LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Yes it is useful,because it help to look my past what i had done, the decesion which i took at that time was worth it.And make me more responsible toward my life and for my future ahead.

It's good to hear reviews of yourself from unbiased parties.

Because I found some helpful and useful tips plus some insightful information

Some things you literally nailed on the head and others not so much. I can very much be an introvert but when around people I'm comfortable with I can be quite the extrovert. I have no problems leaving home at home when I walked into work, but struggled leaving work at work. I have absolutely been on a journey these past 2 years and feel like I could be a good fit for your company, although it would end up costing me. I'd come home with plants instead of income lol.

I found this useful as I'm always looking for ways to improve myself and I value teamwork and equal contribution when working in a team.

I found it interesting , even though I know my good points and bad , it's nice to hear from someone who doesn't know me , when looking at these it made me quite proud , I feel I am all off those and hope other people see I am a really nice person .

I enjoyed my feedback thank you. It was very interesting and very spot on for the type of person I am.

Being vulnerable and answering questions under pressure while several people needed my help I prioritized and made sure my answers were clear. I'm excited about the opportunity to work together and learn and grow.

it gives me an insight to my strengths and personality

i found this useful asi i can reflect on it its good to know where i stand on different situations

It gives me food for thought. Obviously having my own business influenced my focus on it's success and survival.

I found this useful to see that I should show more ambition and assure I’m not just in the back line and to get out of the comfort zone to find my other side in life. Thank you

I found these insights to be quite accurate and the recommendations useful. I agree, I could be more assertive, however, in a Bunnings environment there are many rules and guidelines that they wish you to follow and not be too disagreeable as many marketing tools have been tried and true for many years over many stores.

I found this useful because I believe this quiz was accurate and I will take onboard what it has analysed about my strengths and weaknesses. I feel more clarity in moving forward in my efforts to secure fulfilling employment. Thank you for your feedback.

Just a lovely application ☺️

thank you, I did like what was written about me, and yes, I do always try to build rapport and work well with others.

I found it useful so that I can improve my strengths and weaknesses

This was a true reflection of me. It's lovely to get some feedback and tips.

found it very useful and experience

I found the personality profile very accurate and appreciate the feedback.

I really appreciated the feedback and suggestions, was really nice and I welcome it! More companies should do this

It has made me feel a lot more confident , it is completely honest and honesty is always the best way to go about things.

Having been in employment all my life, having now retired from full time employment it was nice to hear positive feedback from you. Thankyou

I need to trust myself and my opinions a little more and speak up in case I have important ideas that will help others. I need to build my confidence, which is why a first job would help that.

It is,some of the things I wasn't aware of and it kinda pointed out my strengths but the is always room for improvement and polishing few things as a person

I found it both helpful and interesting to read the various insights and qualities about myself.

The personality insights have perfectly predicted my personal strengths

This was very useful as it gave me a huge insight into myself as a person and made me feel like i could work at Iceland and enjoy myself at the company.

This was very useful as I get a different perspective of how I come across.

I read that and it sounds very correct to the way I think and do things, it is quite insightful, I like it.

Because it sounds like me and how am I so it’s very spot on.

It actually gives me more confidence. It gives me the thought of keep on trying and being the better me by doing things the way I believe in

It left the experience with a feelgood factor. It made me think about the points covered and ask whether I think the information was a true reflection of myself.

I found the feedback really useful as it provided me with some really good advice to improve my performance for future interviews. I was also amazed at how well the insights matched my personality. Thank you for your time reading my interview and providing feedback.

It was interesting to receive quite an accurate and pairing description of how I actually view myself. It makes it easier to identify my approach and reactions to daily life.

it helped me discover other attributes i did not think i have. and it will assist me in improving where neccessary.

I found this very accurate and made me see my strengths and also strengths that have not yet been excersised 😀 a

Some traits I was not aware of, thank you for your insight. I fully agree

It's useful because it is relevant to my personality and most of things mentioned above are true to my personality and character

I think this is Amazing !!! Apart from Part 3 ... im definitely very socialable !! Otherwise its spot on... Thankyou

It made me more confident

Gave me a confidence boost

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