LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

i was very useful an it really doesn’t put my thoughts and ideas into prospective it describes me in every word

The replies I got are very much relatable and its always good to self reflect.

It was useful as it showed me my skills that I offer.

Thanks for the feedback this really helped me

Spot on ! This was so interesting to complete. I so enjoyed reading the analysis. Hopefully Bunnings feel these are the attributes to secure an interview and a position at Bunnings .

It was quite accurate and very useful.

It shows you care about your employees

Because now I know what I need to do in case I am presented in a situation like that , before I didn’t know how to

This is a great way to help me learn and improve on myself!

I found very useful because now I'm of my strengths and weakness, what I need to work on as well as what I need to work less on thank you so much for your feedback it was very helpful

I found the information very interesting and useful,thank you for the feedback

I find this helpful as it gives you a different prospective of your self and helps you understand what others may see in you that you can forget alot of the time a real confidence booster

That is alot like me and thank you i will take the coaching tips on also

I found the feedback useful because as a busy person I make judgements and decisions. Your feedback has reminded me that its good to reflect on why I have made decisions, what direction they are taking me and how they impact on others around me; and also if I am conscious of my path to long term goals.

To understand my strengths and weaknesses as well as gaining that from something that didn't have to provide that knowledge is very useful. Being aware of these lets me know what work would be best for my and as well as what I may need to improve on through my personality. This was useful in understanding myself and where I want to be within the future.

I am very glad to get your feedback so quickly. Your Suggestions are very helpful to me and help me have a deeper understanding of my own personality. Thank you again!

Because it makes me love the company already. It is a beautiful gesture. Bravo!

It’s useful for the people

Your insight I very helpful and are the part of my life I am trying to improve I find wot you mentioned Accurate thank you for the valuable feed back

This helped me a lot in understanding more about this job and know myself better than before.

This was incredible way to let me know my strengths something I didn’t know this well! I will most definitely use this feedback in future.

Gave an valid overview on my perception and personality that i myself didn't even know so cheers for that

Really helpful and things to work on

Very interesting and essentially correct. I don't consider myself a perfectionist, but I do like to be good at what I do.

it definitely related to how I am every day. I know I need to take time for myself to re-energize so thank you for making that decision a little easier!

Excellent feedback good idea

I found this useful because now I know where I can work on myself and improve.

Yes I found this very useful. Was impressed with my Personality Results and will wear my thinking cap and will charge my energy which is very down due to pendamic. Was very upset not to get the job, had 10 years experience with my Morrison’s job old and new Morrison’s. my new manager never gave me induction and said u r experienced worker and got the job. Thank you.

I’m very thankful for the virtual assessment it was a great way to get my mind going over past experiences! Very happy with the results! Thank you

Thanks for the feedback, it will help me prepare for future interviews.

I found myself more confident and expressive by sharing my past experiences.

I Was very happy with that feed back on what I wrote in the interview great advice

I have found this very useful as I do aspire to be more then an agent and possibly move into a team leader possition. With this feedback it shows me that I do have the capability to do so if I speak my mind clearly and without conflict

Proabably 70 percent right which is pretty interesting. It matches about that amount when cross reffed off a DISC profile.

This gave me great insight into what I should personally work on.

the feedback will help me to boost my confidence and adapt change in personal and professional life.

It’s interesting to see how you are perceived - thank you

I found it really good. Not many businesses do interviews like this or give feedback

Wow! I wouldn't have thought you could gain all that from the answers I gave! I think the action tips are valuable for me, as I have compromised a lot and don't like to speak up if I know I'll be disagreed with... but am maybe getting better.

Yes it is. As we all know that result or feedback both are required for every individual because having that one come to know about his or her strengths and weaknesses.

Oh I’m shocked to see how accurate it seems. And this result achieved only by answering a few short questions. It definitely highlights areas where I need to grow as well which is where I can work harder. Amazing work. Thank you.

Actually it feels good getting back a feedback on how others can see me based on my performance. We all here living our life to be better than we were yesterday, to grow to be more to help our community the best way we can. Coaching tips after an interview in my eyes are a nice and not expected but much appreciated effort from the company gives inspiration and motivation to plan on future development, course opportunities, if the application is rejected then gives all the tools you need to grow from it and use the experience for the next opportunity to be better.

Employsure is a fast growth, award winning services business that operates a large outbound sales team across the ANZ region. It has been doubling its
 sales team every year for the last four years.

The problem

The challenge with such accelerated growth is finding the right people who thrive in a fast-paced environment and who will fit Employsure’s values-driven culture.

Before using PredictiveHire’s technology, recruiting such an increased amount of new hires had consumed significant company resources and time.

Employsure knew it could improve its hiring practices as their turnover in the first 6 months had been unacceptably high.

Employsure wanted its team focused on customers and not investing time reviewing irrelevant CVs and interviewing the wrong people.

The solution

We gathered data from Employsure’s existing team to understand the DNA of their best performers. Predictions came from matching employee responses to a set of questions identifying their traits and attributes against objective performance data for the same individuals.

This data is used to identify those criteria that differentiate and identify higher performance.


Using PredictiveHire’s proprietary machine learning models, we identified patterns between the employee responses and objective performance metrics.

By adopting PredictiveHire’s recommendations

Hiring high-performers. Hiring accuracy increases significantly.
Increased revenues. Forecasted to soar four-fold across the outbound sales business.
Decreased hiring effort. Time to hire and the resources involved in hiring reduces noticeably.

Shortlisting fast means Employsure can reduce time to hire and grow faster. And now every time Employsure shortlists based on a prediction, they raise the average of performing talent – all without bias.

To start now, and realise the same benefits for your business, contact us today.

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