LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

Glad. it is perfectly pitching where am I to focus in the days to come. Known out of your coaching tip. Thanks.

I feel like it hasn’t got my person correct though

awesome and thank you

I think this is a very useful and helps me self reflect on myself as a person and how I handle myself in different situations. Thank you!

That was Pty awesome! Thank you!

Very insightful and interesting to read about my personality

Thank you for feedback it help me see in areas I can improve and what I need to do.

Yes very useful as I never really looked at myself like that. I totally understand some of my weaknesses now and strengths.

I found your guys insights very accurate. It help a lot with identifying my strengths in a workplace and just in general. Thank you again

I do find this useful and the points you have listed together have been given to me by several people and you have managed to give them all to me.

Hi, I found this very helpful, thanks.

I found this useful to give an insight into questions that are asked for jobs

Because everything is true

Thank you I think you actually nailed it !

I found it helpful because it made me think about things that I wouldn’t think about on a daily bases about my self.

I always take time to reflect on things but I have learned a lot about myself. Thank you

Great tips .to prepare for interviews good info overall

It also boost my confidence in knowing myself even more. I’m now going take it and put it into practice☺️.

It helped me to think about my strengths more clearly, and highlighted positive ways in which I could develop

You feedback allowed me to see my strengths and work on the areas where I have room to grow.

This helped me discover what type of person I am and what qualities I can offer, also it gave me a good personal tip to help me.

This has helped me figure out who i am and what my best aspects are as a person.

Made me aware of my strengths x

It gives me great insights on my strengths and weakness allows me to understand what I need to focus on to improve

It’s nice to know what others think of me or what aroma I present myself

Most of what you have said is correct, However I am a social butterfly and very empathetic I also get on very well with most people and live meeting new people

This is a fantastic device so very accurate with regards to my responses. It is the first time i have actually seen this.

I found this so important to grow as a person and I will work on my areas of growth and thanks to Iceland I will be great full to work on everything.

Thanks for the feedback. That’s great to know about myself. I’m amazed this result come from doing my interview.

I am glad to receive feedbacks about myself, I have been getting feedbacks in all positions that I have worked so far, and I have learnt lots of things and making me stronger personally. Things I think are true and others could be little different just because you have never been/worked with me. I am sure your feedback will help me to be better. Thank you.

It makes me think wider and have more interest on customer service

Not had to do any kind of interview for many years so the feedback was really appreciated.

It sure sounds a bit like me, I'm very easy going and shy too.

I found this information useful on more of a reflection of myself and my personality. It was quite remarkably accurate in a majority of the responses given and I found it a very interesting read. Thanks again for the insight.

It is great to get a reflection on my opinions and actions. I will be mindful of what has been pointed out in the reflective practice moving forward

I found this useful, it feels like the company already knows who I am and it summarized my personality in a better than I could have done it. Thank you for that.

It helps me to know what specific area should I need to improve myself. Thank you and I genuinely appreciate your response.

I Believe this information is vital in viewing and giving insight into how others may perceive you.. I'm always open to self improvement and learning and feel it is something we can all achieve throughout our lifetime.

The third point is not like me very much at all. I am actually quite outgoing and sociable. I am very and very productive whether I need to get input from others or not. The fourth point is kind of like me but not 100%.

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