LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

This was extremely useful to reflect on my answers and will be helpful for future interviews

It's helps me know my strengths

Appreciate someone took the time to read about me and offered me tips to help me

Hearing it from a third party is reassuring to me that I am doing all the right things at this point in my life

I found the feedback strengthening my self-confidence and encouraging

I found this outcome very helpful when applying for other jobs it has given me a more positive attitude.

Was well explained as to what my strengths are and outlined areas to be mindful of for myself.

Thanks you very much for your feedback Your correct that some times I put other before myself But one thing I always put my family first I regards to my work I do put my job ahead of my own needs sometime,but not all the times Thanks again for your help Keep safe to you and your family and friends in these hard times Kind regards Peter hall

I think this describes what kind of person I really am a caring person who is trying as best as possible to find a great role.

it gave my an insight to my personality and strengths, thank you.

I am so great full for this critic as it doesn’t hinder what I have been doing but makes me want to do even better the next time. Every curve is a learning curve.

A lot of your predictions do sound like my nature. I’m impressed

Hi, thanks so much for the Personality Results - it is very interesting to reflect on how others may see me. I listened to a Pod Cast talk on improving Listening Skills last week and wrote a list to work on; 1 skill per week. It is a great talk to listen to. Asking clarifying questions is definitely an area to work on. Thanks again for the valuable feedback.

I felt that this information was useful because it reflects on the positive parts of your personality but also gives advise where it may be needed. Constructive criticism where necessary can be helpful.

Any way anybody can help others in whatever way has got to good in my mind,you people obviously know what you are doing,this was a new experience for me.

Thank you for sharing with me my personal respond. It sounds like me. Regarding to the coaching tip, I would like to add that I enjoy more being a listener than a speaker. Also, I give others the time to think about their point of view.

Thank you for the feed back! I found the coaching tips very useful, and I realise I do get excited about new situations, and I do value your advice on ensuring my plans or others fit with the vision of those within my team, I feel it's necessary to have everyone comfortable before any project team can be successful.

I found it useful for the tips and how to take action

Thank you for the feedback. I'll be sure to use it. 🙏

This was useful because it gives insight into what kind of qualities your employer will see of you, this means employers can understand what kind of person you are before meeting you, this influences my future choices and how to grow as a person in the workplace.

Thank you for the feedback I found it very interesting and useful.

I don’t know if anyone will actually see this however I actually love that Iceland did this it not only helped me learn how to better myself and what to work on , but it also told me what’s I did well and that made me feel positive about myself hence busting work morale I would definitely recommend Someone that want to better theme selfs and want a future in retail definitely to apply here

I find its not me at all to be honest and im a good team player and a very friendly person whom is very chatty but works hard and gets on with all my collegues

interesting being profiled in this way, I thought some observations were on the mark and others give me something to think on. Regards

Wow, this is all pretty accurate!! Very clever!

Your feed back is me to a tee, Not sure how you worked that out but well done, I will take your coaching tip on board and execute. Cheers.

Hi, I found it useful, however not all is accurate. I would like to express my gratitude to the insights given however, I do feel insight 3 is inaccurate and not a true reflection of my personality regarding - I may hinder my ability to teaming, collaboration and to be fast to productivity. I believe to be shortlisted for the role I applied as a Team Member Customer Service at Bunnings all of the above are my strengths and this is demonstrated throughout my career on my CV with referees. Kind regards, Carolina

This feedback is positive and constructive. It will help with further work and personal experience.

It gave me a more deeper understanding of what my characteristics are. It was a great tool to use

Thanks this is really useful information and I will take on board more reflective time, I do like how accurate this is and hope it’s what makes for a good employee;)

I found it gave me perspective of what I am like to work with and what I can improve on

Very useful as it's made me look at myself and maybe look at making some changes for the better and to better myself.

It was really helpful.

I found this useful helps me learn more concepts and how to answer a more complex question.

Thankyou, That was incredibly insightful. I guess I would want to know if the answers I provided would have a prospective employee interested. The coaching tips were fantastic. Kind regards Amanda Fabrianesi

Everyone can always improve, & hearing how other people view you can only help.

I find this fairly accurate and impressive

Hi I found the on-line interview very useful, it pointed out that whilst we all think that we are doing a good job, we can become complacent, in this ever changing environment we need to be able to change the way we speak to others and the things we do very quickly, I'm a great believer in not shouting at peers to get things done as I did in the first 10 years of management, although sometimes you really do need to get tough but only in a controlled environment. Thanks Bob

It has reflected on my interview and given me my pros and cons, I love this new method.

It was great to get unbiased feedback from an outside source. It has given me some great insights and tips for effectively using my strengths, while showing me areas that I need to work on. Much appreciated!

The email was amazing. I realized things about myself that I didn't know before.

This has been super informative and useful to get to know myself a little bit better.

It’s good to receive constructive criticism to build on myself.

Yeah i did as it give me insight on myself and what i need to work on

Here’s the difference it makes to candidates... in their own words

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  • Retail

    “I have NEVER HAD AN INTERVIEW LIKE THIS online in my life … able to speak without fear or judgement …”

    The feedback is also great to reflect on. I feel this is a great way to interview people as it helps an individual to be themselves and at the same time the responses back to me are written with good sense of understanding and compassion also. I don’t know if it is a human or a robot answering me, but if it is a robot then technology is quite amazing.”

  • Graduate

    “… feels like you are ACTUALLY CHATTING with a real person”

    I think this online interview uses a very different approach than others. The interfaced created feels like you are actually chatting with a real person instead of traditional insipid approach that outlined all the questions at once…It has been a really positive experience to me overall.

  • Contact Centre


    Loved how easy it was to navigate

  • Contact Centre

    “Great how answers are not timed”

    ‘some questions require more time to think of a response so is good that we have ample time to complete them.

  • Contact Centre

    “… very RELATABLE”

    All questions were very relatable and explained well.

  • Graduate

    “… APPROACHABLE rather than daunting”

    I found the process to be comprehensive and easy to complete. I also enjoyed the range of questions were different than that commonly asked. The visual aspects of the survey makes the task seem approachable rather than daunting and thus easier to complete.


Candidates heart-image Personalised Feedback How does this work?

  • Sales

    “This is UNCANNY!”

    I don’t know how you gathered such accurate information about my personality from my responses. Well done 🙂

  • Graduate

    “I was surprised HOW ACCURATE the machine learning was!”

    The HEXACO model is very accurate – I was surprised by how accurate the machine-learning approach was! Identifying my strengths and weaknesses and sharing them with me was a bonus of being a part of this process.

  • Retail

    “This is REALLY USEFUL for me to improve my skills and MAKE ME BETTER …”

    I find this amazing way to know about someone’s skills and abilities to perform duties as a team member of (Company)

  • Retail

    I feel that I’ve had a SUPPORTIVE counselling session.

    Thank you for your wonderful advice. I feel that I’ve had a supportive counselling session. You know me so well!!🤗 Yes! My opinion counts and I’m allowed to voice it Without trepidation! Thank you again!

  • Retail

    “ … very accurate … gave me a CONFIDENCE BOOST…”

    I found this to be very accurate and it also gave me a confidence boost as it confirmed how I view my work ethic.

  • Retail

    “5 STARS!”

    “If you were an Uber driver, I’d rate you 5 stars!”

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