Superdry is a high-street fashion retailer with over 500 branded stores across the globe. The brand personifies quality, unique, authentic. Yet, high-street fashion retailing is only part of their story – they are also a prominent wholesale and e-commerce business.

The problem

To have a great business and an exciting brand you also need a strong internal culture. One of the toughest jobs is finding staff who’ll stick with the business and match the brand.


The retail arm had suffered with high turnover of staff – it’s a fast-moving world and it can be fickle. Finding staff who would stay with the business had become a tough job.


Superdry didn’t want traditional psychometric profiling – the costs were too high for high-volume, recruiting. Store Managers don’t have the right skills to interpret the results. And they were concerned that the candidate experience wouldn’t match the brand.


The ideal hiring process needed to combat retail’s biggest cost: staff turnover.
Plus, the technology needed to deliver a great applicant experience, because for Superdry, the applicant is also a consumer.

The solution

Built with robust behavioural science and workplace testing, PredictiveHire’s tool uses artificial intelligence to compare consensual data provided by applicants with thousands of data points provided by employees, scoring their likelihood of staying with Superdry. Applicant data comes from a standardised questionnaire embedded in Superdry’s application process. Store managers see the tenure prediction scores in the applicant tracking system when they create their shortlist.


60,000 applicants have gone through the assessment tool since Superdry started working with PredictiveHire, providing the store managers with over 45,000 eligible (e.g. right to work) candidates from whom to select.

And it’s extremely convincing:
Staff turnover has reduced. 66% of those hired with positive tenure predictions are still with Superdry.
And applicants love it. With a 95% completion rate, Superdry doesn’t miss out on great talent.

The tool is self-learning, as data from successful and unsuccessful candidates builds, the tool is becoming even better at predicting who will stay.

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