LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It was very interesting to read the insights that you gained from my answers

Very useful as It provides me with more information about my personality and qualities.

I would love your feedback and will work more on myself definately

I loved the feedback given and believe it’s a very accurate reflection on where I could improve myself.

I read the comments and actually I agree with them.

Thank you so much for providing that feedback. It is important in order for my self development.

Nobody has ever taken the time to give me feedback like that and i really appreciate it

Thank you for your feedback. I can improve on my social skills and learn to be more collaborative in a team and put my ideas forward.

It was interesting reading of my profile personality and of the suggestions made which i will endeavour to implement into my daily routine.

I wasn't expecting you to get fedback from my responses. I am surprised and grateful for the points where I can improve. thanks.

Very insightful! Only thing slightly that I disagree with was the part saying it may hinder me doing team collabs successfully. I love being part of a team working in team environments. I'm better in a team I find. Although I am very independent and yes I'm quite private but I can adapt to most situations well.

Easy to understand and answer. Nicely explained, I’d really like to work with this team. Great experience ever. Thanks

I found this useful because I appreciate the fact that feedback was given and that time was taken to get to know my personality.

It is a safe way to do an interview, since security always comes first, I thought it was very safe, in the way that you developed the web site, in a simple way to access and answer the questions that were given to me. It is also a safe way for you to keep data on all candidates, thanks for the opportunity to be able to answer the questions.

I agree with everything and found it useful because it is seen as a friendly store.

I found this useful as it makes me aware of how i cone across. Some of the information was very accurate.

Hi there, Read and understood. When in a situation where there's a task at hand, igenerally rather than talk, I like to hear everyone's feedback. If I am placed in a position of management, I will outline a goal. And listen. Thank you for the feedback. Regards, Georgina laffey.

I found this very interesting and helpful, as I now know what I need to work on.

I completely agree with your insights about myself and it's great know that other people can see it too. I am always open to advice as to how I can continue to improve myself

This gives me a clear understanding on what i may need to improve on

I wasn't expecting this so too come up with it what can I say i am gobsmacked. And I can relate to it pretty much sums me up as a person.

I find the feedback very useful because it can help me work on my strengths & weaknesses & also grow as an individual at the same time.

It shows me what to expect in an interview and i must get prepared for my interview.

In the distant past I have worked for Chandler McLeod who use the Humm Wadsworth technology to assess EQ, personality and temperament. I have had preliminary training in the this company's internal Management with Insight programme which is based on the Humm Wadsworth framework and I have been assessed at length under this format. I find it comforting that your assessment today is very closely aligned with the findings of my last Humm Wadsworth assessment.

I really liked the idea of the a personal feedback from you guys. It will most definitely help me improve.

It was very useful it summed me up pretty well

I found this useful because now I know where I can work on myself and improve.

I found giving my feedback very helpful because it let me know what both my strengths and weaknesses are and how i can improve to be the best version of myself.

Loved the feedback, hope to hear from use!

Hello.. i found this process interesting to see a different perspective of myself. Will definitely keep your coaching suggestions in mind as I can hold back my opinions sometimes in order to let someone else have a say or I think it may nit be important. Its good to talk about what's on your mind. Thank you.

Thank you for your feed back . Mike


I found this really useful and it was interesting to see how the insights were so accurate from a simple online interview. Although I knew about myself, having my qualities highlighted to me was useful as it’s made me feel more confident

This is amazing, Very Smart this AI stuff

Its a positive feed back wich im happy to hear about

It sure sounds a bit like me, I'm very easy going and shy too.

Because it is very close to what I was like in my prevous job. Insight 4 was not close as everyone came to me for advice when manager and 2IC not available. Am used to repetitive work.

it's always good to get feedback so you can improve and make changes that will help you in the future

I found coaching tips really useful, it will help me to improve significantly at workplace... even in my daily life.

Makes you feel welcome, and its nice to get feeback

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