LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

It's good to get independent feedback.

Thanks for your Valuable feedback and tips. This will help me to improve my self.

I have found this useful because I have gave my strengths and weaknesses and about me I found this really useful.

I found the feedback about myself very useful because it helped me recognize my true potential and capabilities in both the work environment as well as in life

it could help for other interviews.

The feedback was usefull.I have found out over the years that people don't listen to others and have little regard for them.Nice to be an individual for once, thankyou

I find this helpful since it shows the big picture of a workplace and how to efficiently work in a team to finish a task/job.

I find this to be positive and I do agree. At times through my personal life and professional carer, I have been told this and have been able to find ways to conquer and anable myself to confident

As it showed me what kind of person I am.

Hi, thanks for your evaluation report. It’s been a surprise for me since you caught me very well with 80 percent accuracy, at least.

It's interesting to hear feedback on yourself, like reading an employers reference.

I am very impressed with your summary of my personality. It took some years to get to a point where I became matured in managing my time effectively. I had learn that accuracy is much more important than speed, but also how the two goes hand in hand once you've mastered both. Working for a company few years ago I had failed in getting my certificate. I then got the opportunity to redo it and then became the best student. At the night of the graduation I had not receive my certificate cause I thought I didn't make it. And the next day I was called in to say that I should have gone on stage too to get the certificate. I was a little disappointed but not entirely cause the fact that I completed the course was so much more Important to me than being seen, cause it gave me a satisfactory knowing I went back and tried again. I would work extra hard to please everyone to make a good impression so I can get a better post but at the end I didn't get a permanent job. The trainers had developed a great love and amusement for who I am, and my work ethic. They applaud all my hard work and had told me they will never get someone like me again and I left there thanking them for giving me the opportunity to work there. I had compromise alot in proving my working ability, however my internship ended and I had to go. People respect my standard of working and all the extra time I put in to complete a task. I am open to new ways of completing a task , I believe in critism because it creates a platform for me to grow and become better.

It helps to understand and in some cases clarify how you view yourself

I found this to be useful and inspiring to the person I am and a boost to the person I can and will become

I believe that the insights that you provided are helpful for my career. This information will help me to do the needful alterations in my activities both career and work front.

It's very useful and it very incouraging some of the points given there are true

Wow! This has actually got me down to a 'T'. I've never really looked at myself in the ways you put, as I don't always think of 'Me'. The vocabulary used really touched me & I now know what wording to use to help with finding a job after I'm redundant at the end of this month. This has helped me no end. Thank you.

Thank you for your feedback, I had always thought I was a good listener and that I used it as a successful tool. I have always been a ‘people person’ and found myself first point of reference when work disputes arose. Obviously this did not come across in my answers and I will definitely take everything on board and absolute thanks to your team.

Points out areas where you could improve yourself

I feel like you really got to know me & the things you said were quite accurate which impresses me with your feedback. Thank you.

It was useful because it shows myself and my personality attributes

Wow! I wasn't expecting this at all, but once again I have been nicely surprise by the follow through process of your organisation and that of Bunnings itself. Thank you, it has certainly been a boost to my confidence and my day. You have given me much to think about. I could say much more, all in the positive, but I will leave it at this, as I am trying to teach myself to be more concise. Thank you and have a great weekend guys.

Great feedback and open mind

spot on!!! so good, thanks for the feedback :)

It was quite useful and accurate.

Thank you for the feedback. I think the result is very accurate. I never saw myself as creative but I assume creativity can take on various forms. I also don't believe that my preference in terms of social interactions can affect my productivity, as I am very task focussed and believe in working smarter not harder which contribute to increased productivity.

I honestly didn't expect to receive a response like this. It very insightful and appreciated. Thank

I can grow more into more qualities

I actually didn't find it useful. I found it quite incorrect in its assessment of me

Its always good to hear feedback for ourself. After reviewing the insight about myself it feels great whether it is automated or genuine feedback. It really feels great. About the coaching tip it really has happened few time and I did the same thing as it was mentioned in the tip. Thank You.

This was very useful not helped it understand what I need to do next.

Wow!!! You exactly found out my character, I'm just wondering how could you possibly be able to describe me as well. Thank you for the coaching advices, I will work on them in the future.

All the insights were pretty much spot on and the tips have are going to help me so much and I continue to want to learn more and improve.

I actually adore work functions....they're so much fun. I don't get this particular thing in me that you found 🤔 x

Wow! I'm very surprised. This is almost completely correct. Very insightful!!

knew more about myself and my personality and coaching tips is great for me to build my confidence

Yes this was very useful and accurate and given me more insight into how to improve

I have been able to know my areas of strength and weaknesses and traits I need to have as a person as to be able to render the best of services to my customers despite any odds.

I'm impressed.

I found the results interesting and quite accurate.

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