LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I found this helpful because it provided advice on what to work on.

I agreed with most of the results! The coaching tips were amazing and I will totally apply them in my life!

Proabably 70 percent right which is pretty interesting. It matches about that amount when cross reffed off a DISC profile.

It was very refreshing to receive some sort of, any, feedback. The email was positive and the advice was, pracical, relevant and timely. Thank you

Its always good to receive feedback, and to hear the way others perceive us, to be able to maitain strength through compremise, compassion and understanding and to pick ones battles is an aquired skill and an acheivement in itself , thankyou for the opportunity and your input .

Yes I found that really interesting, it’s actually nice to get feedback and Rare.only 1 point I disagree with I’m no shrinking violet ! Thanks.

It’s gives me an insight of what I need to work on 😀

It was very useful

I found this very useful..the reason being..helped me to open myself..felt confident.

Quite astonishing, was very much like me.

The points raised are very helpful with self awareness. It’s important to have an idea of how others see you you, whether it be a bad listener or opinionated. I feel it’s very important to take theses suggestions on board and it’s a healthy reminder that everyone is has their own and people can perceive things very differently.

It was great reading, I found that most of it was indeed the person I am, it opened my eyes about myself.

It's interesting in that you seem have understood me very well, the only coment was with reagrd to listening to others. I always listen to others and try to fine a medium ground to move forward. One selling tool I learned early was that a good closing technique was to get agreement and make the need for your product seem like it was coming from the client

I found this useful because it opened up another pathway of self-reflection and to better myself as a person.

I have found this useful because it has told me that I am good at thing s but also has shown me what things I could improve on I really like the fact that you have taken the time to read my application and email me back that is very much appreciated so thank you for your feed back It has been very useful.

Tell or explain the WHY question. - They are useful and helpful to me of course. - Reason 1 - I shall have a great deal of task to work on from now. Hopefully, I could get a chance to do or make a change to be or become more and more open-minded and creative or adaptable. With an appropriate amount of curiosity which will be able to help me to do just that and achieve it sooner. Thank you. - Reason 2 - Be prepared to work along with the predefined or predetermined work process and/or requirements plus at the same times, get ready to adjust and deal with a new potential work rules changed (a self gearing to the point of adaptability). - Reason 3 - Work with a team and work within a team. Be a great team member who will make self contribution to the team's business plan plus coordinating with the overall team contribution. Shall we say that one for all and all for one would be the right culture at work wherever may be, thank you again. I hope that I have said it all right regarding why I would see the usefulness and helpfulness of the insights, coaching tip (reflection and action) I have received from the test results, thank you everybody and bye from Ka Por Chan.

Im so thankful for the feedback as it helps me alot with self-reflection,i have ao much mote to learn about myself then what i thought i knew, and this helped me alot in that direction.. Thank you so much

This was very insightful because I can use some points to create a cover letter and add it to my resume. I know more about myself now and I see how that will make me a success in my career . The coaching tip was very helpful , I took it as constructive criticism because I could pick up that it refers to what I spoke about on the interview.

Sounds good except for Insight 2 I agree that I am a free thinker always looking how to do jobs better which I class as an asset to a company. I feel future employers may focus only on the word unreliable. I think am more than reliable as in previous employment I was with a company for 17 years where planning was essential and only changed this job for less hours which they could not offer me along with travel time. I believe I am reliable and will endeavour to finish any task given even thinking outside the box to finish. Regards Robyn

Feedback is always useful for improvement and confidence

I think you are absolutely correct Thanks 😊

Thank you, yes it summarises me of the person i am

Yes this was useful! So accurate! This has helped me confirm that it’s ok to speak up if you have a different view and I will endeavour to do it more often in the right situations. Thanks

Well feedback was a positive one and I will work in the the tips shared as usually different opinions and correct guidennce makes an individual better.

This useful because it would help me prepare for an face to face interview and help me advance in my job role and be better person.

Thank you for the feedback of my interview it has helped me see how my personality is and what is good and bad about it so I can take into consideration and work on it. Regards Pedro

I felt it was very accurate and informative, with suggestions of how to also improve myself

I do find they are mostly accurate except for the interaction with others. I do enjoy other people’s company and also love helping people/customers get their desired outcome no matter how long it takes. A customer who walks away happy is a customer who will come back.

This was useful as I now have a goal to work towards while knowing my strengths

It was easy and quick

Wow! This has actually got me down to a 'T'. I've never really looked at myself in the ways you put, as I don't always think of 'Me'. The vocabulary used really touched me & I now know what wording to use to help with finding a job after I'm redundant at the end of this month. This has helped me no end. Thank you.

Some useful interpretations of my responses...give me some targets to personal developmental improvement.

Thank you for the feed back,I always put others before myself as that is my nature and find that it makes me happy to help others.

Hi just in relation to Insight 3, I am not reluctant to participate in teamwork at all, and my productivity is always top of my list! Please don’t let this insight affect any chance I have of getting a job, thank you.

Wow, you have described me to a "T" and it was very helpful in understand my strengths. Thank you for sending this it was very insightful!

Wow fairly accurate.

This was very useful and helped me think more about myself and how I can use this feedback in potentially future jobs!!

I cannot agree more with this

Absolutely, it was amazing the way you described me, this how I really feel and see myself and your reflection about my profile couldn't be more clear. Thanks

i found this very useful as it can help me in a working environment, for example speaking up more in a group.

Very nice assessment through answers I have provide, thanks for the tips though they will surely helpful in future.

Getting other people's perspective is always a learning curve even if it differs from your own. We learn and grow because we have different opinions. This is what shapes the world. Thanks for the feedback!

How do I improve myself, that will help me secure employment. Thankyou Sandy

Thank you, very helpful and learned a few things about myself.

Personality Analysis Was me almost to a tee, hadn’t realised how people perceive me, good to know that I have left the right impression with people. Advice Always good to have go to solutions from another source other than friends/family/workmates.

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