Employsure is a fast growth, award winning services business that operates a large outbound sales team across the ANZ region. It has been doubling its
 sales team every year for the last four years.

The problem

The challenge with such accelerated growth is finding the right people who thrive in a fast-paced environment and who will fit Employsure’s values-driven culture.

Before using PredictiveHire’s technology, recruiting such an increased amount of new hires had consumed significant company resources and time.

Employsure knew it could improve its hiring practices as their turnover in the first 6 months had been unacceptably high.

Employsure wanted its team focused on customers and not investing time reviewing irrelevant CVs and interviewing the wrong people.

The solution

We gathered data from Employsure’s existing team to understand the DNA of their best performers. Predictions came from matching employee responses to a set of questions identifying their traits and attributes against objective performance data for the same individuals.

This data is used to identify those criteria that differentiate and identify higher performance.


Using PredictiveHire’s proprietary machine learning models, we identified patterns between the employee responses and objective performance metrics.

By adopting PredictiveHire’s recommendations

Hiring high-performers. Hiring accuracy increases significantly.
Increased revenues. Forecasted to soar four-fold across the outbound sales business.
Decreased hiring effort. Time to hire and the resources involved in hiring reduces noticeably.

Shortlisting fast means Employsure can reduce time to hire and grow faster. And now every time Employsure shortlists based on a prediction, they raise the average of performing talent – all without bias.

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