve on my weaknesses.

Agree with the profile and more so with the reflection. Thank you

I love getting back feedback from colleagues and customers

I found it helpful ,, because you were able to look at me as an individual , and know where I could fit in , and do a good job.

I found your assumptions as to what you think I am like just from your questionnaire to be just that assumptions and unfortunately, you do not have the correct picture of what I am like as a person at all. Very disappointing.

Overall good feedback and insights.

I am a friendly helpful person love life love to be with others and get creative with things and not afraid of getting out there and trying something different love to listen to my friend love music love the outdoor sports what else can I say

That was an amazing description of me,, it was very accurate! I am impressed :)

I find the outcome over 90% correct and i am amaze by the analytic. I get to know myself a little bit more. Thank you Benoit Njika

I do not see it as being accurate but the feedback is noted and I like the fact feedback was given

Discovered my hidden strengths, potential growth and learned more about my personality.

It’s always good to get another perspective, feed back is just another way to improve yourself. Sometimes you can be very surprised by another point of view

Thank you I appretiate you getting back to me

it is a good way of helping people make the best out of themselves.

All of the bullet points you made sound like me

A time where I was in a stressful situation was during my GCSEs I found Maths and Science very having Dyslexia and Dyscalculia but I kept going to revision sessions, getting extra one to one support, tutor, revising at home and I did well in the end.

It’s really good now I know some of my strengths and some of my weakness and let’s me know what I can work on

I was quite amazed at how accurate my predictive personality assessment was.

Because it really explains what i’m like.

pretty good :)

I believe my words were less to define my personality but your analysis on my answers defined me more. I totally agree with the outcome of my personality.

I don't think these insights are useful.

This experience has been so beneficial and I’m extremely grateful

I found this very useful as it has helped me understand where I need to improve my personality in the future to be part of a team that works well and respects me.

I found the profile useful to understand how I come across to people. I would like to say, in regards actions suggested, I am an excellent at listening to people and gauging their position or intentions etc. People, family and friends and friends of friends come to me for advice and guidance and sometimes just to be heard. People respect my opinions as I am honest and dependable.

I appreciate the feedback... thank you so much, I have learned a lot about myself!!

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