LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Sounds like me

It is useful as it describes exactly how I am

Thank-you for your feedback. I found some of the findings to quite accurate and insightful. It was interesting to read, thank-you.

This was a great summary of myself that I might not have thought of.

very interesting

Always useful to see ways to which you can improve yourself

I found this very useful because it’s always good have an insight to what other people think of you. Thankyou Heidi Gee

Very useful seeing how other people see you and think of you.

This was a fantastic tool and a great way to respond to me as I wait for a response to my application. It shared pros and cons to the way I think and behave and I will learn from this. So thank you.

I think this is amazing it really sums me up thankyou

It's good to hear a different perspective from how you see yourself! I must say it hit spot on and made me aware of areas I need to fix. Much appreciated

Yes these are very useful

Liked the way it outlined my strengths and weaknesses

The insights were so useful as I was reading it I got to learn about myself and actually say 'yes that is so me'

Its all very true I think!

Because it was very enjoyable and interesting and I learnt a lot about on line interview.

Thank you for your useful feedback. I will take your advise onboard and make good use of it.

I already shop at Iceland but this was lovely to read make me feel really good about my work ethic!

Very interesting you have confirmed what I already know. I agree sometimes in life the role or the jobs that we take on don’t always help make us better people. Often dealing with other people can give a sense of feeling good factor when you know you have made that person smile or just made there day s little easier. Working in a store would also help me as I like to be active.

I understand a little more how careful Bunnings is in selecting staff. It is obvious when in a store that there is a genuine level of customer care and now I realize a little more how this is achived.

Thanks for the quick feedback. It was quite unexpected but welcome and I will take on board your insightful suggestions for future application.

I’m very grateful for hearing these insights and feedback. I’m going to take this all into consideration when ever it’s needed.

I found this very useful to develope myself in the way I work and with working with colleagues

An interesting form of feedback and what was stated is close to how I feel about myself

Was nice to back from Icelands there feedback was so right and helpful.

Hi, I found it useful, however not all is accurate. I would like to express my gratitude to the insights given however, I do feel insight 3 is inaccurate and not a true reflection of my personality regarding - I may hinder my ability to teaming, collaboration and to be fast to productivity. I believe to be shortlisted for the role I applied as a Team Member Customer Service at Bunnings all of the above are my strengths and this is demonstrated throughout my career on my CV with referees. Kind regards, Carolina

This is very useful in reassuring me that I'm on the right path. Its exactly how I try and live my life.

This was useful as it shows what employers think of me and helps me work on my self and improve my character.

I found this useful because I believe this quiz was accurate and I will take onboard what it has analysed about my strengths and weaknesses. I feel more clarity in moving forward in my efforts to secure fulfilling employment. Thank you for your feedback.

It gives me clear things I’m doing well and other things I can work on

I like that the answers that I provided show the person that I am

It makes you realise things you did not know about yourself and also work on things that need improvement

I was surprised how you can provide the insight from my answers. I mostly agree. Appreciate the reply.

This has really encouraged me to do more and make me a better person (personally and in the work environment).

It was just lovely to get some actual feedback from an application rather than some generic email.

There were aspects to myself that rang true and new things to investigate.

It discussed qualities I already felt I had showing the way in which they got these results is accurate an correct.

Good feedback thanks. Some is good I do like people I’m a people person. I’m not unhappy trying new things though. Thanks overall.

I actually didn't find it useful. I found it quite incorrect in its assessment of me

Thanks for the feedback it really helped and it’s going to help me a lot

I really liked the feedback I received |t was positive and constructive and have definitely taken the feedback on board to help with future success.

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11 Nov 2020

PredictiveHire named ‘top performing’ HR vendor

Top performing HR vendor The HR Service Provider Awards 2020 hosted by HRD Mag sets out each year to find the best HR vendors in Australia. Predictivehire Awarded A Silver…

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18 Sep 2020

PredictiveHire is named Candidate Experience Solution of the Year

Frontier technology that puts people at the heart of their recruitment solution is rewarded for its ground-breaking approach that also solves for bias and reduces recruitment costs. Melbourne, Australia, September…

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16 Jul 2020

PredictiveHire: Finalist in the Computing 2020 AI & Machine Learning awards

The Computing AI & Machine Learning Awards recognise the best companies, individuals, and projects in the AI space today. The awards cover every corner of the industry: security, ethics, data…

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15 Jun 2020

PredictiveHire named Top 3 Best ‘Conversational AI in HR solution’ at CogX

It’s not every day or every job where you get to say you are changing the way the world works. For 2+ years, the small team of incredibly dedicated data…

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04 Jun 2020

Candidate Experience Solution of the Year Award – Finalist

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