LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Awesome insights after an online interview ! Such a nice surprise !love it!

I found this useful as it confirmed certain positive traits about me.

It was very insightful. It demonstrates that Bunnings are seeking certain personality traits to achieve success. Well done Bunnings.

It's very useful. I am surprised about myself😊

I really appreciated discovering these personal insight from you and thank you for the practice as you recomand me to do

I learnt more about myself through the questions I’m glad about

Oh my gosh. I find it fascinating to read these things!!! It really gives me a insight on how I am. Although I know most of them it’s nice to have them written down as I can analyse myself better. Thank you so much for sending this to me!!

Thank you was actually nice to read what you think in such a positive light

It tells a true story of who I am. Thank you for the feedback and appreciate the assessment.

I agreed with the personality profile, surprisingly very accurate and grate coaching tips.

It was great to get a overview of myself and now I can learn more about me and continue to improve in any areas I need to.

I found this quite useful. Seeing a break down of my personality helps me see my strengths and where I need improvement.

seeing the view of how i am in strength sometimes i put myself down but cover it with a different outcome

The info was truthful and insightful. The advice too is great

I have found this information useful because sometimes in past I have applied for job but did not get it and having a feedback on how I did is always helpful to get to be able to improve in that area I did not done too well. I think it’s always really helpful if you heard feedback from the people who sees your applications.

I found this experience to be worth while, thank you

Helpful tips and advice is always welcome, I am looking to improve my life and well being, and advance myself in new areas, not stay stagnant in one spot. Having some pointers as to areas I can improve on is a start for me to recognize where I can exercise the help I'm given.

The analysis was very interesting and reasonably correct though to say that I compromise accuracy and quality of work in order to get a task completed is wrong. Overall it does give me a clear view of my strengths and weaknesses which I appreciate.

Always useful to find out how others see you

I'm quite impressed with these insights. They are, for the most part, pretty spot on. As far as the "actions" go, decompression time is very important to me and almost always find time for it. Saying "no" is something I'm getting better at and self-compassion is a never ending journey depending on circumstances. I enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

Bunnings is great place to shop and work. It has excellent safety policy which helps teammates work efficiently even with customers presence. Yes, I am happy with my review. This also help me understand my strength and how can i make myself at workplace working as a team with my fellow teammates.

So useful because it build a good character at work...and a good strong problem solving skills

I found this useful because it helps me understand how to improve upon myself!

I found all this information very interesting, when I read the description and compared it to me , it sounded very much like me and it seem to have a lot of honesty to it.

I found this really useful as it was really glad advice and it made me feel good about myself.

Really helpful and actually match pretty much my personality and really helpful tips.Good job

Thanks for the insights, they were insightful

Told me areas that are my strengths and weaknesses and areas I could improve on.

Thank you for your honest feedback.

This is useful because I am able to know what I am able to bring to a company.

My experience was about HR generally and I really enjoy be a HR. But being a HR on oversea which you are not a native speaker. The possibility is really low. When I see the jetstar job advertise I felt really as I want this job. Because when i came for my wedding here in my return to Turkey. In the airport when gave my suitcase, I thought this is the job which I would love to do. And in your job advertise when I read discount for the employee for flight make me passion for this duty. Thank you and I wish we can have an interview with you. Additionally, I can convice you for work with you for least 7 years.

it helped me discover other attributes i did not think i have. and it will assist me in improving where neccessary.

I thought this was incredible to give me those kind of insights based on my answers. My answers came from the heart, really appreciate it and thought it was very accurate. Thank you for that

I found this really useful as it allows me to reflect upon my own personality and how I can adapt to different situations. It also shows that I take initiative into my own hands

This was very useful because there are things I didn’t know about myself and now I know and confident about. Thank you so much for the insights !

Job is so comfortable

Thank you for the feedback I promise to work on those coaching tips

I found this useful because i strive to do the best i can in everything i try, it's good to know either way how people see you in your role, wether that be doing a good job or if it needs to be done another way, it help's me be at my best.

I like it because it teaches about professionalism at the workplace. How a employee balance his personal and professional life. It teaches us how to build collaborative relationships with other peers and allow collective success of all team members.

This was super helpful to see how other people perceive me . I will always try working on being more confident and stating my opinion more . Thankyou so much

yes, i found this useful information,do i progress to any more interviews.

This is very useful, most of the things mentioned above is me. I tend to consider other people's opinions and feelings more than my own. Thank you for outlining those.

I was interested in your findings. But may I make a couple of observations. Insight One. I would add appreciation of function in design and reliability of workmanship. Insight Three. I would say I prefer to work with other people, but also feel a sense of achievement in completing a task on my own when required. Insight Four. I would say patient and reliable in difficult situations. Insight Five. I don't think I worry about unimportant things or lack confidence to any significant degree. Having said that, I sometimes consider myself honoured by others' trust in me. And response to your Coaching Tip. Making changes should come out of an evaluation process which ideally includes all stakeholders, and its sensible to take the time to explain the rationale for change. I've seen change implemented without going through this process and its not good for morale. And feedback on your observation about 'routine and defined processes'. Most jobs have elements of routine and less than exciting requirements. But if everyone pulls their weight, the end result is very rewarding for the team.

It was good to know that all the answers were honest by getting my personality right

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