LIVE! Candidate Feedback:

I feel this is really useful for me it will take me the next level of my strength.

Thanks made me feel a lot better in other people's opinion. And thinking back about past work your actually really accurate

Because it was really looking good into my insight of the responses I gave.

It's interesting to get feed back in my response to makes you think about you as a person

The better you know our key attributes as a candidate, the better approach to match Needs and expectations Will be 🤞Thank you

Whilst I believe I am self-assured I do not necessarily hold back a point of view if I believe there are big disparities or flawed arguments. But I do not allow it dominate the conversation. I like to state my view to ensure that if there are others of a similar opinion can feel free to open up.

I felt it hit the nail on the head. It gave me confidence in the process.

Very interesting !!!

I found this useful because it shows me what I should work on and how I can do it

I'm impressed.

yes i did, it showed me the areas of my strengths & what areas i need to work on.

I appreciate the feedback and agree with your assessment. I hope to have a real interview for a job soon.

This has helped me to know on how to grow as a person which is one of the reasons I am wanting a job so thank you

It was very useful to see a review about myself. My strengths and weaknesses as such which I will be working on and improving

It was really good feedback. I’ll work in the suggestions and see what improves.

Your findings have truly described me to a tee . I will certainly take on board your recommendations to help improve any flaws I may have . Thanks

Thank you for the positive feedback, definitely room for improvement. Life is learning.

I found this extremely helpful, it tells me how to grow as a person. I also like that you picked out both my strengths an weakness.

Feedback is important tool for improving yourself and knowing areas to improve is very helpful.

I am happy to read about myself but I must say that I am a confidant as well as a talkative person, I like to interact with people and that is an other reason why I like to work in retail. Thanks

That’s awesome, great constructive feedback thank you.

Very informative and helpful

Very interesting it’s the first time to come across something like this; I appreciate the coaching tip, thank you. 😊

Amazingly accurate results and very thoughtful and helpful coaching tips :)

I thought it was interesting to learn something about me. Did not know it would give me this a good surprise and i like the coaching tip

This was amazing It raised my self esteem and now Leaving me extremely motivated thank you 😌

Reading through these coaching tips helped me realize areas where I need to improve myself. Two runners can't win the same race, one should be in-front and one following through in the back. I believe in myself and I know what works for me and what doesn't. When it's time for me to lead out in a task or a project I always make sure that I lead with fairness, respect and honesty. Results matter, a good leader always consider the opinions and ideas of others. That's the kind of leader I want to be.

Great feedback from a questionnaire interview. Has helped me take on board a new approach to situations which may arise at work and personally. Taking time out to regather thoughts / issues.

Its always good to have insight in order to further learn and grow!

The insights where very interesting

The action plan is definitely things I am working on already but was quite unsure on how to do. Thank you for this

It was a accurate and fun way to learn about Bunnings and myself

I thought it was extremely helpful in looking at myself in good and difficult situation

I think it useful because you don’t always see yourself as others see you? By going through the process it reinforces what you have learned about yourself and how you have moved forward.

Thank you for the tips and I do no where my strengths and weekness are so thanks again for the useful tips

I think this was actually amazing, the personality results sound like me completely!

I found this very useful as it identifies my strengths and what I could work on. I will definitely take this constructive criticism into mind in future tasks

This was very interesting, this is me a tee. Pointed out my strengths and weaknesses. Made me proud of who I am and my work ethics.... thank you

This is such a significant summary for me, Thank-you so much for the advice.

Yes i found this extremely useful because it explained things that even though about myself and will help me become a better person professionally and personally and thankyou for giving me honest feedback.

Thanks for the feedback that was awesome! It gave me insights into my personality which have never been drawn to my attention and in a very straight forward manner. Very beneficial for my self improvement too! Thanks again!

I found this very useful because the feedback I recieved was clear and constructive.

I found this interesting, you could accurately determine my personality traits and give me some helpful tips for future interviews. 10/10

Thank you for these coaching tips, reading this made me realise what i had to improve on and what i need to do to become a good employee.

Hiring with AI, fairer, faster and better

No amount of surveys will change your culture

BY Team PredictiveHire


Just as no amount of diversity training will give you people who are less biased.

As a company, you are unlikely to move the needle much on engagement or performance if you are hiring the wrong people.

The only way to change culture fast is through your people decisions – who you hire and promote.

Our Principal Data Scientist knows this from analysing data at his old employer Culture Amp for three years – it’s often the same companies in the top and the bottom on engagement year after year.

This is why highly engaged companies remain engaged as they hire like-minded people. It’s a virtuous cycle.

Build trust through inclusiveness and transparency

Transparency and inclusiveness builds trust. We know that from our own relationships and it applies equally in the workplace. Healthy cultures thrive on people feeling heard and leaders being transparent on what’s going on in the business.

Making unbiased hiring decisions

The greatest algorithm on earth is the one inside of our skull, but it is heavily biased. Most decisions related to people are heavily flavoured by emotion, aka bias. Biases are difficult for humans to remove even when we are conscious of them. We need technology to help us – to de-risk the bias and change mindsets.

Are these connected themes or unrelated?
Here’s our formula for the Right Culture: (Inclusiveness + Transparency) – Bias = Trust

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