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  • Retail

    “I have NEVER HAD AN INTERVIEW LIKE THIS online in my life … able to speak without fear or judgement …”

    The feedback is also great to reflect on. I feel this is a great way to interview people as it helps an individual to be themselves and at the same time the responses back to me are written with good sense of understanding and compassion also. I don’t know if it is a human or a robot answering me, but if it is a robot then technology is quite amazing.”

  • Graduate

    “… feels like you are ACTUALLY CHATTING with a real person”

    I think this online interview uses a very different approach than others. The interfaced created feels like you are actually chatting with a real person instead of traditional insipid approach that outlined all the questions at once…It has been a really positive experience to me overall.

  • Contact Centre


    Loved how easy it was to navigate

  • Contact Centre

    “Great how answers are not timed”

    ‘some questions require more time to think of a response so is good that we have ample time to complete them.

  • Contact Centre

    “… very RELATABLE”

    All questions were very relatable and explained well.

  • Graduate

    “… APPROACHABLE rather than daunting”

    I found the process to be comprehensive and easy to complete. I also enjoyed the range of questions were different than that commonly asked. The visual aspects of the survey makes the task seem approachable rather than daunting and thus easier to complete.


Candidates heart-image Personalised Feedback How does this work?

  • Sales

    “This is UNCANNY!”

    I don’t know how you gathered such accurate information about my personality from my responses. Well done 🙂

  • Graduate

    “I was surprised HOW ACCURATE the machine learning was!”

    The HEXACO model is very accurate – I was surprised by how accurate the machine-learning approach was! Identifying my strengths and weaknesses and sharing them with me was a bonus of being a part of this process.

  • Retail

    “This is REALLY USEFUL for me to improve my skills and MAKE ME BETTER …”

    I find this amazing way to know about someone’s skills and abilities to perform duties as a team member of (Company)

  • Retail

    I feel that I’ve had a SUPPORTIVE counselling session.

    Thank you for your wonderful advice. I feel that I’ve had a supportive counselling session. You know me so well!!🤗 Yes! My opinion counts and I’m allowed to voice it Without trepidation! Thank you again!

  • Retail

    “ … very accurate … gave me a CONFIDENCE BOOST…”

    I found this to be very accurate and it also gave me a confidence boost as it confirmed how I view my work ethic.

  • Retail

    “5 STARS!”

    “If you were an Uber driver, I’d rate you 5 stars!”

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