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Very introspective. Much appreciated

My Personality Result is very helpful.It gives me self awareness and self satisfaction because people see me for myself and my abilities helping me to improve and gain more self confidence.

I enjoyed reading the feedback as it gives me more self knowledge specially coming from a different perspective without any sugar quoting.

I certainly found it useful and very informative. And I will take it all onboard. I definately appreciate the positive and quick feedback.

It’s helpful to know what I could improve on

This feedback is very useful for me and I can find myself in this feedback.

Thanks for those words. I like to think that I am a productive, positive person who manages my work life with ease. I have applied for several positions and when I don't make it to face to face interviews, I feel that I am being overlooked for the role as I have not done loads of retail. Customer Service, whether it is by phone, email or face to face should be done respectfully, professionally and performed with a smile.

It was a really true insight into myself and was amazed how accurate it was

This was useful as I found it very uplifting and the different insights were all positive. It's made me feel more confident and aware of my strengths and potentially areas for growth, I can use this to improve myself overall.

Good tool Great to get the feed back It is very close to who I am

Surprisingly apt output. I'd love to know the methodology.

that's great thanks also for your tips.

I found this very useful to find myself and who I am as a person inside and out it was very accurate

Have identified some qualities I did not know I had

I thought the profile on me was very accurate and insightful. I also thought the helpful hint was something worth considering with my interactions in both a work and social setting.

Very helpful advice. Thanks.

I found it useful because it makes me to understand the kind of person I am. It makes me to know my weaknesses and strengths. Which I will be working on. Thanks, it really helps

It’s a nice insight into how I was perceived and quite accurate.

Thank you for this insightful information it’s always beneficial to get another person’s point of view . I looking forward to hearing from you soon .

Its good to get feedback as this can help me get better. Thank you for your time I a.ppreciate it

Thank you for your feedback it was nice to get a reply back and what you wrote was very accurate.

I found this useful because it helps me understand how to improve upon myself!

I found this really useful as it allows me to reflect upon my own personality and how I can adapt to different situations. It also shows that I take initiative into my own hands

Pretty much everything that was predicted about my personality resonates with me. Thank you . I know that I can take that on board and use towards my own learning experiences.

I found this very useful as this shows my strengths and what I need to work on

This is very useful feedback to make some important changes in my endeavour for future interviews and employment and personal traits to move forward more confident and adapt more to change . Thank you

I found this useful because the profile pretty well aligns with my own self image. While I'm toward the end of my career and working life, the profile still gives me positive feedback.

First of all, I like the prediction way Iceland is doing, agree with most of insight, but dont agree with insight 3. On the contrary I am not like the person thinking to work for my own but I would be more happy to go with the team and also would be more happy to help others. This approach for judging people, what I feel, is not goid

Knowing my strong points and the areas i need to work on before i get a job helps give me abit of confidence to take the extra step to be able to peform at my best and that is priceless so thank you

made me realise a lot of my capabilities and not to undermine my worth

This was useful it puts everything together nicely, it made me smile while I was reading it.

I found it showed me who I really was.I found this information useful as I can reflect on this.

very great feedback showed great ways to work on my self

After reading the email, I think I got more extra things for me that I havent thought even. Its gave a extra strength for face to an interview

The feedback was accurate about some things. I appreciate the advice.

Hits pretty close to home. Very insightful and true. I do understand the need to be kind to myself as much as I am to others.

It it’s pretty accurate and summarises my character well. It explains my character in a way I would not think of explaining it.

Your personality feedback gave me the confidence and positivity to be determined for a job. Moreover, it gave me the chance to critically reflect upon and turn my negativity into a constructive way.

I noticed things that I did that really matters to me and people around me even though those things i did out of love and not noticing that i am changing someone's life

Mindblowing. Thank you for your insight. That hits me right there. hahaha really helpful

This feedback has given me some insight about my self and hopefully will help me rebuild my self and keep on learning more in life and take charge in certain things.

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  • Retail

    “I have NEVER HAD AN INTERVIEW LIKE THIS online in my life … able to speak without fear or judgement …”

    The feedback is also great to reflect on. I feel this is a great way to interview people as it helps an individual to be themselves and at the same time the responses back to me are written with good sense of understanding and compassion also. I don’t know if it is a human or a robot answering me, but if it is a robot then technology is quite amazing.”

  • Graduate

    “… feels like you are ACTUALLY CHATTING with a real person”

    I think this online interview uses a very different approach than others. The interfaced created feels like you are actually chatting with a real person instead of traditional insipid approach that outlined all the questions at once…It has been a really positive experience to me overall.

  • Contact Centre


    Loved how easy it was to navigate

  • Contact Centre

    “Great how answers are not timed”

    ‘some questions require more time to think of a response so is good that we have ample time to complete them.

  • Contact Centre

    “… very RELATABLE”

    All questions were very relatable and explained well.

  • Graduate

    “… APPROACHABLE rather than daunting”

    I found the process to be comprehensive and easy to complete. I also enjoyed the range of questions were different than that commonly asked. The visual aspects of the survey makes the task seem approachable rather than daunting and thus easier to complete.


Candidates heart-image Personalised Feedback How does this work?

  • Sales

    “This is UNCANNY!”

    I don’t know how you gathered such accurate information about my personality from my responses. Well done 🙂

  • Graduate

    “I was surprised HOW ACCURATE the machine learning was!”

    The HEXACO model is very accurate – I was surprised by how accurate the machine-learning approach was! Identifying my strengths and weaknesses and sharing them with me was a bonus of being a part of this process.

  • Retail

    “This is REALLY USEFUL for me to improve my skills and MAKE ME BETTER …”

    I find this amazing way to know about someone’s skills and abilities to perform duties as a team member of (Company)

  • Retail

    I feel that I’ve had a SUPPORTIVE counselling session.

    Thank you for your wonderful advice. I feel that I’ve had a supportive counselling session. You know me so well!!🤗 Yes! My opinion counts and I’m allowed to voice it Without trepidation! Thank you again!

  • Retail

    “ … very accurate … gave me a CONFIDENCE BOOST…”

    I found this to be very accurate and it also gave me a confidence boost as it confirmed how I view my work ethic.

  • Retail

    “5 STARS!”

    “If you were an Uber driver, I’d rate you 5 stars!”

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